Crypterium; Visa Card Issuance for Crypto Projects – Crypto Business Show Episode 17

Video Transcript:

Rob: Hello everybody welcome to the crypto business podcast brought to you by TokenMinds. I’m your host Rob Eijgenraam, director at TokenMinds, a full-service crypto and nft agency. In this podcast we will discuss any blockchain topic that is relevant for businesses and founders. Today we’re talking about crypterium, which provides crypto banking and visa card issuance services with their sdk program. I have with me today Nikita who is the b2b manager at crypterium, and also advisor at pointe, scalene and uni-rail chain. Hi Nikita, welcome to our podcast.

Nikita: Hey Rob how you doing?

Rob: All good, oh goo. Let’s start off right away. C can you describe what crypterium does?

Nikita: Okay, yeah, well in a nutshell, one of areas of services we do is b2b solution it’s a one-stop solution  for businesses, and in that solution you can get services such as on-ramp, off-ramp crypto exchange, crypto to fiat exchange, as well and vice versa. Things like bank transfers for fiat, what else, and you know the killer feature that we have is a white label cards that we can provide to other crypto projects, and the beauty of that card program is, first of all is pretty global, and secondly is, you know any project pretty much out there can come to us and we can white label those cards for them, through you know various programs and that would allow those let’s say projects to give those cards to their own users, and their users would be able to let’s say cash out their own tokens to that card directly, and it’s going to be instant. Instead of let’s say traditional system where you have to let’s say go to an exchange and do a bank transfer to your third-party bank and you have to wait for that transfer, here it’s actually instant. So within a second you will have balance of your card updated and you’re ready to you know use it pretty much any way you want. Another thing to mention apart from b2b solution, we also provide listings for other tokens in our platform, and you know the good thing about it, I’d say a benefit that we provide compared to let’s say traditional centralized exchanges is that first of all we have our own cards as I’ve already mentioned so users if they get those cards they would be able to instantly restore crypto to that card, and spend it anywhere they want. The second one which is very good for projects is that we actually revenue share any profit that we’re getting let’s say from users trading, crypto buying crypt or exchanging crypto, and so on.

Rob: And what kind of projects usually use your services?

Nikita: What kind of projects, so pretty much any crypto project out there can come to us. We’re talking about centralized projects, decentralized project. It’s just those projects that are looking for additional ways to let’s say monetize on the existing user base, or let’s say they want to gain  more users and obviously they want to have more features to attract those users and have it let’s say in in in one place to make it very convincing for users to obviously join the platform, and another thing is if they want to let’s say give additional token utility to their token, and by that I mean branded cards, because that would mean obviously users would be able to not, let’s say hold their tokens and wait for it to maybe go up and sell it, they can use it in everyday situations by obviously cashing out to that card instantly, so it becomes like you know your crypto bank practically.

Rob: Okay that’s interesting. Thank you so much Nikita. I appreciate your time, and thanks everybody for listening. Goodbye.

Nikita: Sure.