Crypto Consulting Bible; Newest Strategies and Best Practices

Video Transcript:

Rob: Today we’re discussing the crypto consulting bible. The new strategies and best practices. We’re going to go through our article and give you a quick summary. I have here with me Anchor. Hey Anchor.
Anchor: Hi Rob. Hi everyone.
Rob: So let’s dive right in starting with understanding the role of crypto consulting.
Anchor: Okay sure actually you know in the current crypto markets what we need actually is for sure some advisory because most of the projects actually they’re not really up to date of all that you know the new technologies, the new marketing strategies, since the crypto market actually changed frequently, so it’s very important actually with a kind of proper and high quality of crypto consultation it will help the projects actually to improve right all the strategic, and all this arrangement of like marketing and development, all those kind of calendars, and in this way all these efforts could be made to help with the projects to optimize the whole projects and actually arrange everything in the proper way and make a success.
Rob: And how do you pick crypto consulting services?
Anchor: Yeah, actually for everyone actually it’s not so easy because we can see quite some options for the crypto agencies, a lot of consultation services, and how to pick up, I cannot set the best but after all these right, the most proper one for each of the projects is very crucial important. So normally we can actually decide from the below points, first is the reputation as a crypto agency and a consultation service provider, the reputation actually reflects actually the capability of the whole company and our services and of the teams, which we can normally suggest finding from their past works they did and actually anything you can find online, the reviews and everything, and then it’s also kind of like the like I just said right the past works. Normally for all the agencies, they will have some portfolio from the projects they have worked with before, and they have included all the details like the performance they would have done for them, the growth of their projects, and everything. This is very important for every project actually before they choose an agency they need to actually check all the details from the portfolios from different service providers and then also the accessibility.
So when we actually try to evaluate the crypto advisory or agency services it’s very important actually to also consider the accessibility, and the consultants should be readily available to provide timely services, and then it’s also for the customer services. This is also super important as far as we see actually a lot of projects actually there is a new startup they’ll get some people that are really into this crypto field, they establish a team, and then from the beginning, normally they want to actually find the most cost-effective solution. So consider this the choosing the crypto agencies or consultancies they need actually take this into account, like finding the agency that’s who can provide them the good service. In the meantime, actually, the budget will be actually proper for them and also, one thing is about the evaluation of the content for other agencies normally they will also do some like PR, and some promotion content which you can already check before you choose anyone to work with together to evaluate the ability from the contents that they actually provide, that they created online it’s all public, so you can check from all these to see and decide if that is really a high-quality agency to work with.
Rob: And what skills do you have to consider when choosing your crypto advisory services?
Anchor: Yeah for sure this one actually is more like on the tech side, technical side. So for the agencies, some of them actually provide a kind of like different services like community marketing, some will also offer like all the turnkey solutions including development from this one actually it’s also very important to actually talk with those different agencies to figure out are they actually capable for all these kind of different skills for the development like smart contract development, understanding of the decentralized networks, different blockchain, etc. So for how to actually decide and see these kinds of things, actually when you talk with different agencies, normally that can already like be involved in some like discussions or email communications or calls and where we can find out if they are actually capable for the development and this is very important to figure out all these skills before you actually make a decision to work with them on any development projects and tasks.
Rob: And which procedures are involved in crypto consulting?
Anchor: Yeah there are procedures actually include the below things like first is like ideation, so actually the agencies or any consulting firms they actually should know already the concept of your blockchain projects, after you actually have a call with them or send them some pitch deck, so the understanding of those projects before you decide to start and work with any agencies, and also the assessments of the project like to combine with all the technologies on the crypto markets, the different changes right, and the evaluation, and everything like the technology and market infrared projects to figure out the best solution, and also the definition perspective actually for those kind of agencies once they see your projects, they also actually access the whole project, and find it after the best solution for each of the projects. Every project actually is unique and different, so this is also very important, and others like the prototype and you know some like vole testing, and reviews are also very important in this kind of step, which in general for any agencies that you want to actually talk with and they want to work with in future, they actually need to be sure that they really understand a project they really can come up with any like strategy and like a kind of timeline or different kinds of plans before you actually work with them.
Rob: Okay and what can you tell us about the types of crypto consulting services?
Anchor: Yeah for the types of the services actually it’s mainly like you know based on their understanding by those kinds of agencies and expertise on the crypto market. They normally actually will do something like for example custom application development, they will actually check a project and then convert that into reality through their strategy, and also they normally actually will also do something like develop a crypto strategy like normally for marketing and development and normally meantime they will also analyze the projects right like I said the different projects they have the concepts actually for all the projects normally they analysis will be very important before they come up with adding like a concrete plan. Education and training, so because of those some actually the business owners/project teams actually don’t really have a lot of knowledge on blockchain technology, so a consultant actually will offer this kind of like training solutions or getting like these guys on board, and along with that progress the teams will also get more involved and outstanding about the whole projects, and also the POC creation, like this kind of proof of concept right, it’s also a very essential step in representation and risk you can choose. This is also why actually it’s very important to hire an agency or consultancy company because they actually have the ability to control the risk based on the changes right in the crypto market.
Rob: And why are crypto consulting services important?
Anchor: Yeah about this one actually for sure that’s the crypto  and blockchain technologies are very renovative right, things in the these 20 years, and then so but why actually a consultation and solution is so important, it’s also right for something like blockchain issues right, like figure out the issues and integrate all those kind of blockchain solutions to the different industries as far as you know, like energy, like real estate, a lot of spaces during the in the life, and also from an agency actually they can actually validate and keep the project updated with others latest like the trends in the crypto markets, and the adaption of those kind of blockchain technology will also be very useful for those kind of conventional industries, for example with the conventional solutions, it is actually not so expandable, and now with the blockchain solutions, actually for most of the industries and the company they can find the best one actually to adapt to their business, and also with the help of consulting companies actually they can actually guide the project teams, they can actually help with the project teams to understand how to actually improve the customer service and a lot of things and also like I said just now the risk can chew everything.
Rob: All right thank you so much, Anchor. Thank you everyone.
Anchor: Bye.