Maximize Your Crypto Earnings With Airdrop Management Lesson

Video Transcript:

Chris: We’re going to discuss airdrop management alright, so basically more on airdrop marketing. So what is its purpose all right so and then how you actually do it all right so. If you are trying to build your career as a marketer in nft and crypto so this is one of the many topics that you need to learn the concepts that you need to learn so it is airdrop management right so. Before we start this webinar we’d like to thank everyone who attended today. So we are TokenMinds, so, we started around 2017 doing projects building projects together with several clients as operating we had more than 100 clients already with us so that’s with our theme, and also our general manager at the moment Anchor, he and the founder started this company right. So we are building projects for our clients in terms of community management marketing development in terms of nft development for now and before more on crypto marketing blockchain development etc., all right. So I’m Chris, I’m the community lead for token minds and I’m here with Anchor right so he’s the main marketing guy for TokenMinds as well right so key points for today with this airdrop management lesson webinar so what is an airdrop number one so if you are always hearing about airdrop so the just a disclaimer this is not the aired up for Apple users for example, so this is airdrop with regards to nft and crypto right. And then which platforms are best for managing these airdrops, and how to guide on how you actually create and manage this airdrop right. Okay, so let’s proceed to this first concept what is an airdrop right so airdrop is actually it’s really a well-used marketing strategy we’re in an organization a project so they distribute digital assets or physical items for free so they are targeting a large number of recipients usually a large number of user base the main goal is to gain initial traction to a starting project all right. So by increasing brand awareness and also you are trying to gain customer loyalty initially through this so it is usually used as a way to promote. So for example you have a new project and then of course not every good project even if you have this project of yours already with a very good utility, a good project concept, but if your numbers in the community aren’t that promising yet, how can you do an airdrop campaign for this one. So like for example Aptos, the recently released blockchain network so when they started, they started to bring in community members to their community through an airdrop all right and then when they rewarded already the first or early supporters of the project through the airdrop rewards. of course, these people since it had value in it had in it innate value in it were able to get this for free and then actually get a good amount of money coming from this one because they are early adopters and then they had these reward tokens then we can sell from the airdrop, so there are different types of airdrop actually okay so just so you know so standard airdrop, exclusive airdrop, nft airdrop, and a hard fork airdrop okay. So today I’ll also discuss what are the differences between these different airdrops. So yeah for the standard air drops actually this does not require you to spend any money right it’s just for free so in order to receive the airdrop you just complete a couple of tasks and you are rewarded with the airdrop in terms of token rewards so something like this one you can usually see these kinds of airdrop promotions all right so there’s a price pool with the big price pool usually because they are targeting a lot of people to reward and of course in return to for the chance to get a chance to win the words stipulated in here, you need to complete the tasks and then submit your wallet. So things like that. So in here you definitely try to get the attention of some members initially through okay you share this you follow us on Twitter join our Discord for example those similar tasks and then sharing referring your friends to the same campaign okay it will spread and gain make you gain initial traction for this endeavor right so in return those who participated will get a chance to get these award Rewards so that’s how you usually what’s this what the usual airdrop looks like in nft in crypto projects nowadays so we ca ll that standard airdrop all right then we also have an exclusive airdrop like for example if you are  loyal member of a certain group so exclusive where drops are distributed to loyal blockchain based community holders or users so for example for TokenMinds community members only, we are going to give out an airdrop so it’s essentially a reward for being a loyal community member or user so but then it’s typically just distributed with no strings attached other than the Loyalty you know so it’s just basically example we want to thank our community members for supporting us all the way we can give an exclusive airdrop for them right so this is another type of airdrop, and then this is another one, it’s called an nft airdrop right so an nft airdrop can be started for a variety of reasons okay so for example you may receive an airdrop in exchange for holding a specific nft in your wallet so it this can be a means to promote your brand in a way right so you can participate in a giveaway or even as a gift, so more than a marketing strategy all right like. For example, one good example is for those who are actual holders of the Bored Ape Yacht Club nft all right so these nft airdrops that they received actually become valuable and high-priced tokens or nfts also like for example holders of the bored ape yacht club they received board 8 mutant serum nft, and then they also received apecoin tokens so these are excellent examples of valuable nft airdrops so one if you receive this apecoin as remember this has value so you can sell some if you want once you receive it, so just being a holder for this nft you can get this benefits as well so this is an NFT airdrop. So then and the last one is the so-called hard fork airdrop right, so a hard fork airdrop usually occurs when for example a permanent split or a new version of a blockchain is released so like for example recently this bch hard fork was completed so there’s a necessity to create a new token to accompany that so, in general, the old version continues to exist but then the new tokens will be airdropped to you usually in an equal amount of what you currently hold in that old token so it’s one way also that this owners of the new blockchain and the old blockchain promote the new blockchain that they have right okay. So with regards to the platform okay so if you’re going to class okay Chris you have explained the airdrop mechanics what are the types of airdrops, which platforms are best if the example I’m going to run and manage an airdrop campaign for my marketing for marketing my new project for example all right so one example of the most usually used airdrop campaign platform and the most basic is the So for the Gleam you can assign the rewards okay so here for example you have the option to actually put up image Banner as a promotion banner and then you can link also the website in the content of the description then here usually you put up the rewards then the description of the project then what are the rewards or challenges okay for example here okay for the top 100 defenders you can get these rewards and then for those who everyone who joined in can get lucky through a raffle and win this one right so how to participate usually you can assign through the Gleam platform okay you can assign tasks all right and what’s good with gleam for example of course you are expecting a lot a volume of users so with this you will no longer need to do the manual checking if they join your server or not because with the gleam they automatically capture the data if the users have successfully created an account or join in with their Discord account already so if they successfully completed this task they will get this number of points for the raffle entries. So same goes with Twitter, so usually what we do is okay you ask people to follow your Twitter to increase the followers account in your social media platform then also retweet and tweet the hashtag so that you know there will be some sort of promotion coming in from this campaign, so people would also be talking about your project for example and then here you can also have the option to do other tasks such as ask them a simple question which they can answer, then submit their wallet address, of course, this is relatively needed even if in case you are going to win of course, this is where we will send you the rewards, and then here you can also create some sort of referral campaign. So this is for that entry okay so for example as a task refer friends for extra entries so somehow they will be able to prefer their friends relatives and other company mates for example to the same campaign so there will be more people joining then in the network effect will happen after that of course these people can also invite their friends so another platform that is usually used for the airdrop campaign is so if you have been seeing also on Twitter some challenges mentioned that okay join our premium campaign so this is what it is okay so this is also a similar way so you can add some tasks right but then with the premium this is not actually free so as a project owner you need to pay around one Ethereum just to create an account, an official account for your premium if you are going to run an airdrop campaign here, but then what’s better compared to gleam for example so this is the most basic one what’s better with premium is that you can set a checking of the wallet balances of the users, for example you want to ensure that you know the people who can partake only to your campaign are those who had people with at least this value amount of Ethereum in their wallet so you are sure that you will only target those who will be most likely to mint your project once they come in so you will reward those people who will most likely be minters of the actual project so you can do that with the payment by using this wallet balance checking function in the premium XYZ, so you if their wallet does not have this required Ethereum that you set as a minimum balance they cannot participate but if they do okay they can do these challenges you set up here the tasks that they put here, and then they can win, they have the chance to win. Another similar platform that’s also being used in the crypto and nft space is sweep widget on that so it’s almost the same concept with the gleam platform as well, and then here Quest3 XYZ is another one okay that you can use okay so these are the few platforms which you can use but usually what the web3 projects usually use is gleam, number one and the number two is the premium for higher quality projects, for example so you have the option to select these platforms whether you want to use Quest for example or gleam right okay. Let’s move to the airdrop how to guide okay so if you’re going to example I already selected glim so in this webinar I’ll be discussing the most basic one so if you are going to create a glim campaign actually how would you do it okay so I’ll be discussing the steps on how to do this airdrop management or airdrop campaign wait so number one create your iron drop campaign of course so number one as I’ve discussed you select the platform to use based on your preference based on the functionality that you need okay so just check out the different functionalities that you are able to do with sample gleam if it suffices you okay you can use that or if you want additional functions like functions being provided by primit XYZ for example like checking the wallet balance you can use it but take note not all of these are free okay also plan the duration and then plan the tasks and challenges that you would want the people who partakes in this campaign to do because it’s relatively important that you know you align these tasks and challenges to your goals like for example okay my goal for my project is to have initial 1000 members coming in from this campaign. So initial followers on Discord for example, initial members on Discord for example, or initial followers on Twitter for example so okay so you need to align with the tasks that you will be doing or for example okay I want also these people to follow my other accounts or even visit my YouTube account for example, so you can always plan ahead before you create this error campaign what are the things you want to happen and then align with the tasks that you would want to do in this campaign okay then of course as always we suggest that you create and include tasks preferring people so there should be a referral program in the task so refer friends so this will be organically shared by the members to their other relatives’ friends and acquaintances right and this one is really important to plan out the rewards all right so how many examples tokens are you will or nfts are you willing to budget or allocate for this campaign that will be used as a giveaway. Okay, so of course the lower the budget of course the lower the possible participants okay so because some people okay when you see that okay the reward is not that good I’ll just go to the other airdrop campaign so things like that, so ensure that there is a balance between your budget your allocated budget and then your goals for this campaign in terms of the number of people to partake for example then the rewards that you are going to give out okay and then of course plan how you select the winners for this airdrop campaign so this is really important like for example okay I want to just do a raffle so from all who joined this we will just do a raffle out of it and there will be the winners example 200 winners 300 winners or if you want okay for the top 200 referrals I’ll give up a separate reward and for everyone who joined there will be a raffle so things like that so plan how you would select your winners right this is really important as well and then lastly create the campaigns landing page on the selected platform for this case that I’m going to discuss today we will create one for the gleam. Okay so once you created your campaign of course this needs to be promoted and marketed so there will be actually people coming in and joining or participating in your airdrop campaign so this is really important okay so number one identify your target audience so this should be you know people who would be really interested in your project for example so if you are a gaming project who does want to have this airdrop for example you target those gamers for example so how do you target those gamers okay you market on gamer platforms for example gamer influencers for example yeah so doing the promotion and marketing you can promote your airdrop campaign on the following so do you show all social media channels so Telegram, Twitter, Facebook okay so for example you do not have that much followers yet then the normal way of marketing things is you put up and share to your friends for example and then they share two right then another one way one good way to actually spread it to a larger audience and reach a larger audience is utilize influencer marketing okay utilize influencers then there are these people in the web3 space that are so-called airdrop promoters, so these people run for example Telegram or Twitter communities for those airdrop hunters. So they have a following for example 60,000 people 100,000 people who are looking for this air duct okay then monitor the results of the campaign okay so once you launch and promote it of course if you see that okay this influencer which I used or this airdrop promoter that I use is not really effective so I don’t think he’s following is really a good or high quality following or I don’t think this is the correct audience that I’ve identified so you can do something else okay you can look for another promoter or another influencer you can use for example so this is really important as well and then example you ran the airdrop campaign for about one month okay and then it ended okay so it’s really needed also to select the winners and distribute okay so gather participant database and of course process the winner selection okay so with the winner selection like for example on gleam there is an option on gleam to pick automatically the winner okay so you can utilize that platform’s auto winner picking function if amenable so I say if amenable because with this green platform there is only a raffle type of picking here, so if your winner selection mechanics is not raffle based you definitely cannot do it so, if not so you need to do manual data processing in a database so select winners based on data if there are platforms raffle peaking function is not applicable to your selection mechanic and then of course example you will be doing distribution to the winners you can use up bulk distribution platforms for the wording okay. So yeah how will we actually create our airdrop? Okay so this is how we do it okay, so for the Gleam you can start either start from scratch or select from the following templates okay so usually on gleam on the upper right there’s a button for new competition so for me since I’m used to creating this airdrop campaigns I usually start from scratch but then if you not if you’re not yet familiar you can check for the templates right check for the  templates available so these are not the only templates there are a lot of templates in gleam, so you can always check it out, or another way is you know open an airdrop that you know and then try to copy the good things that you want to also apply into your own airdrop campaign okay so an example here we will start from scratch so there are three I mean there are five tabs here all right so the first tab is for the setup so here is where you put the name okay of the campaign so for here example I put the name sample airdrop campaign here okay, and then the duration so you put the start date with the time then the end date with the time then ensure that you select the correct time zone based on the time zone that you prefer okay so by default it’s set to U.S., so for example in my area it’s Singapore time zone so I usually set to Singapore time zone, okay so there are options here that hide x-rays to enter I total entries count so there are how many ways to enter for example so if you want to hide that you can check this on, and then if you don’t want to show in your campaign how many already participated in the campaign you can also hide the total entries count okay with the terms and conditions you can do the Gleam automatically generates terms and conditions for you but then of course if you are the project or the founders who are really onto the nitty-gritty of the things in terms with the terms of and conditions you can review this and edit according to your needs and wants okay so next is the user details tab. Okay so with the glim usually there is a kyc process. So when you say kyc is know your customer okay so you can assign here the minimum age for the user so example you don’t want miners to join in you can put minimum age 18 for example then you can optionally allow users to like a Facebook page and then here example you want users to use only their email to pay or Google to be able to join in partake you can do that then usually these are the default ones okay and then here this is the kyc part okay so by default you set the full name and email so before people can partake in the challenge this means that they need to fill up their full name and their email okay then if you want additional fields and custom Fields you can always add here okay for example you want to know their Discord you want to know their Twitter you can also add okay, and then on the Tab 3 this is where you actually put up the challenges or the tasks that you want people to  do for you in this campaign for example your goal is bring up the numbers in your Discord bring up the numbers in your Twitter, Instagram etc., so there are a lot of options here actually even Spotify if you are a music artist you know then some secret codes as well or subscribe or even create a blog so you can ask people to write a blog about project as well if you want okay so you can always check out how this functions but I will discuss in this webinar the usual choices that we use for these campaigns like for example here a Discord entry or join server usually we ask people to join server, but then you can also ask them to say hi or introduce themselves on Discord just to get a an entry you can also add that with Telegram if you are utilizing Telegram group and discussion group or channel, you can ask them to join this channel or group or even view a post or just send an entry or a message in the telegram you can ask that for extra points so one task is one point you can assign that but then you can also change the points for example you want to give higher points by  sharing something so you can always do that as well for Twitter you can do this tasks okay usually what we ask people to do is follow on Twitter number one number two is to retweet a tweet and then use some hashtag so usually for example your project is TokenMinds, so hashtag token so they post something related to TokenMinds, and then put a hashtag on it. So yeah you can require people to do that through here okay and then for twitch is the same example you are a streamer okay you can or your project has some streaming elements like okay you want this project is more on motivational speakers for example so you have also Twitch channel you can put here so as a task okay then here this is very important this is the tasks that requires people who partakes in this campaign to submit their crypto wallet address so because this is where you will be sending the rewards for this so airdrop means you’re sending tokens to a crypto wallet address okay so this is mandatory usually okay so then here you indicate which network you or you will be needing for this campaign okay then you put in the placeholder, an optional okay, this is a sample of wallet address a correct format and here description for example any message you want to say to people who’s clicking on this test for example for me make sure you enter the correct cryptocurrency wallet address otherwise you cannot get your rewards and then you will be invalidated if you put the incorrect wallet address format. So because in my experience there are some people you know who put random, erratic, or even not the usual wallet addresses so whenever I’m selecting the winners I invalidate I invalidate them also okay sometimes you can also do something else so here you can ask a question, for example, what would you do to be a good member of our community how would you contribute to our community things like that can also put that here as a task then if you have an app for example for your project you can ask them to download the app we’ll just put the Apple App Store URL and Google Play Store URL. So the good thing with gleam is they automatically check if you did this through an API so there will be no need to send proof as in forms of screenshots for example that hey I downloaded it give me the points but here it will automatically check for that good same with these things Instagram, Facebook and blog, but then I put this here   on the next slide because for Instagram and Facebook, they actually disabled this task like and follow for the Instagram so that’s why it’s slightly grayed out, so this no longer applies to the current API integration of gleam to Instagram so what you can only do with Instagram is visit a profile view your post select photo video Instagram entry but with the actual follow you cannot actually require them to follow on Instagram so I actually do not utilize this much this task with Facebook is the same so you can just ask them to check in Facebook entry visit a poster like a photo video or view a post but you cannot ask people directly from glim to like and share on Facebook for example so this before it’s allowed but then with the recent API changes in Instagram and Facebook they no longer allowed this. So with the blog function yeah you can ask people to comment on a blog post for example if you’re a writer you have a blog section for your project you can also promote it that way or even write a blog post about the project so this is also a good way as an additional engagement and then you know when people talk about your project, of course, it adds value as a brand. All right and here the viral shared task this is actually the referral task so ask people to refer friends for extra entry so usually here I put up two because this will be more points so I’m with that I’m encouraging I’m actually encouraging people to get a chance to win in the raffle for example because they had more entries by referring their friends or even if this campaign for example based on the number of referrals there will be some winners as well so I also do that okay so with this limit you can optionally put some limit but of course you do not want to limit it reductions required actually this is available in all the tasks so this means that example you need to finish three other tasks if you put three here you need to finish three tasks first before you unlock this task and then this checkbox will show it mandatory means that if you check this this will be mandatory if you did not finish this you cannot partake in the whole campaign okay so usually I set this mandatory but depends on you okay and this default share text and share body are just optional I usually leave this as the default but you can still try it out to yourselves and then here with the prices so you are now on tab number four so usually we put here the things that we want to be seen in the landing page of the campaign okay so we set up here for example public competition title okay we put sample order campaign as a title for example and then the competition description. The competition description is what is actually being seen on the landing page, so you design your competition description you put up the description of your project description about how to partake in or participate in this campaign what are the tasks that people should do for example and then what are the rewards so these are really important okay then with the widget layout I usually just leave it out as is but then with the feature image this is the actual promotion banner on top, so you upload a promotion banner so it looks more professional and aesthetic for the landing page okay with the price details you can add the prices and number of winners to your competition. So put the price name and then the number of winners here example and then the price value but then this can be optional as well if you are not opting to use the Gleam automatic cell winner selection okay because you will announce by yourselves for example the winners manually but if not you can always utilize this okay so this is what actually looks like for example, you uploaded an image banner and then you designed your content in terms of this page, the competition description, so what you put here will actually appear here, and this is the competition title okay, and then the tasks that you put on tab-3 will appear here, so this is what it will look like okay so. When you finish this you can actually save and then copy the link of the landing page for example you will be working with an influencer or a promoter guy for the airdrop, you can send them this link and this information about okay how much is the rewards and how many winners are to be taken in this campaign for example and what will they get by partaking on this okay so of course you need to monitor the performance of your airdrop campaign like here so we have example we have this current competitions ongoing, so you can always see here in this active so those running competitions you had for example so this has these Impressions meaning this number of people actually check out your campaign and then the actual tasks completed by the people who partake is this amount and then this means that 18,000 users actually joined in also in the campaign okay it’s really good to monitor if it’s going well  or not because for example if not you can do different other promotions to help it spread more okay or if you want you can announce okay we will be improving the rewards to make it more  interesting you can always do that okay. Then of course you need to announce everything any changes to the airdrop campaign that you did to your community members okay, then for example selecting winners like here for example there’s a tab here with the finished okay, so you put you check the campaign that is already done then you select the winner so for example here I click here in the name of this campaign then it will appear here so in this page you can actually select the winners automatically this is what I’ve been mentioning for example in the campaign you want to automatically select from all valid users 100 winners for example so you can use this button draw winners to automatically select okay then the good thing with gleam is that it automatically invalidates you know some fraudulent or what related activity so I’m not sure how gleam checks that but they have their own way and standard means to check so some entries are invalidated automatically by gleam so with this if you use this it will just pick winners from those with status of valid entries so those invalid entries will can be deleted here okay, but if not for example you want to check it one by one, you want to because your airdrop selection mechanic is for example the top on invites will win this the words so you cannot do that with this automatic picking in the gleam campaign, so what you need to do is actually gather the database manually from this gleam so here example you put go on this tab and you can actually export a file, an excel file out of this, so all the information of those who partake in this campaign will be there. So this will be a lot of data management actually to select them, but if you are already knowledgeable in how to work on a database example, or in excel for example, this is really easy for you as well so you just export and then what you will get is this so usually there are a lot of entries of course. Like here we have thousands of members and thousands of entries here so this is this will be the raw data what it looks like, and you can go your way to press for example I’m going to get the top 200 on referral Invites, of course, I can use my Excel functions like pivot table for this and then I check their eat wallet address based on the email for example which I covered here because we don’t usually show all the emails of the winners okay so with this kind of winner selection mechanic, of course, you will not be utilizing the Gleam automatic picking but you can do it manually according to your selection mechanics role. For example here, I took the top 200 and referral invite so I use a pivot table for processing the winner so I see here clearly who sent this referral so this number of referred people to the Gleam campaign, and then here I see also those who did not send the correct it wallet address so I put I see it here because I use a lookup function here okay, so it depends actually on the mechanics so how you will be selecting your winner. So based on for example here based on invites or sometimes okay you can manually check all the entries for the specific question so if you’re reading selection mechanic is okay with the best person to have this question will actually to answer this question or the most interesting answer that we see would be selected by the founders for example so that’s that could also be the case and also some other options for the winning selections example you said it initially that okay based on the most downloads or the most shares of a group for example if they are a group okay they can actually do this here as well all right so this is actually a manual work if that’s the case in the manual selection of the winners okay so depends on your you know as planned what are your selection mechanics this should be clear okay so if you are not yet fund you know look first you are not familiar with doing this database sorting or processing of winners in the excel sheet for example yeah you suggest you research about it or get someone who knows how to do this okay then the most basic is okay let’s just do a raffle based on the total referrals, based on the total tasks done, so if they have more tasks done than of course they  will have higher chance to win then we’ll just draw the winners so that’s the most basic thing that you can do for this okay but of course we want some challenges in our some of the airdrop campaigns as well, so this is how you do it okay. So yeah that’s it for the airdrop management lesson for today. So any questions so far guys? All clear for me yeah thank you very much okay, so this is how you actually do airdrop management. So for those who are now interested to be a marketer in the nft space okay, this is one way to actually gain initial traction, okay, but of course, you can also design your campaign to filter out any fraudulent entries all right? So for me I usually put up you know, I usually put this bots, for example, okay some people utilize bots for more entries so what I do is okay like in this sample okay so here I put up this special question so the example I asked them this question they need to answer if they we selected them and then they don’t have this nice answer we will select another winner so that’s how you weed out quality members or quality winners quality participants versus not the non-quality ones so to ensure that you know those organic people will be the winners and will be rewarded accordingly for joining this campaign okay because there are some airdrop hunters you know the rate fraudulent accounts just to win but with some mechanics of selecting you know really organic people that bots cannot actually win on so you can do that do it this way. Okay, guys so any more questions before we end this session? So Nino Jules is typing, shout out to Nino Jules. So yeah I’m waiting for your typing. Are you the head of MVP guild sir Nino Jules? Familiar game, so, any more questions guys? For nft airdrops is it part of the main collection or separate? I know it’s not related though just curious he actually is a project founder of course you know example you have ten thousand you have ten thousand nfts in your collection of course you will be allocating example in this first collection you will launch it okay so this way is where you plan to get the nfts for airdrop so you should also allocate some of the supply of your nfts to this airdrop okay so for example a you have one collection upcoming of course this is where it will come from or else you will not be able to you know after a month you will not launch your second collection so basically you should get it from the first one and allocate supply coming from that like for example okay I’ll locate 300 nfts out of my 10,000 nfts for the airdrop marketing campaign so you can do that so it still depends like okay with this project we will going to allocate 3,000 nfts for the white lists so we will only have 3,000 widely spots for this project so you always plan ahead of time with regards to what you will do with your nfts for example 7,000 will be for public mint things like that but then usually what I see with projects just to share guys example the project allocation is I mean the project total supply is ten thousand usually seventy percent is for white less than 30 percent for public mint, but other projects they even over allocate whitening spots just to ensure that they sell out, so that can also happen so different projects different strategies actually okay. So any other questions guys before we end? So this was, I was surprised this is a long webinar, I thought I will only do it for like 30 minutes okay so guys here just to mention also starting next week we will be doing our webinars on Twitter space all right so next week we have two Twitter spaces events for you okay. So on Tuesday, we will have another TokenMinds academy webinar in care of Anchor, and on the 16th is a Friday we will have an event a Twitter space together with your favorite blue chip projects so far we will be talking about the general strategy of crypto and nft in 2023 together with some of the blue-chip projects and key opinion leaders in the space so far we are confirmed guest speakers are Henry the grape from cyberkongz, Task from Ghostkidz Dao, Luca Nets from paji penguins. Danny from just a, and then we also have a friend, a co-founder, the CEO of llamaverse, so that’s hell queen, so we have this speaker so far but then we’ll we’re still talking and inviting some other Blue-chip projects like World of Women who we featured in our podcast, then also famous foxes. All right so that’s on Friday, so hopefully I will also see you there guys in our Twitter space together with the blue-chip project founders so that would be you know a really exciting year Ender Twitter space to discuss you know what are the current trends what do you think will be the trends for 2023 in nft and then example you as a blue chip project founder what are your strategies to you know maintain the Blue Chip status of your project and what did you see with some other projects who you know were initially High performing then suddenly yeah they dropped so what happened so yeah those things we discussed no so this will be a good year ending webinar. So if you are aspiring also to create your own nft project, for example, you will know how these blue-chip projects did it so and then what will be their activities or strategies coming for the year 2023 this is really good knowledge and there’s no you know price value in terms of the quality of information you will be getting directly from this blue-chip project so I invite you all right to this webinar next week on Twitter space. All right guys so yeah so if no more questions guys, so see you again next week on Twitter space we will be on Twitter space guys.