Alpha Pharoahs | Tips & NFT Strategies for 2023

Video Transcript:

Chris: Guys so hello welcome to TokenMinds Twitter space discussion. So my name is Chris and I am the community lead for TokenMinds I am with Aldwin our Marketing Manager for TokenMinds. Hello Aldwin.
Aldwin: Hello everyone welcome to the Twitter space for us here at TokenMinds and we have a wonderful guest for all of you.
Chris: Yep so today we will be discussing some of the new and effective strategies for NFT projects in 2023, and of course, as the nft market continues to grow and evolve, it’s really important for us you know to really adapt to changes and stay informed of these changes, so by gathering a diverse group of experts and thought leaders in the field such as our guests for today we hope to gain really valuable insights and even some you know Alpha with regarding their projects you know in their next plans and etc. So also in order for you guys to know about our featured projects which we really believe are really great projects as of the moment in the space, so sit back relax and join us for an informative day of great discussion. So we would also appreciate it if you hit the like and retweet buttons at the bottom of your screen to share this interesting discussion that we will have with your web3 friends. Okay so we are excited to have with us today our guest speaker from Alpha Pharaoh one of the leading projects currently in the space which you know brings really in-game changing nft utilities in the industry so kindly welcome to our space today Snooze. Hi Snooze.
Snooze: Hi guys, a pleasure to be on board.
Chris: Yeah it’s a pleasure to be here now.
Snooze: Yeah. I just had a triple mute button issue because I was coming off another space. Oh yeah, how’s everyone wherever you’re at? How are you guys I know there were a lot of things happening in the world the 7.7 earthquakes earlier, I hope everyone is safe. I hope everyone’s in a good place to talk and listen now.
Chris: Yeah, I hope I heard about that and also saw it on your tweet, so yeah I really hope that everyone is fine in that area right now. So far for our end, we’re good here in my area. How about the others yeah can you click on that heart emoji if you’re all good guys so let’s just see?
Snooze: I think I think I see a lot of people who are in good just listening but it’s fine wherever you are I hope you’re in somewhere comfortable somewhere you can digest what we’ll be talking about today lots of good things that we’re we’ll be discussing I mean I was just looking through the briefer, these guys are hitting are asking some hard questions and I’m excited to share what I know and how I can at least improve your NFT and your token journey.
Chris: All right okay so I think we could already start.
Snooze: Yeah.
Chris: So for the guys who are here listening so you can listen well and prepare your questions just in case because we will be rewarding those with the high quality and engaging questions later on and then also just by joining and listening to the space you will have a chance to get some USDT giveaways as well as a token of our appreciation so yeah let’s proceed soon. So first can you quickly introduce yourself and then tell us what you do for Alpha Pharaoh?
Snooze: So I’m Snooze gut. I’m one of the founding, I’m one of the core founders I think that’s the right term we use I’m one of the core Founders for Alpha Pharaoh so one of the first four,  today that role differentiates because what we have now is sort of like a board structure in pharaohs so there are five founders who lead the team our CEO who does most of the executory decisions is nft, I’m in charge of externals relationships and business development, Stoners in charge of alpha you those in charge of legal internal operations and let’s call it calculations for now, and Oscar’s in charge of all of the tomb raid onboarding server, which we use sort of as our mini server for launching one of our most rapidly growing businesses in the space. I’ve been in the space probably for in nfts at least for probably two and a half years now since I came from the east in 2020. I entered Solana in October of 2021 and I started off as a community mod before they promote me like into like a community manager I got known first in the space as being the alpha an alpha color Alpha Hunter to be very specific and that’s where I really got the title of like the cutest caller in web3 because my place they’re always just the funniest place but its sort of why like there’s a following around me because I’m not only set on pharaohs, I have I do other things in the space, one of it is advisory so outside of being all this for Pharaohs I’m also an esteemed advisor for multiple projects. I mean I launched rapidly close to two to three projects a month as an advisor, not all of them will really mean but at least getting and growing these founders into a shape that they think they can pursue their project, that’s what I specialize in the project management in the product roadmaps and really the strategies around what we do. I’ll tell you that I’m also a member of a lot of bigger daos which will show how much I network in the space one of the more notable ones is trust dao, Trust Labs that’s the TD in my name, and insomnia now which is like an alpha server as well recently I’m also part of lunar Labs as well as Robin hood dao and the sole council which the school council is it’s technically the round table of all the first colors in the space.
Chris: All right so really a colorful background there yeah with that being said just an additional question so before getting into Alpha pharaohs right so how did you actually get started in this whole web3 space and especially nft, it’s also great to hear that journey.
Snooze: So for me, I started off as a trader, so I was trading crypto even in college and then I found,  I was just following trends and then nfts were popping off so I tried to do something there  I tried to mint a couple of projects tried to be part of the community there, and the methodology astounded me sadly though I never really felt a sense of belief I’m not sure if it’s because of the projects that I joined because where I modded in youth it was really working for a rug project, not even rug, I mean the right term is a derivative project I was working on one of the first derivative of bayc back in the day and that gave me insight into what it is. Professionally in web2, I’m a portfolio director for a fortune 100 consulting firm, which right away if you’re in the industry you already know that project management and executing on a roadmap and actually working on a business is what I do normally day in and day out so it became second nature to like work on a project and where I started in Solana is really trying to understand the pulse of the community so I rooted myself inside a community tried to find my way through trying to understand how the space works. When I got confident enough to network with the right people worked on big projects and then finally found myself advising that’s actually how I found myself in Pharaohs. I was there, me and Tim was their first advisor then and Oscar and Philip were the first founders. These are college students who wanted to launch a project and that’s sort of how it cemented, we eventually took it over and did our own thing. Oscar is still with us but it’s set in stone. I think that’s really how I got built into this space outside of all the side hustles that I do because my web2 is really multiple streams of things that are happening I mean I’m so used to looking at eight projects day in and day out trying to assess where they’re at what their risks are what their issues dependencies all that and then trying to figure out what’s the best course of action to try to progress that project into their goals doing the same thing translating that web2 work that I do into web3.
Chris: Is really what got me good in this space it’s really like you know to experience is like a real fitting move. So when you transition to web3 it’s really easier right yeah it’s really because.
Snooze: It was and because web3 does not bash anyone working in web3 I see my friend Leon popping and he would who would agree with me that web3 is like working on your science project in high school like most of the projects that are managed here, they’re actually managed that way. If you’ve seen how a nuclear team works, there’s a lot of chaos, there’s a lot of these kinds of discussions yeah it’s really open water and that means there’s a lot of opportunity, so people like me who do have the experience of implementation and deployment we find so much value in what we can do just introducing our methodologies in web2 into web3, I mean how often do you see a project talking about profit and loss or like a Gantt chart or like a scrum, not a lot but the top projects do like I will tell you for example in Pharaohs we do Kanban, which not everyone will tell you that oh we even have a way to track development.
Chirs: Yeah that’s really cool so yeah applying those ideologies, so for Kanban I heard that in manufacturing service, for me I started in a manufacturing field as well. So I really believe that those concepts are really applicable as well in managing web3 projects. So yeah really good background for the co-founder of a project, so it really shows goes to show how much you really know what you’re doing in comparison to others right? So I guess Aldwin may ask our host another question.
Aldwin: Yeah it’s only been a start to be already got so many insights from your rich experience, and so now for those of you who for those of us who don’t know and for our wonderful listeners today, let’s get into it can you tell us more about Alpha Pharaoh okay?
Snooze: So this is a mouthful just because of how much is going on but I’ll try to simplify it to  probably a few key philosophies one is Alpha Pharaoh is the one project that I know to date that focuses on kindness and giving back that’s the core principle that we always look at now by design Alpha pharaohs is a project with the date  four collections technically you have your main Alpha pharaohs my pfp which will be the main collection I’ll use the phrase main collection sparingly because by design thought each part of what we do is actually a project in itself, how that works I’ll go on to it a little bit more but just for each silo, Alpha Pharaoh is the main collection that’s the community that the virality, that’s the voice of the ecosystem and that’s sort of the poster boy, poster child of our project, it’s a collection that uses raid tactics and virality to try to make the biggest buzz in the space and I can I can prove that we’re just looking at how they we rated the space earlier today and just got it to like 170 engagements that’s the power of the Pharaoh.
Aldwin: Yep in 10 minutes.
Snooze: Now we also have the sears which is our take on equipping and giving people the right sets of technologies to survive space so from one of the most esteemed mint bots and sniper bots through cyber frogs, we also have introduced like ways for holidays to actually build, so advisory is also unlocked with sears, they’re gonna come out with an upgrade pretty soon, which is something we’re all bullish on but it’s basically a collection that will equip you with what you need to survive in web3 right now that looks like various bots various other traders a portfolio tool many other partnerships that we just strategically align and just stack them on to sears. We have the degen Pharaohs which is an art project which we are foregoing  this one is has been announced but they’re becoming series too that’s not the collection yet the jewels of the desert which is sort of a secret surprise that we’re preparing for  that’s the third collection and the fourth one the youngest member of the Pharaohs, the liquidity pharaohs these ones are our take on what we call amms and passive revenue quote unquote because this is a way for people to just invest into money  directly like a 3.5 invest and you directly make the emission of the LP that is co-funded across the entire feral board, so that’s our fundraise of around 15K, if my numbers are correct, but it’s a 15K liquidity pool and amm that is controlled by some of the biggest mines in the space allowing you to maximize, the volume generated by that the gains have been interesting like each share have been in like points  0.6 to 0.7 SOL a week per share and that’s always been interesting and we continue to just stack on methods to make passive income through them, so that’s what they’ll always be they’ll always be like a passive income vessel and that’s the segregation of at least the four main collections tell that together, Pharaohs essentially make it so that it’s through giving constant value and giving back all that we’re able to keep generating our holders at least pure value and at least understanding the design thought of just giving back to the space and just constantly building inside and a community inside an ecosystem.
Aldwin: Yeah I love what you do like I love what you stand for and how what you’re doing for the space and you’re right when you say that there’s a lot to unpack about Alpha Pharaoh, and so especially since I saw that you’ve just put out an update, I think we should get into this one by one so can you talk to us more about great to earns and specifically tomb raids like its use and how it works? And of course, thank you again for reading us a while ago on the space.
Snooze: Okay so for everyone who’s new, rating is actually as a community, our big revenue maker it generates close to a hundred to two hundred SOL a day ,just on rate revenue, rating is the act in the space of engaging on a Twitter post in the future Facebook, Instagram, any socials you name it but basically engaging and allowing you as a holder or you as well you as a holder essentially to be able to like comment retweet follow and then make passive make a little bit of SOL just from just as a reward from doing all those tasks now each Pharaoh can read  to date six times which is actually the announce one of the early announcements this month where we moved from three to six we were generating 150 so on average at three raids of pharaoh, now they’re moving to six, so the volume has been keep constantly spiking up and that’s why with what’s happening also for raiding so the you know to like read as a Pharaoh but we’re offering this service for free to everyone else in the space so projects have been lining up the past couple months trying to line up to go for and apply for their own white label tomb raid platform that works is quite interesting because Pharaohs can still raid on the white label platform but let’s say I’m a bayc and bayc signs up for a white label platform, they can read just the same way pharaohs do and that’s always been amazing your thoughts because it’s a platform that essentially gives back whatever is funded to the holidays so I read works wherein let’s say I put in tensile so you put in a bit of SOL or ETH or USDC in the future you put in 10 SOL raid, 9 SOL of that raid goes all back to whoever rated like that’s distributed evenly that’s how we’re able to generate a lot of people engaging because they’re rewarded directly without waiting they just need to do a claim the one SOL that’s left over is actually what’s split 0.25 of that one soil goes to the Pharaohs because it is our platform it is something that we control and as a whole day that’s something you get passively split into all the other holders, the next 0.5 goes into upkeep because it is it does cost a lot to like do all these Twitter enterprise and API calls and the other 20.25 goes to the main project who we’re working with so let’s say bayc comes up with their own white label tomb raid platform well all the bayc holders can do whatever they want with the 0.25 that they generate that’s the decision of the project and this is for utility that we’re just offering out like anyone can line up and line up for tomb raid it’s just a prioritization line now it’s  I think the date a 78  project line and I think we’re vetting three more projects because you don’t want to be wasting our time on rugs, but it is what it is and that’s sort of how we’ve always created and I think the date we’re almost monopolizing that the economy of attention at least when it comes to trying to grab it through tomb raid.
Aldwin: Yeah I hear you so only about tomb raids right there you also have this thing called tomb raid pass, so how does it connect and what’s the use of the tomb raid pass?
Snooze: Okay the tomb raid pass is its special utility that we’ve offered the Pharaoh holders in sierra holidays where it’s minted it’s a 0.169 mint that’s just sold out greatly it essentially allows anyone even the smallest holder to be able to buy into our ecosystem at sub-two SOL or to date and then just parade have one raid and unlimited scraps it allows anyone even the smallest person to start making their journey through our ecosystem buying in a very low entry cost and trying to make the passive income from rating essentially because a lot of our holders actually make so much from raids I mean we have people who make like 12 15 SOL a week just from raiding.
Aldwin: Yeah that’s a lot so getting more into the other aspects right, I heard you were also a while ago that you had Sears and it was somehow connected to degen Pharaoh, so can you explain to us about sears and how it’s connected to degen Pharaoh?
Snooze: Okay so sears were essentially the stoner pass which when we absorbed stoner boys dao, we upgraded their art one time and if you combine them into our collection degen Pharaohs were an art collab originally with these and boys though which I’m not sure if they’re around still today but they’re coming together they’re clubbing together as a mega collection they’re becoming through the help of the neural mind. Neural mind is a goated, one-of-one artist who does AI really well him and his wife have actually helped us upgrade both collections as art so now we’re updating the art also in line with the update that we’re getting from the minting bot and auto trading bot that we partnered up with cyber frogs, so if anyone’s familiar with Thor, we’re actually the only other project that I know today that has the same access to Thor the auto trader bot of the Cyber frogs community which allows you to mint to snipe and to auto trade auto trading will come through the upgrade but basically, Sears and decent files will morph into that the series will get burnt out of existence they will get upgraded degen Pharaohs will be disassociated from us the art will still exist but if you’re a holder today of a degen Pharaoh you’re just getting air-dropped directly on upgraded sears once that mint happens outside of this. I mean Sears altogether get the portfolio tracker LF to grow that’s also shared with pharaohs they also get an auto trader similar to parasols which we’re building out and they get access to like a one-session advisory session for any founders and personally my advisory sessions they’re 300 to 500 dollars an hour which is a free utility that we’re offering to at least a shareholder of 10 sears, so it’s sort of morphing into a collection of builders and people who really want to get equipped into the space and advise reason isn’t dependent on just like personal projects you could be doing it for like personal growth or trying to find your place in the space, there’s a couple of real-life coaches in Pharaohs, so we just offer it as a cool utility for bigger holders.
Chris: So I just have a question to add to that you’re mentioning yeah raid to earn so this is actually unique as it’s already incorporated in the platform, but my question is where is the liquidity coming from for this?
Snooze: Oh it’s self-funded, so if for example, you TokenMinds want a feral community to read you just need to go to the platform drop your tweet in and then pay 1.5 to whatever soil, and then upon our approval upon the project owner’s approval it’ll get raided right away and eaten up by Pharaohs which is interestingly enough, white labeling the tomb raid platform will be so interesting because you’ll have the ability to focus which communities you want to be engaging on certain tweets so if I wanted like a bayc specific raid that I make a white label platform for the bayc guys, where you’ll see all the bayc holders trying to raid for it.
Chris: Oh I see that’s really interesting in terms of the marketing as well.
Snooze: And for virality I mean. Yeah coming and trying to make a rallying cry in a rallying call for any project is very difficult, this sort of automates that process.
Chris: And then with more adoption to this platform I think this is really good also for web3 space, in general, yeah that’s really nice and interesting aside from that, I’m also having another question for you so for those of us who do not know so can you tell us what it means you know to be privately doxed by cursed labs,
Snooze: You see here
Chris: So what does this actually mean for any project having this one?
Snooze: So doxing in space although this doesn’t matter anymore because when we doxed, such a long time, but doxing in this space is really giving up our identities to certain actors, certain individuals in space. I think me and Tim have grown influence after that dox thing to be a little bit bigger than needing the dox, I mean both of our faces are often just on video like we’re in multiple videos calls all the time our announcements in pharaohs, and the nft weekly roundup is literally any of them doing a video recording of himself giving updates of the project I’ve got okay shared already and that’s what doxing is okay.
Chris: So for example, if I’m a new project founder so I’d like to do this as well, so can you give us a picture or like you know the steps into getting into this end?
Snooze: How the doxing often works and I know this because I work with other majors in Magic Eden and SOL council often, but essentially it’s you giving and providing your identity to a neutral body in this case I think the more popular one is with the launch pads like Magic Eden or other mages, you give your identity up to them, your LinkedIn your bio may be information about your credit history or anything but basically confirming that your identity is secured with one person it’s allowing that safe trust that you are not a bad doctor in the space that you are willing to forego your identity and share it to the rest of the world because you are in with good intentions of what you’re doing.
Chris: Yeah, so it’s more of a tool that would make you be like a trusted  someone in like inside the space right
Snooze: Yep.
Chris: So now that we’ve like discussed a lot of the utility and giving back to your community members and also getting doxed, so all of this stuff like that you mentioned and your experience what made you say that it was viable or like it’ll work or it’s a great strategy especially since with your background as a project manager as an advisor so what made you say all this was viable to do.
Snooze: Honestly then it was more reacting to the market because the fact of the matter is in nfts and in any nft project, you’re always looking at instability you’re always trying to constantly react, having the mindset of being able to just move forward and try to make the best course of action at any given point in time and that flexibility that’s at least what keeps you in in a in a floating situation, most projects we’ll launch with less planning less resources financially and even influence inside the space, so it’s more a survivability method of just constantly evolving up and updating your plan and constantly working on it and refining it day in and day out, you can’t say at any point in time that you’re gonna make it, you’re gonna execute because you don’t know your mint could be all bullish and like have every influencer showing it pre-mint and then on mint day you experience getting a DDOS attack that happens but will it stop you from building your project it shouldn’t if you really here to build something, a failure here is not going to stop you from actually building your dream.
Aldwin: Yeah that’s really interesting and so looking at the whole of the market right so other than that how do you think nfts are going to move forward and do you have any specific strategies that would be effective in the upcoming times?
Snooze: Okay, so people hate me because I think this is the third space where I was telling sharing my sentiment on the market but we’re entering the phase in the market where similar to how ETH is today where there’s really a dry up of nfts and projects there are too much projects, that’s the fact of the matter and to launch a project today you have to be a quadruple a project like you have to have everything set up you have to have all the influence, you have to have done something great something big, all planned out elaborately and prepared for whatever risks, that’s what I’m telling every founder that asks me for advice because you’re competing against projects that are so good that have been building for the last eight months to the bear, and you just coming up and saying standing out and saying to everyone that I’m watching a project two weeks from now, I don’t know what I’m gonna do but I have cool art it’s not gonna hold water anymore the space is the space has shaken out at least in salon and eat the space is shaking out most of the dumb investors I’d like to say I mean they’re we’re still dumb  but at least when it comes to nfts we do a little bit more research I think today and we know what to look for in quality, these are mints will always have their place but if you notice this meta in Solana for example you’re not seeing a lot of visions for a reason it’s because the space is maturing it’s it’s really at an overbought stage in terms of nfts.
Chris: Yeah I agree with that so actually with regards to marketing any projects the hype is no longer enough that’s what I’m seeing as well so I really needed to bring value to send something unique to the space right?
Snooze: Yeah man and not just value but literally you’re looking at building a value on multiple spectrums you’re looking at the value of the project the value of the art you’re getting the value of the community that’s built through build ER so how do you strike a perfect grade on each of them if you really want to launch like a five SOL floor I think even just a five SOL floor is such a challenge already.
Chris: Yeah so the guys to the challenges right, so you’re mentioning yeah challenges. Okay so going through this strategy so have you encountered you know hurdles in your journey with Alpha Pharaoh, so the example you have the strategy and then you have this obstacle so how do you actually overcome this obstacle maybe can you share some insights with our listeners especially those because I believe there are some who are really struggling and to those who would just like to know more yeah.
Snooze: So I don’t think everyone knows this, but when we launched Alpha Pharaohs like we were launching a 0.169 mint where 60 of the treasury are the mint proceeds were really going to the overhead that we said we’d be paying the advisory partner, then the consulting partner that the original founders decided to work with Chris labs. so a majority of it of all the funds were already given to like the launch party, and I and Tim were struggling to work with any budget at all. Launching a project and trying to get it to stand for the last six months is difficult when you don’t have the capital to do anything really right I mean we raised 300 SOL just for the project that’s not even enough to like in during those days to go onto staking platforms, staking platforms then we’re like what? 550. So we had nothing really to work with just the measly 300 but what I and Tim decided was to like find ways to constantly give value so we started off at like being what we’re good at an alpha server and a hunter hole where you can get some of the best whitelist spots to play some of the best trades and that was the net that was the next three months for Pharaohs, as we stayed below two SOL for a long time because everyone was thinking like we’re just a goated alpha server with some of the best whitelist spots out there that were that was us for a long time until so that when we had enough funds we tried building a first iteration the tomb raid platform which even then actually was sort of shortchanged because we had to redo our first iteration of the tomb raid platform. The important part is that never stopped us from constantly building after those struggles like we just power through  power through in the sense that for example post mint we were already discussing what we could do with such a measly budget so we were already looking at like doing a free airdrop or  ideating on road map items that are so far ahead, but we can give value already to our holders, we can give them like if they mint or if they claim we can we make a little bit of cash plus we get them at least something some nfts that they could sell, which is direct directly thinking of how we can provide value to our holidays outside of that we’re working on trades, we were we were teaching them what to trade to be very specific, we’d be teaching them how to analyze how to how to become callers eventually, I hope the white list spots and me and Tim we both decided to stop calling and hunting for the other servers that we got known for which upped the exclusivity of the Pharaohs because now we were just focused on building and building what the Pharaohs did.
Chris: So yeah right sorry.
Snooze: No I was just about to say so it was just more taking anything from the project at the start it was just mostly us constantly giving back to the project and just making what we do exclusive to what we do.
Chris: All right so yeah you were mentioning okay you did some airdrop free airdrop etc., so the majority of some of the nft projects are doing this as well even cooking projects right during their initial launch so from your observations which previous strategy is used by web3 projects no longer work, then what are the new strategies that you’d observe to be working?
Snooze: A lot of them actually will not work anymore so that’s what’s interesting in the space when it’s done one time it becomes the meta and it doesn’t work anymore we survived for Pharaohs because we understood the meta then was degenerments which allowed us to mint out we understood that  people will buy in on a special airdrop when we’re giving it for free to our holidays that will at least bring in more eyes to look at the project so we give we gave three airdrops, we also thought of like launching a second collection but we wanted to add more value and constantly through the process, partnering with people who we saw with us in the trenches trying to build their own thing as well so we constantly kept making friends with other projects that are doing their own thing and their own lanes for example bad cat, like we partnered with them trying to find fruitions between projects and using that as like launching pad to help us also build the project because at the behind all these collabs behind all these affiliate links of utility or these art collabs that often pop up are also projects that are creating friendships between each other and I think that’s also how we silently built a lot of trust in the space because we really networked and got to know who to work with so when it came time to actually build something we already knew who to approach we already knew what would be needed we already knew how much it cost because we’ve networked at this rate super deeply with a lot of the people we consider peers. I think that’s also what attracted me in Solana the most, not the best our east brothers but the builder community is very strong, thousands in Solana are very strong there are thousand founders there are daos of devs they’re daos of artists and just networking properly and trying to be part of the ecosystem you actually find the right ways to support your project strategies honestly if I if I could tell you every new strategy to how to like build a bullish project today then that meta would already be burned by the time you’d be executing, like the moment that someone can coin a meta it’s already burned for everyone else I mean you just everyone just saw like the rev share competitive gaming meta with dual bots in every other project launching something similar, you also saw a pre-sale meta where people are launching pre-sales at the 50 percent rate trying to sell out, he also saw like still influencer meta where every influencer was just pping and just tweeting about something that they got for free those are all valid strategies by the time that your project gets to actually come to market those strategies would be too old, you’ll need to rethink what you’re doing you need to find your niche like focus on your plans your values what you need to get your project launched, I mean there are a lot of KPIs depends on how what your product is and how you’re working with it because the old gimmicks they won’t work they’re gimmicks for a reason you’ll need to ideate on something new something different something that’ll  something that’s creative I mean if you can if you can build if you have devs always something interesting.
Aldwin: Yeah I hear you, especially like any space strategizing, it’s also exciting that it’s also just to start so we’ll see a lot more of those strategies and so far we’ve heard a lot of exciting stuff for you here at Alpha Pharaoh, and so for our next question what’s next for Alpha Pharaohs, can you talk to us more about the exciting future and your plans for 2023 and especially to ensure the project’s longevity?
Snooze: So I think Pharaohs were all set actually to execute, so we’re at an executionary stage for two for the for the main pharaohs wherein the tomb raid platform is just constantly getting in more and more vole people don’t understand this often with how bullish it is every time there is a white label platform that we launch but when I when we go back into how revenue share works with how each rate is funded, the more communities using tomb raid the bigger the landlords Pharaohs will be because each raid we’ve given for free also still fun pharaohs and there’ll come a time where we’ll be the community that isn’t raiding while everyone else is reading that’s really the nature of how we’ve ideated on the design thought of making an expansive community, it’s essentially free marketing and marketing for us while constantly giving value to each Pharaoh at the value perspective so for example if today we’re making 150 SOL and each Pharaoh gets what in revenue share  per weekly let’s say roughly 0.7/0.8 . What happens when we have another community just as big as pharaohs raiding on their own generating the same volume or a 10K collection just doing the same suddenly it becomes interesting because everyone wants to read everyone wants to try to make their passive and if everyone else is doing their own raiding a little bit sooner or later  fails become parabolic this plus the whole use of ads which is going to come on all the white label platforms plus the use of introducing web2 into into what we do for the white label platforms so sooner or later you will see people posting Fiverr ads to do a raid, example lining up and running up for movie tickets and tweeting about it and then engaging and commenting just to confirm and you still technically get a revenue share from doing that those are all in what’s planned for the year I’m really bullish on that at least the whole engaged to earn in web2 kind of  utility that’s being built that’s for Pharaohs for Sears they’re getting they’re getting the really cool art upgrade, I’ll pin something up so everyone can see but they’re actually  it’s actually a collab collection done by an esteemed AI artist, there are sort of a husband and wife couple that that work on the art neural mind, so these are some of the art upgrades that you get from being a seer  this comes along with the auto trader bought from cyber frogs the AutoTrader bot allows you to essentially just drop in whatever currency you want and then just playing one with the bot doing signals trades, and it allows you to just short long or scalp whatever cryptocurrency you want and making the revenue from just the auto trader, quite cool because I know a lot of other platforms do it in crypto interesting because the Cyber frogs one that we co-share is really quite good.
Chris: What else, what else?
Snooze: There is something cool that’s happening with jewels which I am under duress to not mention at all but the jewels will finally be able to do something I think that’s been like the when whitelist give now a mantra for our holders for a couple of months now like when Jules utility when Cleopatra headdress utility when Serpent of Nile utility, they actually will get it sooner or later I just can’t mention yet for what but check on the YouTube update Tim’s been dropping. he might be giving hints there. I think the next series he should be sharing a little bit more info about it, but it’s cool because they might be the gates to like a whole set of new chains for Pharaohs and we’ve been experimenting a lot with a lot of other communities beyond Solana with bringing raids, so quite interesting.
Aldwin: And I’m sure a lot of people are looking forward to it and I love how you’ve made an ecosystem for your community, especially for the marketing part, so for our listeners please head on over and check that out for them and so last but not least for new nft projects launching this 2023 what suggestions do you have for them to be successful what are key things to remember when starting a new project in the space?
Snooze: One would be to not rush, like ideate and work on your project in terms of what brand you want to build and what value you really want to put into the space just because I think everyone else would agree that we have it sort of easy nowadays to figure out which projects don’t really plan to do anything. Take your time to build the project don’t be greedy about the capital that each project gives art projects exist for a reason because they’re good art, if you’re going to launch an art project make sure it is good artwork or work on something that is of value to you and to the community and try not to cut corners although we often a lot of projects often do.