Crypto & NFT Community Growth Strategies – Crypto Business Show Episode 14

Video Transcript:

Rob: Hi everybody welcome to the crypto business podcast brought to you by TokenMinds. I’m your host Rob Eijgenraam, director of TokenMinds, a full-service crypto, and nft agency. In this podcast, we’re discussing any blockchain topic that is relevant for businesses and founders. Today we’re gonna talk about crypto and nft community growth strategies. I have in the podcast with me Anchor, who’s a veteran crypto and nft marketer for the international, as well as Asian markets, and we’re gonna talk about airdrop campaigns, influencer giveaways, influencer outreach, and content promotion. So Anchor welcome. Thanks for being here, Do you want to kick off with the airdrop part?

Anchor: Oh, yes sir. Thank you, Rob. So yeah like what we also discussed in the last podcast actually for the community it’s always very important, the key part for the project’s growth is to actually do anything like an nft or token sale and fundraising. So especially from the early phase when the project actually just started and there’s not any traction and no exposure, for sure we need some solution. So here’s the best solution actually for the airdrop, so normally for an airdrop that’s actually set up in the with all those kind of you know relevant tasks to be involved, like join discord or telegram, like follow the social media have to promote tech the friends in the comments. Something actually to get people to join the telegram, follow the social media, incentivize them with something like the tokens so this will actually be a very good solution for the startup projects, and then after they join the community and also social media, then follow us with some content there to educate them to convert them to support the projects, but that will be in a later stage. So first there’ll be everything set up and in there’ll be also a dashboard to track all their entries, have a report to see how many people join to collect all the wallet addresses to distribute you know the awards after the project’s listing on an empty cell. So that’s it about the airdrop part.

Rob: All right and next is the influencer giveaways. What strategies can founders apply there?

Anchor: Yeah actually about the influencer strategy normally I think some projects will use the strategy as it includes actually two parts. So the first part is organic posting which actually is more like on very tier one influencer collaboration, like GaryVee, Kevin Auto, or some other influencer channel, but this actually was covered in the last podcast about how to outreach them and then establish some relationship. This podcast is mainly where will discuss something like micro-influencers promotion, so what do you say like some giveaways, raffle style, in this case, we also noticed that there are most of actually those kinds of micro-influencers, actually are newly created accounts that might lead to some maybe not so organic, the followers are not so organic or they increase very fast there. So we normally will recommend some accounts that are established for a long time, and from promoting really high quality, best round experience. So in this case actually we can make sure the members are actually in these Twitter accounts, those influencers actually are very organic, and real people that join the community, they’ll be active, and have a lot of engagement. We can actually take use of others members showing from those promotions to be involved in other events in the community, more content details about this in particular can be found in the last podcast. So yeah that is about this part.

Rob: Okay and what about the influencer outreach strategy?

Anchor: Yeah for influencer outreach, actually it’s mainly like we actually use a small budget, like for some influencers they are not always paid by fiat, they normally can accept like project tokens or nfts, or something like that, and then they if they think that the project they really like they will accept to actually promote, so in this case normally what we suggest is actually to outreach to as many influencers that really fits the project, the concept, and then we can consider to build a relationship with these guys and then like pay them using the project tokens, nts or at least we can build a long relationship like they can keep promoting for the projects which will be ongoing and continuous that will be very helpful to build up some initial awareness from their followers and across the whole nft minting or the token sale, and contribute.

Rob: Okay, got it, and then finally about the content promotion?

Anchor: Yeah about the content promotion, there will also be something we need to actually do daily because normally what we suggest that we post something, some bitcoin talk, bitcoin guardian forums, for chain, and then also in many like subreddit about you know numbered crypto or nft, but this needs to be done regularly, like every day we post like dozens of 100 posts on different platforms, and we keep that like one or two months. It can greatly build traffic, which is very helpful to build awareness in all these platforms because the followers and audience on these platforms are all Crypto audiences. So this will be very helpful no matter, from the early stage or till the end, or even for the post-nft, or post-to-token sale marketing. It will be very useful.

Rob: Okay, that’s good. Thank you so much Anchor, appreciate it. As always there’s a lot more to deep dive into but for now, this is it. Thanks, everybody for listening, see you next time. Bye.

Anchor: Thank you, bye.