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Video Transcript:

Anchor: Some pre-sales or some public sales put on the website, as well as sophisticated content plan and all those like things like pre-hype as well to get some exposure already before we start in the mass message for marketing so in this case let’s go to the slides too Chris so we actually well actually this slides is actually for kickoff the market team so normally what we suggest to do is for some like airdrop this you can like actually not only for airdrop but also some other solutions like to get some faster growth of the community first because for all the projects especially from the beginning it is super hard and difficult to get people interested already in the last session I mentioned we can post some like contents already on Twitter we can get some like pre-hub before actually when before the start and this session when we do this kind of airdrop well so needs actually to execute all these plans right really well best on the market plans that is already finished. So for this airdrop it will normally consist of like some basic tasks right like those kind of giveaways if you guys write also quite experienced in this nft and crypto projects right for those covers like joint community tech friends retweets like kind of post some videos and contents under a Blog right down also the YouTube etc., so for this kind of task for sure it’s important and how to actually to make people join is   the most difficult part then what we do is normally we suggest really appealing plan for the reward what do we see that’s from those projects that really did well and performed well right for the token cell is that there will combine a rewarding plan like with the leaderboard that will also do some like   point system right so when they finish some tasks they will do some points similar like a bounty which is which was very popular like years ago but it’s really worked well like it was supposed to something some Bitcoin talk you keep do some like staking stakes or like a pony system actually overall those people join and motivate them to join   and also one thing that really need to be care take care is that you know for this kind of airdrop marketing super   important part of all these things because   sometimes when you actually work with those kind of job platforms like Bounty ox or like this kind of, this kind of website it’s we also just work with some airdrop   chats like telegram or Discord in this case you also need to check   the past   like portfolio which converter work with and also can check rights with those priority teams like okay if there is organic for this kind of eye drop normally   we see that it’s not really so organic it’s always have some bots join and also some people actually do some like a fake activities actually to get some free rewards it’s very common so in this case normally we suggest to do it that it just get the right all those security bots really set up ready in their Discord and no matter Discord and Telegram community these are incredible throughout the last decision like all those kinds like AFK like a wick bot so this really can fill out those   low quality of accounts and also about accounts   other than that how to promote this kind of a job right so how to do the mark the market decided up to more people like organic people is actually we also do some like influencer partnership like a mass retreats right with the really a very proper budget spending like 10 or 20 influencers to promote for their job in this case you can.
Chris: I think you’re lagging again can you repeat what you just said?
Anchor: How about now?
Chris: Yeah better.
Anchor: Okay so in this case what I mean that is that   for this kind of Market virtual marketing   it’s also quite important right we also find some influencer connections here for example those   Solana based project we can find some Solana focused   influencers and for those kind of Polygon we also find relevant influencers not no need actually for really like opinions or promotions can be some like retweets first as far as it is also quite cost effective we can do like 10 or 20 retweets for this kind of like airdrop promotion in this case we can get more and more organic followers it’s super important because if this organic rates of this eye drop is low then it doesn’t make sense it is it’s also hard to continue with the next steps so let’s go to the next slides the next actually thing is once we run the ad drop they’ll be like you know no matter for like for five thousand or ten thousand people join the community and in this case it’s also time actually to encourage the community to spread the server to the you know the friends or the Quentin’s right people   so this can be done by creating a refer program that can be done by a referral writer giveaway short a short like activity and also can be something yeah like okay with any like 0.6 pointy system that motivate people really to share with those   their other groups as well like okay you come up with them ideas you actually share something in the Twitter and we can revert the project team can reward something limit for merch and also for some free tokens of some for some frequency so from the project   side actually   also they need to find ways to motivate members internals from just traveling of the financial incentive incentives and then another part is super important that also for some social media rights advertising, so for example the banner ads creativity the creative spend ads promotion like in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook so here we can divide that to two parts so one is PPC and one spanner advertising PPC actually represents of pay per click it’s very common then the conventional strategy that you know project actually can try when they   working on the security marketing campaigns also can be applied well to crypto projects other than those conventional web 2 or the traditional projects   it’s insists it consists of ads videos contents promotion   and the graphic design is super important because it’s   it will be the first thing right so the people will see and get to really leave a good impression on those kind of like visitors is very important just to check right ask me and you know like bored apps like   this kind of projects right they if once you see their social media post when once you see their nft and also the designs it’s really   eye attractive right eye catchy so it is very important to have really expert designer to work on this ad creatives for promotion for the social media and also you know the project can also ignite their promotion campaigns with like a banner promotion like   for now actually over 5K a blockchain related websites participate already in the banner programs evaluated programs the choose ones that fit your budget as far as we see that you know like two or three years ago it’s very popular like a coin market cap or coin gecko that provides some banners but place you install the pixel right for like   Facebook or something like there and there was actually well run the ad for you is based on like   Impressions per 1K   right for every 1K impression that were just like several dollar or something and also recently there this is several years is more like nft right so we also saw that on raribles too they also offer banned promotion but now they’re already paused for like half a year and of the calendar is also a good place for the nft promotion type radar as well   so they’re mainly for all of these projects like D5 not all those kind of binance right blockchain projects so for this kind of ppc advertising I suggest the project team actually can try with different solutions first and then for example Twitter ads, normally what I suggested for sure they are very strict on those production related ads promotion in this case we need to avoid keywords like blockchain or crypto but for some words like a technology or something it’s still fine and therefore the target it needs to be targeted on those really crypto audiences for example you can Target all the audience like a similar like those followers for like   Elon Musk or Binance CZ, this can totally work and also the age right like normally young people are more into this field like people ages from 18 to like 30 this could be the good target and for the more details for sure I also need to like keep testing like do A/B test right for the content and then you can see okay   how many Impressions and how many CTR and the conversion rates once you run out of campaigns and then you can actually just focus on that can be really work well and keep the optimizing during the whole progress for the crypto ads promotion today after that is some actually tactics for the ads promotion here so first one no matter who actually is correct crafting the ads  needs to be really precise and go straight to the points for example you want to promote your community in this case it’s really hard to actually to get to the target link to your Discord community telegram community so now we can consider actually to develop a very simple landing page with the CTA button to your community in this case it will be also quite direct actually to get the traffic to a Discord in the meantime we can put some basic content about the project on the landing page to be good and if you actually want to just get some exposure like getting people more people know about your project it’s fine you can just directly point this ads to your current website it’s fine other otherwise then you can just target on the community growth and social media growth which you can put buttons like I just mentioned and then also to rework a profile and make it more appealing once users interact with the ads they’re likely to move to a profile this is also important I also mentioned the last session so no matter for social media or Discord you just actually get all the things ready like profile you need to make the really attractive with a good banner with a nice avatar, and for the community as well. For example in Discord, you have like the option to boost the server then you can actually get the banner you can get   the you know the background customized background for the invitation link you can get also animated logo and as well as the vanity link something like that is super important then you put on your social media with the vanity link, it will be also mean that the team rights already means that they’re serious about the projects right and then as campaign should contain on action you want to crowds to take also it would happen you have a catch a CTA phase so this also just mentioned so CTA is quite important because if we were just the right from the ads that directly to the website and then they just receive some normal right the information doesn’t make sense so CTA needs to be very upstanding on the website, and also for the mobile device, so it’s also quite   critical we get   the mobile version of the website to really   work well and also optimize that for mobile Gap is   it so then when people actually watch your video watch your ads on the mobiles also can display very well so about the dimensions of all the ads creative it’s you need first the test and check it on a mobile device and also the desktop meantime and then it’s the target is setting so like the ages the geography and the accounts that follow and there are normal interest,  so in this case we can actually Target on those people interesting web3, and then after a while it’s also quite important to refresh this kind of ads and also optimize these kind of ads because it will not run always good if you see actually like three or four days that the impression and the conversion rate is lower then it’s time actually to optimize that like set different targets and also different ages right and also different interests keywords for those kind of ads promotion foreign information on the PR marketing, so for PR, I think a lot of people knows right for the PRS it’s very important part components actually for all those kind of   projects so here there are actually four different categories of PR. So firstly the PR platforms see once you see something like a PC news wire or issue wire or discount platforms right normally they offer a lot of like packages like starting from a 20 or 30 dollar to like thousand dollar it depends on your our budgets so normally they can reach up to like Yahoo like and reach out to Market   watch and also some ribbon can do like Bloomberg or pops it depends on how much that cost so in this case the part for this kind of the PR platform distribution is that you can actually get to your content distributed on like hundreds of thousands of media the cons actually for this kind of distribution that the quality is not really guaranteed because on most of those Publications not really indexed in Google and other search engines if you search your project name after publication it’s only like several indexes you can really find right it doesn’t really make sense so it can also be very careful which they can offer if that promise any indexed amounts of those PR publication that is mostly most important you need to take care and also second sponsored PR so this actually pay directly to those PR or crypto meteor they will actually have a sponsored attack or a disclaimer by end of the post that is sponsored or something this really doesn’t make sense because you know it’s hard really to tell your community members okay we get posted on this kind of website so we still suggest if there’s still any other solution let’s avoid this kind of sponsored PR, and for premium PR, it’s mainly for those high level   quality of the PR websites like Bloomberg and CNBC know they also quite right a lot of like any of the audience there and even some like accredited investors  other retail investors and also Forbes, CNBC this kind of websites, and also for the crypto media it’s consists of like on Telegraph decrypt or Coindesk but the bad part though actually for this kind of web website is that if you applied any guest article to this meteor is really   hardly can be approved then for their costs normally also like   at least like one to two thousand to like over ten or Twenty Thousand so it’s not really a very ideal solution for the startup price but normally we were suggested they do like once the token sale or an official is ended then we suggest like do at least two or three posts here and so would be very useful actually but for the cost efficiency perspective it’s not really so ideal and then the final ones that gets the post rights   so for now we really suggest this one so for example those kind of like tier 1.5 PR or crypto media like a coin speaker calling other crypto, Coingape this kind of meteor normally   if you pay them it’ll be like several hundred and then you can already get some exposure there and they build the trustworthy once people actually try to search a  project in search engine they can find a project mentioned so it’s really very useful to build some branding awareness already for your projects. And next one is for the strategy for this PR, so first by writing and issuing press releases you page to the public at your system let’s represent more detail about that continuous plywood project is events the bridge so in this case right okay that’s right you also keep posting on some like cheap options PR platforms so always super important to connect the community and operated team and then SEO optimized content super important with more pickups to be expected suggested the keywords analyzed before working on the PR condensed. As far as SEO actually I think there’s also something that a lot of people are not really taking care of once they do this PR so I think in this case you need to set up the main keywords and also like two or three sub keywords   in this case in the rpr contents, then it can have more like   you know exposure project
Chris: Hello your line is dropping again. Oh yeah better can you repeat again what you just mentioned?
Anchor: Yeah, the second part on the right yeah for SEO okay, so for this SEO optimized accounts, it’s very important with small pickups we expected suggested to the keywords analyzed before working on the PR content so for this part I think as I said right SEO is not really so taken care of by most of projects but it’s also quite important as far as you can set up like some main keywords and sub keywords for your PR content and you just write   can expect more like Impressions organic Impressions always since as far as the content is still there right on the website and posting so you can keep track in some organic traffic over to your website and Discord community and also social media and then it’s also keep an eye out for the traffic conversions optimize the strategy for anything not done efficiently during the progress so that is also similar like crypto ads so once we run this PR we can try to consider something like UTM codes right for those kind of hub link in the PR in that case we can see how many clicks for each page that we can expect and then if we see anything not really correct we can also do some optimization like for the next round of PR, PR distribution. In this way, it can make that strategy whole PR strategy really flexible during the progress. Next one is email marketing, some background here so like four years ago the brands have actually earned an average of 32 US dollar in sales or revenue for every one dollar spent on email marketing, so I think this is already enough to make you know everyone’s stop and consider email marketing as part of your crypto marketing strategy, and for a more personalized campaign email Market is one of the best strategy to use marketers using this tactic directed the messages to in videos existing as ordinary clients or potential customers and this thread it also helps you to tell your audience about the latest updates to be better connecting project team members so far in this case for email marketing needs to actually   be cautious about some legal issue right because   especially Europe they have a GDPR right regulation, so without the consent of those people you cannot really send an email just to buy the email list and send emails to them so you need actually spend some time on this like getting some email addresses right if there you collect from your community and then you keep sending some newsletter like weekly newsletter is also mainly actually for you know connection all this community and server together right it’s about the bridge the two parties together in the meantime you know once the people really see the updates and also see the potential of the project they also will to share to their friends that is actually the incense and sense of the email marketing here and then it’s actually for direct messaging, it doesn’t be a powerful method of spreading the word about your crypto launch and this technique may bear little fruit when your email marketing strategy fails, however direct messaging can be a counterproductive your lack of skills to do it well and these are some tips actually to have to do this actually best the right experience with that kind of   direct message and so first about your brand right you need actually to introduce yourself to your audience and make sure that they really know you well, and then also explain what you do right like those kind of projects like those features while you are different and this could be very useful and ever so be emphasized during the whole process of marketing, and also very important to avoid sending the same message to everyone else. Many people will discover when you are copying and placing a message so instruction is a unique message that shows particularly video as far as we see Innovative in whitelist or whitepaper pitch that or social media accounts and graphic design it’s like a project the copy from another successful project and finally, it’s resulted right like a dozen project actually have a similar idea but sure if you copy ideas from other people it’s always not gone working always only the first automatic to win this game so it’s important.
Chris: Hello we’re dropping again the line. Sorry guys sorry we’re experiencing technical problems. Hello Anchor, hello.
Anchor: Hi.
Chris: Hey can you try speaking again still choppy and the line is still choppy it was okay earlier hello.
Anchor: Yes.
Chris: Still choppy refresh. Yep maybe you’re refreshing yourself, so let’s just wait for Anchor. There you go.
Anchor: Okay, all right, so well where are we? So from where what? So we’re starting with the influencers’ right? So this one is the direct messaging. Okay so don’t tell me actually it’s all it’s all not really explained well so just the latter part that you were explaining actually okay so we mean the third part right of voice sending us a message yep okay all right thank you and the third part is another thing is actually   to avoid sending the same message to everyone else   and many people will discover when you are copied you have to be copied and post messages so you it’s pretty cool to design unique messages seriously particular in video so for the explanation on this no matter for what kind of like white paper or pitch tag or the social media plan or content graphic to the website design it’s very important actually to keep some really creative detail to avoid actually copying actually other project concepts though they already succeed but you know it’s really   not proper because finally only the first one or two ways and the other rest actually not right cannot happen that normally water seats like this no matter you want to take the rights right like okay it’s a good concept we can follow or not but finally if you want to do some long-term   growth of development for the projects it’s really super important with some new concept and you know some techniques or some strategies some content website design to really make it   different from other projects and then let’s go to the next slides so here partnership with influencers further important influencer promotion we already been talking we are together like either first webinar so they’re nft Discord groups in that case we also work talk something about influencers but in this case will be like some more explanation and analyze on these parts so the majority of the market players are allocating more to   their influence marketing budget given the healthy ROI rights and expected from that and for crypto brands, the most popular avenues for promotion re like YouTube or Twitter, Instagram,  for example the nft birds mainly like Twitter influencer Discord influencer and creator is like YouTube and Telegram influencers and then we obviously recommend to do your own research for the correct influencers by checking their engagements followers and the past approach that they worked with   like the all those kind of portfolios and it spread also with like a dashboard tracking rights of their impressions of the parts of the parts to write posts and then the last one actually to expand your community immediately by Rich millions of new followers start by funny influencers that are perfect fit for a product so   in this case   for the influencers checking, what we need to check is actually   one actually   have this account right as far as we see that’s a lot of influences actually they just open accounts it’s not really influences it’s more like it’s just some good accounts get some fake followers and then a promoter service and then after a while their account get banned, it’s not really good and a lot of person actually wasted quite a lot of money on budget on those kind of things we would rather suggest all those money actually be spent on their amongst the key points right of the project and then   how to choose to create a right influencers so first audience analyze analysis is the first step to take before determining   the kind of influencer to choose so for example if you are defi, if you’re nft, if you are gamefi, you need to choose the kind of influences actually that fits your projects so you can actually get a better range of those structured audiences by this way and then choose the right media for your campaign so to make the right choice is essential to determine your campaign objectives and after that it’s also very essential to allow them to work with you and check their suggestions for their promotion tactics for different information they have different solutions right for the promotion some actually prefers like just like just one retweet or you know the about to campaign some prefers like a longer calibration   like a step by step so normally we can actually take off this and take some solutions from that side based on their followers right all those quality and also how they used to do this last one is actually this can be really done in tasks so it’s very essential to higher to mark the agency or great experts and help you so adjusting over to spend a lot like money on the useless you know marketing, and after that it’s actually something like online events and AMA marketing. So for example collab with different me groups like in Discord the Twitter space telegram   and the most of the products to a more audience and convince them to follow so bring the best quality audience to share the product ideas online this actually we kind of reach to a lot like more followers buy actually   from the product team side they actually is planning further about the project to let more people   know the value of these projects so like   some committed like before fire sale price like SEO jobs and also something like the carter but why not we can man too much and actually it’s mainly that the team actually will based on their own projects right the details and keep researching for really some good   Discord or Telegram and channels to work with in this case they can actually   do a worldwide audience coverage and beginning to end administration and high quality assurance right with some legit and AMA groups while actually showing some free tokens and some nft whitelist, and the last one will be   how to measure the efforts once we do all this marketing we need to have a way to track how it works right then we can make a lot of optimization on this kind of strategy so for social media normally we have a dashboard like for Twitter Instagram or Google ads right no matter where we have a dashboard we can check the Impressions we can check also how many people click the link etc., and for websites it’s mainly GA, so Google analytics you can find all those traffic you can find where the traffic came from etc., and then for PR by installing some UTM code to check for the impression and clicks and for Discord they also have a dashboard to check okay how the geography rights analyzed for the people joined like for example if a lot of people join from a certain country   for sure that that is not ideal because no money for the good product the end for worldwide audiences. And also the message, of the engagements also can be tracked in Discord. So yeah that is all for today, so I hope that actually explains some of your questions and if you have any questions let me know thank you.
Chris: Yeah, thank you, Anchor, for that lesson for today so any questions guys so far with regards to crypto marketing and TokenMinds Academy are the same actually. Yeah, so TokenMinds Academy is our free webinar lessons and we are a web3 agency to start with, so we just we’re just sharing first-hand information and knowledge about our experience and our expertise as web3 marketers, all right?
Anchor: Silvermouth is talking
Chris: What’s that?
Anchor: Okay
Silvermouth: I have a question
Chirs: Okay go ahead.
Silvermouth: Okay is getting a paid influencer worth it in crypto marketing?
Anchor: You mean if that’s worth it for crypto marketing with an influencer?
Silvermouth: Yeah.
Anchor: About if they are worth it or not, you know because we have been like also right witnessed a lot of projects for crypto like no matter token project or nft projects right, it’s super important but you know for all the kinds of marketing right the most important that you choose the correct partner in this case because I’m not sure if you also saw some situation like   if any projects that I work with any projects right or any influencers and they actually didn’t really work well like okay, it’s not really reached to the targeted member of gross it’s not really organic enough so in this case I’ll also mentioned not just now right what the you know the less session so it’s super important actually to do some really   sophisticated research for example those comments right those followers quality I think you must need to spend like quite some time like to working through those right retweets or comments to see all these people right if they are to their Twitter profile quality is good enough to see if they are getting enough I know as far as you find actually good influencers is really quite important and on the second part is the budget, so I think for most of startup products it’s not really a lot of budget right for this influencer promotion and once they actually choose the wrong one it will be already a great loss from the beginning and then maybe they need to really pass one practice because of this, so in this case I suggest also just to do some like two or three rights maybe retweet one retweet, one influence promotion to see actually the strategy of the vetting the influencer is correct if that is on the right track okay we can continue with more right as far as we can spend like several hundred we can get some enough people organic people to join the community right so that is actually how I see for this kind of influencers it’s worth that for sure, but we need to actually find the right strategy for this. Did this answer the question?  
Silvermouth: So you mean getting an influencer is risky on the crypto marketing
Anchor: Not risky but I mean that as far right as you can spend some time like know those kinds of criteria right how to judge if this influencer is really worth to try they’ll be not risky at all but for most our projects actually that doesn’t really have this kind of like informational ability right to judge this so normally that’s why we suggest always maybe find a crypto expert on this right in this case.
Silvermouth: Yeah, yeah, thank you, thank you.
Anchor: You are welcome. Any other questions?
Lorenzo: Yes. Hi, I’ll open my camera. Hi everyone, my name is Lorenzo. I’m part of the web3 community and I have my own startup nft publishing house. I’m sorry I didn’t get here on time. Babakusi sent the link one time but I got into two meetings. Nice to meet everyone.
Anchor: Nice to meet you.
Lorenzo: My question is because you know I want to be launching   our nft   collection on probably end of summer Philippines summer of next year 2023 although I have to admit I may have a few ideas about marketing and social media management but I have to admit there are some points that   are only exclusive to the to the crypto industry the marketing for the crypto industry is a bit   or maybe slightly different from the traditional marketing can you give me an advice on how we should do our nft marketing like we’re not really much familiar or we’re not really that much   still Adept on how we should   get our   our nft products out there for our nft collection   I mean like I know it’s not impossible because I saw artworks from random kids from part of the globe the kid’s not even known he made   he made a huge amount of money on the crypto   crypto space with his nft just   I think you need to know about my startup is that the reason why we’re selling the entity collections is that it’ll be sort of like a crowdfunding which is commonly what’s being done today in in the crypto space. Like how do we like what would you suggest that we do in order for us to gain a lot of followers on the server, in our Telegram, and whatnot, how do we do the marketing it so it’ll be widespread to a lot of people who would probably patronize the releases of our comic book a comic book nfts.
Anchor: Okay sure. By the way, so just to double check right, so can I call you Lorenzo all right that’s correct?
Lorenzo: Yeah, yes bro.
Anchor: Okay nice to e-meet you Lorenzo also check right you actually also have your project right I see that there are the AVP digital comics and nft or something.
Lorenzo: Yes.
Anchor: Yes you also playing as a big fat specialist or nft specialist, so I guess actually are being also in this right industry for already like years right long.
Lorenzo: Very yeah. I’ve been on crypto since the launch of XRP and Telegram.
Anchor: 2017.
Lorenzo: Yeah bro I mean like it’s so longer than 2017. Yeah so I’ve done crypto mining in literally like the old way, as we bought like laptops, we bought laptops, old laptops and then we used the video cards for mining because at that time nobody teaches crypto mining, that it was just us and the internet and then like it was a little wild west and it was I think brick and mortar is not even enough to explain back that time it was on a skeletal face. So you know but I kind of stopped on the crypto way back then I did earn from xrp, but I kind of stopped because of my mom she got diagnosed with kidney failure, so I kind of got you to know I went out the space because I didn’t feel well for quite some time and I recently got back, so I just wanted to know like what would you think or would you suggest for my startup to have a more successful campaign in selling our nfts?
Anchor: Yeah for sure   yeah I think for the nft marketing right so we actually did some work through something like the first lesson maybe on you were not there before but anyway I think there are some like similarities right between this kind of crypto and marketing and empty marketing I still have some difference that’s here because I know that’s you know for now the market is quite bearish so and actually for sure all the people cannot really afford the failure right so if they already spend like several months for this concept from nft and also right   like assemble the team and everything so in this case I think if we want to make really successful nft drop, first for sure you know as per we see right like last  year or two years ago right so those kind of 2D nft those kind of design right it’s not really so nice, for now it’s more like 3D or if I’m a lot more like a combined with the gamefi or metaverse so this is super important I think at least to get a nice design and really a nice story right behind that and all those kind of crypto plan these are similar like crypto marketing right so everything needs to be really prepared and for the really marketing I think I’m not sure because I also know some prices actually they did some like   DM right like a mass dm solution right,   I’m not sure it’s still like working well in Discord but it is any solution like you can buy some tokens and use some software to do some DM there until this get some initial people on board and secondly I see that you know influences promotion is important but finally you get some solution here you can also get some free   right in order to actually spend a lot of budget money on those kind of   influencer once you have actually some connection with one or two blue-chip projects and also maybe you can find the club manager, in this case that guy needs to know a lot, he needs to be in this industry like at least 1 or 2 years, he knows really dozens of those kind of projects that he has all these conflictions and you can try to find one right really you can trust and he can takes care of all the connections like you can allocate some whitelist like in total you have for example 2000 write a list you can locate like 1000 to the collab manager another 1000 will be for your own internal right server members, and then this guy actually will keep in touch with you like okay let’s check this project if we can work with them together let’s check with these influences if we can actually give him like 10 or 20 whitelists list right for the distribution and also to actually, this is super important this needs to be ongoing across the whole process and then it’s also important you know like I said it’s really have some like unique ideas about the projects you know so many projects why people need to join your projects right. I know one other thing I see that is also quite important to some localized marketing like China, Japan right, and South Korea. So a solution to how to reach this class is important I think it can be started from like connecting with several influencers in this like, in local areas like China or these East Asian countries then that actually to happen abroad and also maybe consider someone actually to join different AMAs in the local right in this kind of countries that can really help but for sure I think this means that you need also spend some money right on this collab manager and also those are relatives rights in different countries but they’re really worth that to do and for sure until the also one another important things like for the smart contract and everything’s good right because I also saw some projects today they did well, and then they just fell because they have had some issues for the smart contract when the menace happen. Yeah, so but for more details for sure, I’m glad to talk with you for like a number of emails or something right maybe I can send you my email so we can keep in touch there it’s not really enough time to talk here yeah definitely yeah.
Lorenzo: Because I have like several questions about I wasn’t able to attend although Babakusi was able to post it on the group channel I got like at that time I was, I think I had a guesting on Twitter space yeah I had a guest thing on Twitter space regarding about nft and vision chain so I wasn’t able to attend I felt bad because I really need advice on how to do the marketing of the comic book nft company I have and this nft company I’m working on that we combine fashion and nfts so it’s a big thing it’s a thing for me that I’m trying to figure out that’s why I was I needed to go here.
Anchor: Yeah good here, so I think I’ll send you an extra dm you later with my email address so we can keep in touch there for the discussion
Lorenzo: Yeah sounds good
Anchor: yeah okay yeah nice to meet you
Lorenzo: Nice to meet you too bro
Anchor: Okay thank you.
Chris: Thank you for that Lorenzo.
Lorenzo: Okay thank you so much.
Chris: Thank you, thank you. So any other questions guys for Anchor? Yes, Anchor, go ahead.
Anchor: Yeah I just also want to ask if you guys have any other questions then let’s wait yeah.
Chris: Any other questions before we end our session guys? So it’s really an insightful discussion today coming in from our audience. Thank you very much. So guys to those who are new here just in case you missed our previous lesson. So we have different courses here, so some webinars that we have already done in the past are already posted in our forum channels so we have here crypto marketing, nft marketing, blockchain development, and nft development forum channels. So there is one topic per the discussion that we did before so if you missed it, the previous webinar recordings are all on these channels for your reference. All right so these are all free guys so any other questions guys before we finish this session? Okay so if none yeah or if you are just shy to talk in here you can just DM me or DM, add first before DM, or tag on the general chat okay so, or if you have questions for Anchor you can send him a request as well and message him or tag him in the general chat as well okay so we’d like to thank everyone who came here today and just to let you know we have we will have another nft development webinar on Thursday so we will be announcing the details soon so just look forward to that post and yeah hopefully you will see you again the next lesson.