Crypto Marketing: Launching Token Sales and Take Off to New Heights

Video Transcript:

Anchor: Hi everyone thank you for joining today’s webinar I will be actually managing this webinar for this one so in the last webinars we already discussed something about the development and also the Discord community growth I think this one will be like the lesson the third one for the crypto marketing it will be mainly about how to launch a token sale so in this lesson just some like a written overview it will be not a lot about those marketing we’ve already discussed in mentioned in the last webinars it’s mainly like the whole structure and all the preparation we need to beat down for any like token related projects if they want to issue that token or do any token sales so let’s start so first what are token sales? A token sale is a procedure of creating and trading a new digital currency so each token sale has its unique details the token sales procedure usually entails creating digital agreements on the decentralized ledger and generating an offering there as result tokens you should involve the token advisory expert, professional investors, and lawyers for a successful process. So in general it consists a lot of parts so no matter for development marketing and also legal perspective, and also all this kind of advisory and partners with those kind of exchanges or any like decentralized platforms  the next slides I will also work throughout these parts so something we need to do before the token launch campaign right okay so for here we have six main things we need to do so first the concept of the whole  ideas right in this current market there are so many token projects  so why we can actually offset from others right and then also take advantage of those other projects it’s super important so before we really start on the project you need to actually target the niche like what kind of industry are related of the blockchain projects you want to actually be used as a console for your startup for these project token projects for example something like energy related or education related and STEM related this kind of the industry and the concepts and also even for this you already decided you need also to do something different for example you want to get a defi platform project if I want to issue some tokens and then a lot of projects that they already have those kind of staking or your farming you need to think about something different right so a lot of projects for now use recently if you guys observe right they will integrate some  like solutions with like metaverse or also an NFT and as well as like something that can be used during real life that is something need to be really considered for multiple times right before earning cards you won’t start that and secondly it’s actually develop a token so this one is quite direct so  normally based on the tokenomic, location, the vesting period, and also the emission plan of each token projects that you want to actually will be processed for this  there will be some like developers experienced in this weaponry development or you can consider hiring like a development threat team or a agency to really  excluding this and make sure that this smart contract is really secured and also audited before the token sale and then it is the utilities that is actually a part of tokenomic for the utilities normally what you see right what kind of use case of this kind of tokens then you can offer the clients for example  for some projects that will offer like some like staking or they have a treasury wallet can get some benefits and shares right on a regular base to the token holders and someone integrate with nft and some will actually have some benefits by holding these tokens like a kind of VIP level to enjoy have some benefits on the platform of the projects  and then it’s a white paper with all required information this one I will work for more details later on in the next slide so this is super important this is first thing normally will be  researched by any guys to join the projects this will include all those information that’s the audiences want to see and then it also need to be easy to read because most of the retail investors they’re not really tech guys it will put a lot of like how to understand  cons there it will be really difficult for them to understand and might lower the conversion rates  and then one thing normally will be not by some products will be the legal and a regulatory options on your own sales  actually there are a lot of like regulations  that on discount token sales so for example the SEC right in U.S and also in Malaysia and Europe  everything right there will be regulated in this way so before that’s normally I suggest all the projects right D2 outside any like illegal advisory or  attorney right to actually to check if the token sale is okay or if there’s anything to be done like offshore company registration to issue the token sales right in the legal way and the last one is determine the technology to use for the project development so this is mainly about those blockchains right so for example for some more separate the world choose to develop the token on erc20 blockchain and also along with the developments right October industry that will be also something like Clayton, Polygon, or Solana based due to the low gas fee and transaction fee this depends on the how many people that can be attracted right so it also depends on the tokenomic so if erc20 is still the most stable one with most of the users and for others is  and even for some new emerging blockchains right they actually have some kind of benefits like a transaction speed and also user grow also why also we need help find a balance here  for sure there is not really a perfect one but based on product details that finalize with this one will be quite valuable for the operator development and next I will actually further about the legal part I just mentioned so  normally for the prices right they need to learn how to navigate the cryptocurrency regulations that are currently placed and pay close attention to any future changes  this is super important and this probably goes without saying but still don’t break the law and will introduce  normally we actually recommend you actually to find any like partner lawyers or with experience especially those cryptocurrencies and also those token sale regulations and the project founder spectrum is the latest escape the word of fiat banking even the greatest maximalist amongst them had been that transition to a pure liquid to economy several years ago and that companies are still in need of trans traditional banking solutions so in this case for those project teams they also need to find a banking solution right this is also the similar so like those kind of offshore company registration a legal  advisory and also the banking solution for their token sale, and then about the white paper I just mentioned here’s more information about that. The whitepaper is a very essential document that explains the crypto project’s purpose, economy, tokenomic, governance, and technology by these documents, people get most of the info from other than on the website and it actually consists of all these kinds of information that needs normally like the introduction of the project and the distribution is not really too difficult than in general all the tokenomic plan. So for this location what we need to figure out is how much funds it will come to race like okay 1 million or 500K or something then based on this you also think okay for advisors how long it will be for the fasting periods if we will lock the tokens for two years or one year it will be linear emission and unlock other tokens how about for the team and also for any other marketing development so and also for liquidity these kinds of things then we make a plan like a price and also the total supply this information actually we need normally we need right before you actually try to develop the token and as well as the location for the token sale no matter for decentralized or centralized. This actually will slightly explained further about how to come up with a good tokenomic, so here the most important part actually is the project needs to have a sustainable use case this actually will support and the keeper going with this project for long-term development  example is the link token from Chainlink right that despite being a limited quantity and serving as valuable infrastructure it serves no purpose then  other than to be consumed holding link provides no cash flows or other benefits actually that’s why also challenge launched a staking system tied to the link token as a result of this another kind of like use case as I just imagine right just  think about actually how to make the total combined price stable and increasing always right some parts it actually will they would do something like burning, they will have a wallet right for the community wallet  also included like like in some dial solution voting etc., and some are combined with the product because some of them have real business right they will also integrate the whole console to their product as well  and token holders benefits with project growth this is super important to actually motivate these holders to hold these tokens and not really sell or it will be actually in confronted with a lot of selling pressure even promote heart a lot of new people join but some people all right just dump the tokens you’ll be have a balance that your token price will not really rising  significantly so some common use to hold the benefits that is actually besides those kind of staking that gets  like 10 or five percent for example  apy per year right if they hold the tokens or they actually get some drop,  airdrop from their future  no matter the nft or gaming related projects or they just write join with any events with the exchanges like  stack and earn  if they actually come big community and have a chance to work with those make a changes like Binance or So all these actually will contribute to stabilizing the token price first the token price normally for the product teams besides all the marketing to get more participants aboard and keep developing that project and join different events to make more awareness it’s also something like that can do like so per day and based on this actually they can do automatically more effectively the force is proper emission schedule so next slide I will explain more about this emission plan normally will be used by most of the projects designing simplicity right so, in this case, I think for some projects actually they prefer to do some really complex you know like tokenomic utility of this kind of thing but in general, you know it needs to make most of the people understand how it goes if you make too complicated right this delay or structure of the tokenomic, it also doesn’t really make sense so just make it simple but also write useful that would be super important for the whole process. So next slide this slide would be the sample emission plan it is actually something for like supply and vesting right so on the top left is actually a circulation supply versus vesting period. So you can see that from first months right after the token sale, that some certain amount of tokens will be released  and unlocked and then it will last for like three among 30 to 33  months so this is just a sample so  instead of like you know those projects without actually a linear emission plan this actually will stabilize the pricing token  and on the right side is the location of the token this is also something like sample for sure not auto parts were different have different allocation so here the most common right  location for the tokens will be something like okay certain amount for public sale probably sell sit around self  and for the team reserve, advisors project development, project marketing, liquidity and here also you can see the treasury wallet these are just mentioned in the last slides and something like a holder right rewarding pool or something it’s also important to motivate the people to hold the tokens and I just also mentioned before and then the rest is also something more details like a chart right like okay the mission plan for all this kind of participants for advisors or team reserve so normally for other projects that I need to have some document like this and this will be normally included in the white papers everybody knows and can expect how many tokens each month through how have you know circulation supply okay so then with all the preparations done, for sure this  this is also first step right after everything is done like a website, the token autonomy confirmed so why it’s so important to build up the community. So a community will determine the success or otherwise of the product so it is vital to ensure that you engage again frequently these days multiple engagement techniques exist including AMA, contests, airdrops, etc. So part of your pre-sale token events is to engage your community. Multiple social media platforms exist where you can create your community. The main ones include Twitter or Facebook, Discord, Reddit Instagram, and Telegram. So each of these platforms has its features and is restricted so it’s quite vital to hire a token sale agency also to assist or an expert to assist you in creating a management community because this is really very time positive right consuming even only managing something like Twitter or Discord or telegram it already takes a lot of time like a whole team like several guys we’re looking like you to know especially moderators and management of social media attack like quite a lot of time to manage because there are so many things to do you need to check the DMS from Twitter and Discord you need to check out the decades you need to check out the proposals you might receive so this why I suggest normally we can start right from two or three or four max social media in a community to start first and then once there are some funds and more budgets for the projects that we can actually consider to hire more to expand to also other social media as far as that can bring more exposure. Then after all this is done with the active community with some engagement there with already everything set it’s actually good timing to also have to reach to some like VC firms’ capitals for the seed runs or pre-invest, a pre-sell run so it has multiple benefits for investors and project developers so it is a process that you might not want to omit so suppose your lack of skills to conduct a successful token sale, in that case, it’s advisable to also get some help right from any like token advisory or experts to get some solutions from experience guys. So something to consider the right to conduct pre-sale round funding so first, you need a professional website most of the website looks almost similar so that for sure doesn’t work you need really a different one with a nice looking and that they’re really close to your concept right, for example, you have entertainment related projects you actually get some icons or you know some designs right maybe like the animation on a website to make it look really different and then it is actually for active create community no pre-investors who will be interested if the community is not really happening enough right you already need some engagements in this case and then it’s joined blockchain events. I know that in this pandemic there is not really so many events but actually this year will be also some quite nice ones so really suggest the team not really to miss any opportunities here they can actually join these events meet different people they can also talk with those guys get exposure they can supply details face to face to those vc capitals  also the similar like next ones founder different conferences this also builds some like  exposure for the project for sure  then it’s PR  some credit premium media for example  Bloomberg, Forbes, right this kind of  premium PR that is mainly for those are credit investors so  and after that you also need to already think  in advance like what kind of token sale solution you need so  we have normally have three common solutions like ICO so initial coin offering  I also initial exchange offering an ideal so initial ducks are free especially for ICO  because this will be down on the project website so it needs to be integrated with some development like token light here  like third party writes plugin or of a skin that can be used for website  support those registration or you know investing functions with all everything in the dashboard to check. IEO is mainly, IEO and ICO are similar differences one centralized, and one decentralized exchange so those exchanges also do some announcements or invested marketing in our newsletter to get their subscribers’ attention to invest and buy the tokens on their exchanges another difference that will also talk about in the next slide wait oh here actually I think we also need to mention something about the kyc progress because I see all this done on websites again like after we clear all those legal issues related risks it’s super important also to get a kyc. So, in this case, this token light also offered the kyc solution, and on IEO and IDO those kinds of changes also can so if you choose a road for IEO and IDO you don’t need to really worry about it too much about the kyc and it’s a fully write legal compliance and that is for the token sale marketing. So for this, I think we discussed already a lot of data management, and media marketing, it’s a PR  so for all the combination we need to really upland together a full right understandable plan that comes from the team and then like a daily day-to-day strategy for a push with those promotions to make the most effective that. About the token sale except for the Ico it’s normally done on the website itself but for the IEO and IDO it will be like different launch pads for example for the centralized exchanges like Binance launchpad it’s still the number one normally as what I remember that what do one Launchpad right the products each month  Polka starter is the number one in the decentralized exchanges, red cards and this other like a decentralized IDO solution like daomaker so in this case, once the project already gets some hype the project team can reach to those exchanges or apply and submit a form to apply for the IDO and IEO and make a plan out of that like okay what are the best timing for this one and they can also combine together like IDO and IEO together to make the best performance art. So that is all for today’s webinar really thank you for listening so if you have any questions just let me know. Thanks.