Crypto Marketing Strategy: Techniques for Crafting a Crypto Campaign Plan

Video Transcript:

Fritzy: Welcome to TokenMinds. My name is Fritzy, the senior content manager here at TokenMinds, creative engineering crypto, and nft agency, helping businesses all over the world with their nft and blockchain development, nft and crypto marketing, and NFT token sales strategy. Today we are joined by Anchor, our accounts manager as we talk about crypto marketing strategy. Hey Anchor.
Anchor: Hey Fritzy. Hi everyone.
Fritzy: All right so let’s dive right into our topic which is crypto marketing strategy. First, I know you have worked on more than 100 projects within the past six years, and each of these projects in each crypto marketing strategy that you use in your projects, I know that the first step is to identify and engage with your audience. Can you share with us how this is done?
Anchor: Oh yeah, for sure. For our creative projects, actually, the first thing we need to do is actually to set up the targeted audience to actually focus on. For example for some nft projects right normally when we do all kinds of marketing, before any ads promotion or influencer promotion we need actually to think of what kind of audience actually might be interested in the product app, for something like entertainment-related or crypto projects, normally we’ll focus on those influences for example that already have experience working with this kind of music or movie related blockchain projects, and then also for the ads management, normally we can set the targets and also the locations and all these genders, and the ages for this targeted visitors and audiences. In this case, we need to put a very comprehensive analysis of the project itself and make sure that we target the correct audience, and once we have the audience on board to buy all this kind of promotion, we actually also can do something like ask me anything like AMAs, and also some events in the Discord community to get them really involved in this, like discussions in the community, and the engagement of social media which is very important because in this case, if they see this project is something they want to share with their friends as well, it’s actually happening with viral marketing. In this case from the beginning, we can already expect some people and the person engagements in there for the project, and then we can actually get them to also share and refer this project to their family and friends, etc. So this is very important, it’s one of the very important first things we need to do before we start any projects.
Fritzy: Okay, all right, so you mentioned just a while ago that part of the strategy that we use in marketing crypto right is competitor analysis. Can you share more about this and how it is done?
Anchor: Yeah for this, it’s also super important for all the projects. Normally we suggest that we do like some basic or due diligence research, on other competitors that have a similar concept to your projects. So in this case we can also learn and check how they did and if is there anything working well and anything they actually spend a lot of budget but doesn’t really get really good performance, we can avoid that kind of thing. So understanding your competitors can actually accelerate your projects in a very significant way, and also for example in this market, the crypto market is really changing like quickly, so even some like the competitor, what they did really works before but when the new projects actually work with the same solution it doesn’t really work well, so, in this case, it’s really super important to very sufficiently analyze on all the things at least study like four or five competitors, what they did before and what they achieve and the influencers they work with, the ads platform they’re using is really a key actually to drop them the success, and also, in this case, we can avoid all those kind of risks they already met before. So it’s super important for this competitor analysis.
Fritzy: Okay, alright, and we are down to our last question. You have previously mentioned this earlier but could you share more about what are the other strategies that we have for marketing cryptos?
Anchor: Yeah for sure. For this actually, we also worked through it before in our other videos, you can actually check our YouTube channel, besides that we also can share more information on the details of how we can do it. So first and normally once the project starts we normally suggest an airdrop or a bounty program. In this case, we can get some initial bus in the market for the project itself. So for example we can actually run some campaigns like in or run on other platforms, and to consisting of different campaigns like people can join the the social media follow and the retweet and post some videos, and the blogs and promote first and from the project side they only need to allocate some like free tokens or for some nft projects that will be something like whitelist or free minting, in this case, we can get like already quite some people know about the projects, in this case, they can also have to share to their followers because sometimes many of this participants they also have a lot of followers in social media and social media actually is very important, so normally we need to already  get something posted on social media about the projects but more like a hungry promotion before to make sure people know this is something good, it’s a new project that really has potential and the day after we have some bursts, that we could consider to open the Discord, the Telegram, the community and we got already some people to join. This is super important, this is the platform actually from a team’s perspective, that can contact and keep in touch with their followers, integrates and manages, and writes on Twitter, answering questions there and checking the comments, and posting some really significant and nice and favorable contents there, and then after that with also something like we are in this crypto field web3 it’s super important like to collaborate with some influencers for this kind of influences we also need some kind of strategy.
So, for example, some influences that will actually work together like for one-time promotion and some other influencers actually really prefer that style like work with the project from beginning to the end of the tge or nft drop. In this case, we need to make a really good plan already before the project starts. We can get a pitch tag or we can get a collab deck, and the contact with those high-quality influencers, try to convince them to work with theirs by offering them some free tokens or some benefits, and then we can work together maybe from the from some of like one-time promotions guys, by posting some content on Twitter that can help to retreat because some people in the Discord and then across the progress of the whole project there will always be some influencers that actually stand and back this project and also they can join the community. We can set them a unique role that they can be there and they can also be there, and attract the people and build the trustworthiness of the whole project, this will also help a lot for the pr and also for trust building for the whole projects and also about something else like the podcast right, I think for really serious projects and the long term and projects they can consider doing a podcast channel, this can actually enlarge all this audience, right outreach and a lot of people actually in the web3 also actually are more involved in this kind of podcast on the project that’s actually preferred, and something else like partnerships with like Twitch streamers, you know these guys,  actually there are a lot of like gaming related streamers there, but I know that they also work with a lot of like nft projects and crypto projects. So in this case, we can also get some influencers there as well as YouTube, and Instagram, and then the final thing is actually to keep the good reputation, so in this case, I think the most important part is really besides those we work with those influencers, we also need the whole team, at least the core team to keep interacting with the community often and by docs in a team and also keep updating all the development stages and also if any like risk on the reputation, I will suggest the team deal with that as a top priority, in this web3 and as well as other conventional industry it’s super important that once we see any like a potential risk here, we need to really solve that and get back to the good reputation, and we can keep attracting more participants to join the project and the seeking for long time development and growth. Yeah, that’s it about what else we can do for those nft marketing and crypto marketing.
Fritzy: All right. Thank you so much Anchor for sharing your knowledge on crypto marketing strategy. Until the next one.