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IEO Marketing is the process of marketing your crypto on a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with the aim to drive more users, leads & prospects to it. 

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Community Management 24/7 - 1 Month

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Community Management 24/7 - 2 Months

Social Media Content and Management

Social Media Content and Management

Social Media Content and Management

Twitter Organic Growth

Twitter Organic Growth

Twitter Organic Growth

Basic English PR Marketing

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Premium English PR Marketing

Basic Influencer Promotion

Token Sale Strategy Advisory

IEO Platforms and Strategy Advisory

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Standard Influencer Promotion

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Token Sale Strategy Advisory

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Exchange Listing Advisory

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Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

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IEO Marketing Services

Project Consultation

To ensure optimal growth and reach for your project, we help with market research to help you identify target investors and optimize the desired results.

Grow your community channels to the desired size, nurture members, and harness this existing user base to optimize your IEO marketing campaigns.

Obtain exposure for your project among top-tier media outlets such as Coinspeaker, Zycrypto, NewsBTC, Cointelegraph; to enhance your brand value.

Crypto Influencer Promotion

TokenMinds has good connections with Top Telegram, Youtube, and Twitter influencers. Via influencer promotion, we aim to enhance engagement and create buzz for your projects.

As the most effective way to promote your blockchain project. We will help you run the bounty campaign to create exposure, interest, and trust in your project.

We will set up ROI-optimized ads campaigns on Twitter, Quora, Facebook, Coinzilla, etc., to boost the visit of your IEO landing page.

Trading Marketing

For IEO projects with listed tokens/coins, we will help attract investors worldwide to purchase your token and boost the token trading volume.

To maintain the project's popularity and make it stays on top of people's options, TokenMinds helps managing your communication channels to provide regular updates to your investors and prospects.

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IEO Marketing Master Plan: How to attract many investors to your IEO

IEO is gaining popularity as an excellent blockchain fundraising technique. Unlike ICOs that target global communities, IEOs aim to reach specific groups. These groups live in particular regions. As a fundraising method, IEOs rely on different exchanges to list and market their tokens. So, investors interested in a specific IEO can only open an account with an exchange to buy the coins. Although a listing exchange can promote an ieo, you have a bigger role in ieo marketing.

With many ieos to list and promote, exchanges may lack time to focus on a single project. And this is the reason you need to understand the best ieo promotion techniques. If you're trying to understand the best practices of ieo advertising, keep reading.

· Brand theme: brand messages and ideas should be consistent with the influencer account. Your ieo advertising can only succeed if you target the relevant audiences.

· Quality of your product: many influencers like promoting products/services of high quality. They avoid products of questionable quality that may hurt their reputation.

· Creative freedom: You need to let influencers choose the best ieo marketing strategy. Avoid dictating to them what they should do.

· Do your analysis: the influencer market has a fair share of scams and fake accounts. Bogus bloggers may increase followers, fake figures, and buy comments. So, conduct a thorough analysis before deciding who to work with.

5. IEO advertising through press releases

Many marketers may ask you this question: ‘What is an ieo without a press release?’

This question implies that any ieo marketing strategy must have a press release.

Press releases give you a chance to inform crypto communities about your project. You also explain to prospective investors how they can enjoy your offerings. So, it’s essential to distribute them to various niche crypto media. You should develop these documents as they create a strong brand identity.

You can craft press releases using information from your whitepaper. Also, releases should capture an actual quote from your team leader. Such quotations make your announcements appear authentic.

What is an ieo?

Before we focus on methods of ieo cryptocurrency promotion, let's know what is an ieo first. An ieo is a token sale method accessible to users within a specific exchange where it resides. The technique has many advantages over an ICO technique. For example, an ieo has a higher level of credibility and complies with KYC rules.

‘IEO involves the middle man and centralized authority in the form of an exchange platform. This reintroduction of centralization brought trust among the investors willing to invest in crypto assets securely.’

Source: Hackernoon

Excellent ieo marketing methods

3. Social media promotion

Social media are popular platforms for ieo marketing. Through these channels, you can articulate various elements of your ieo cryptocurrency project. Before you share ieo advertising materials on social media, understand your personas first. It helps you to create messages that are relevant to your audiences.

A strategy in ieo marketing through social media is to be proactive. That means that you need to engage your communities before introducing your project. You can continue engaging and managing your communities via consistent posting.

Also, ensure that your take part in social media discussion. The strategy can also attract many clients to your project. Here are the best social media channels where you can create and engage a community:

· Discord

· Medium

· Steemit

· Reddit

· Telegram

· Bitcointalk

· LinkedIn

Are you wondering the best strategies you can use to promote your ieo project? If yes, worry no more. Here are the result-focused ieo marketing strategies for you.

6. IEO Aggregators

Aggregators are powerful IEO marketing tools. You could consider them in your promotion strategy. Aggregators will review and offer a score that tells you the performance of your ieo. So, you need to list your project on the significant aggregator available in the market. Besides boosting the visibility of your project, they inform you of its performance. Some of the aggregators to consider are and

1. A Whitepaper boost ieo promotion

A whitepaper captures various details about your project. It explores the problems in the market and how you intend to use blockchain technology to solve them. It uses facts and figures to convince eligible investors to consider your project. So, developing a whitepaper is the first step you take before launching your ieo. If you lack the knowledge or time to write a whitepaper, hire an ieo development company. Such a firm provides ieo services and can help you. An experienced crypto marketing company, like TokenMinds, can help develop a whitepaper.

7. Bounty campaigns

Bounties can incentivize people to perform specific tasks related to your project. Bounty hunters can help you spread the word about your program. And this boosts your IEO marketing efforts.

It will help if you plan on how to conduct IEO marketing through a bounty program. Remember, people tend to take advantage of free things and may end up not accomplishing tasks. You can enjoy the great value of your bounty program if you hire an ieo marketing agency.

2. Influencer marketing

Working with opinion shapers has become a vital ieo marketing strategy. Many crypto projects use this strategy as investors are likely to trust influencers. Well-packaged information from influencers may influence the investment decision.

The latest stats from Statista show that influencer marketing is expanding. In 2019, the market stood at 6.5 billion. The figure has grown to hit 13.8 billion in 2021, and the market keeps rising. So, ieo promotion via influencer marketing has many opportunities. Here are some essential features to consider if you intend to work with influencers:

4. Hire ieo pr services


If you lack time or knowledge to promote your project, hiring ieo pr services is advisable. Many companies offer ieo development and promotions. Yet, some may lack the skills to deliver exceptional ieo development solutions. Or other essential ieo services.

IEO has many advantages that make it the best crypto fundraising method. You can reap these benefits if you use an appropriate ieo marketing strategy. Here, we’ve explored some of the best ieo promotion methods in the market.

For ieo pr services that increase your chances of success, please choose TokenMinds.

TokenMinds has been in the market for a long and has the right team to deliver different ieo services. So, if you need any ieo marketing services, please get in touch with the firm immediately.

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