CyberKongz & Ghost Kid | General Strategies for Crypto & NFT in 2023

Video Transcript:

Chris: Welcome to this Twitter space show. I am with our fabulous community manager Neal as your host for today. Hello Neal
Neal: So hello guys I’m Neal and thank you for being here in our Twitter space for today so we hope you’re gonna have a good day and be able to take away so many things about the topic for today so if you would find please click the purple button on the lower right side of the Twitter space and then like repeat and share or even comment on our Twitter space so that we will invite more participants thank you.
Chris: All right all right so there’s been an issue right now on going on Twitter space so some of our speakers are having problems joining our space so it came for after Elon Musk has this Twitter space yesterday and then now seems like there’s a problem or a bug in the Twitter space but yeah we can start oh wait there’s a request enough so I think we can start as some of our speakers are already here guys all right so today we will be having a very timely year-end discussion about crypto and nft in 2023 so we will be discussing about what’s new and what are the new trends on crypto and nft in 2023 then as well as the plans of different top-notch nft project founders who will be speaking with us today so yeah sit back guys and join us for an informative day of great discussion and we would greatly appreciate it if you will hit that like and retweet buttons at the bottom of your screen to share this interesting discussion that we will have to your web3 friends, all right so we would like to welcome our guest speakers for today all right so we have here Tasks from GhostKid dao
Task: Hey guys how’s it going today good morning for me at least yeah
Chris: Gm, gm bro, and Henry the Grape from CyberKongz
Henry: Yeah GM as well its morning by me thanks for having me, apologies I’ve got a sinus infection going on but happy to be here thank you.
Chris: All right all right so we have some other guests that says they cannot come into the space at the moment but they are trying to find the solution so I suggested an emulator just in case so they will come in later but yeah we can start already with our discussion all right so we have here Henry and tusks as of the moment all right so we’re here to discuss about crypto and nft in 2023 so yeah guys with that my question is we have observed a lot of changes actually between you know the approach in 2021 and in 2022 primarily in terms of the way nft projects are being marketed and being accepted by web3 people or buyers or investors right then there are different trends and strategies in 2021 that we have observed that is no longer working in 2022 so with these things in mind what do you think would be the things that will be you know number one no longer applicable for 2023 and then some new trends that you observe in the space that you know we think that it will be happening more and we’ll be seeing more this coming 2023.
Henry: Yeah I guess I’ll jump in why not so I think some of what we’re gonna start to well we’re already seeing it you know the free mint meta is is mostly over although there are some that still exist  by the way can you hear me okay or do I have like crazy feedback.
Chris: Yeah it’s all good bro okay cool. So I think you know we’re seeing changes in how projects want to distribute their nfts to new if you want to say customers to their new community you know we’ve gone through the whitelist meta which still exists we’ve gone through an application meta which you still see a little bit of but I’ll be honest with you I think people can find that to be a little bit frustrating way back you know shortly after gas wars it was it was grinding for whitelists then it was you know a lot of communities raffling them  and I think what we’re seeing is that there’s probably always going to remain some faction of nfts that will cater nothing to the degens to people who I mean look Trump I’m not saying that Trump’s mint is a degen mint I don’t know what it is I just know it’s number one right now I think on open yeah it’s all now in 12 hours yeah I bought a couple  I bought a couple because I’m like yeah what the hell it’s  historic to me I’m like it’s  you know the first nft by a former president  and look what it’s doing so all of that to say I think there’s always people who are going to want to play in the  if you want to call it the super speculative side of this Arena so I think to that degree there’s always just going to be weird little nfts that do  well but I think what we’re going to see more and more of and as a  as a project that’s been around for a bit we’re seeing this a lot more on the CyberKongz’s end is more of the web2 brands that really want to understand how to come in to the space in a in a way that we will accept them but in a way that’s going to provide utility I think they’re starting to catch on  so I’m really excited to see in 23 how that continues to kind of manifest and how it continues to evolve that that’s my take curious to hear how task  sees it.
Task: Yeah, I want to see here obviously a lot of things have shifted and changed on a variety of platforms I mean looking at different blockchains right like Ethereum and Solana I’m just gonna give like a general consensus for them obviously there’s plenty of other chains out there that operate with nfts but in terms of like what I see on a regular basis you know I don’t see Avax I don’t see polygon I don’t see  you know near I don’t I don’t see too much Aptos  although it did drop obviously this year but in terms of like General strategy and like the outlook of nfts and things that have changed  as of right now right as of right now for like Solana and Ethereum I agree with the fact that the free mint meta  has pretty much phased out there’s obviously always going to be  free mints that do end up doing well because it’s really dependent on the I would call it like guerrilla marketing that a project does in terms of the way that projects are launched so I don’t know if free mints or free mints are ever going to end up like fully going away  but it’s definitely shifted more towards people seeing free mints as something that will lose them money because it’s untrustworthy  and they’ve definitely started looking more towards  these projects that that are actually minting and they have some sort of backing  that gives them credibility  I think after the FTX collapse everybody knows that people are looking for things that are a little more secure even when they’re playing around in nfts in that sense so that’s definitely going to stay shifted I don’t think that’s going to change for a little while  obviously with 2023 it’s hard to predict but  you know as the FTX collapse probably excelled a lot of things it probably excelled how fast regulation is going to come too I’m not going to say that regulation or anything like that is going to come in 2023 but you know the outlook used to be three to five years and that’s probably been accelerated because people are really wary of where they’re putting their money in general right now not just in nfts but in crypto, so it probably is going to come a lot faster than people think and people are going to have to adopt their dot their peas in their eyes and make sure that everything is squared away especially if in the you know if you’re in the United States operating a project or an entity that will be categorized as something of a security  when regulation comes in so there are going to be a lot of changes  across the board to the landscape of how people are going to be able to operate in nfts  the changes are going to be gradual I don’t think it’s going to be the swift thing there’s too many projects out there that launch  where it’s going to be swift I think even though regulation is coming  faster than before because of everything with FTX it’s still going to be very hard to lock down everybody all at once because of the nature of nfts and how they launch and who’s operating them and who is participating in it and you know although it is all on blockchain we’re able to see it it’s still I mean thousands of nfts launch on these blockchains daily and even in this bear market that’s still happening and in a bull market it’s going to be 10x that so it’s still going to be difficult to make sure that regulation is  as regulated as they probably want it to be I don’t know how else to put it  but it will happen and it will happen faster so things will change and things will change faster than before and that’s kind of my take on what it’s going to look like in 2023 I think more projects are going to look towards individuals that know these rules and know what’s going to happen and they’re going to start finding  what I would say job opportunities on these projects that actually are serious about sticking around so that they can make sure that they’re ready for when this type of Regulation does come into the space.
Chris: Yeah great insights from you guys so thank you for that for me as well I agree with Henry so I’ve observed a lot of you know web2 Brands coming in to web3 so I’ve seen also Instagram has been you know onboarding already some audiences from web2 to web3 particularly some major brands and also some influencers so I’m thinking as for my end as per my observation so I’m thinking in 2023 we’ll see more of this as well you know with Instagram they there are a lot of  the strongest communities out  there and major following with different brands and influencers so I’m really excited as well with the onboarding of this web2 people coming in more adoption to web3 through this different thing so maybe in 2023 we’ll also see every content creator every brand every influencer could be more into nfts right so yes like right now the previous president Donald Trump just releases on nft I’m not really you know I’m not really expecting that from him you know we  yeah it’s a price list. Neal you were raising your hand.
Neal: I have a question because you know we’ve talked about what the I mean the bad things that may have probably happened in 2021 and 2022 bear seasons and we all know that I mean some of us would agree that 2021 and 2022 bear market seasons were greed or if not the greatest opportunities to build your projects we’ve seen a lot of projects founded and then developed and then launched during those times and  maybe 90 to 95 percent were not successful but then my question would be what are the right things that we did and that we witnessed in 2021 and 2022 bear seasons that we could replicate or even duplicate in the years to come for the betterment of the nft industry so I want to hear your opinions because you know you’ve had projects that have survived the bear season and even became successful so I want to know what kind of strategies are you  willing to bring in the future that you’ve learned in the past  bear market seasons?
Task: Henry do you want to go first or do you want me to keep going?
Henry: I just wanna say why don’t you go, and I will just follow up on you this time.
Task: All right sounds good thanks okay things that we’ve done well it’s gonna sound really cheesy but you know we were a project that that specifically so GhostKidz minted for three dollars and fifty cents it was like point zero zero nine at the time in in May when we minted and the thing that we did well enough to where I would say over time we didn’t have to exactly worry about making sure that we made it out to the other side when all this this stuff was you know overarching issues were happening was the fact that and again it’s going to sound cheesy but it’s literally our community  the way that our community was cultured  the way that our community was kind of built on being like a positive influence in the space and actually trying to build real tools and real connections and making sure that the community was taken care of and being transparent with them about the things that were you know that were going on and obviously with an nft project when you’re launching things you want a little bit of mysterious  you know a little bit of mystery a little bit of hype associated with it but when when that’s done when that’s over being transparent is really important and being able to provide actual tools  to your community alongside  what I consider fun and I think fun is very undervalued in nft projects and if you can’t sustain people having fun  on your project it’s hard to it can be very hard to keep them around  so those are some of the main things that you would think are very easy to see but they are hard to  emulate continuously when you are running a project because there are a lot of factors that you know there’s issues that pop up  there’s things that change there’s team members that change there’s community members to change but we were able to culture a community that  had those you know boxes checked from the beginning  which has really helped us sustain up until this point  even through you know the major the major ups and downs  through this last year so that that’s probably what I would say is one of the reasons why we’re able to still operate in the same capacity that we are is simply because we have a community that trusts in in our word and they keep coming back because we have a lot of fun in the things that we do related to the project.
Henry: Yeah to piggyback a bit on what you’re saying and you know you’re talking about the tools that you guys have built let’s be real like excuse me  apologies my voice is just not in the greatest shape right this minute but the reality is that  I’ll use CyberKongs as an example so we we’ve been in existence for 19 months or so March of 2021 is when we launched and the reality is that the majority of people do not care about Innovation the majority of people do not care about tools the majority by the way I think a lot of CyberKongz do but there’s a reason that Tech isn’t sexy right now  if tech was sexy CyberKongz would be number one on mainnet and I say that because  I would assess most of you listening do not know that we have created and this isn’t a show this is just to kind of prove my point  most people here are probably not familiar with the ERC 721x contract on mainnet which shorthand is called The Guardian contract that allows you to have an nft  word gaming ecosystem are voxelized  nft is the most interoperable asset on mainnet  it’s used in games metaverses etc., you can have that in a hot wallet that is locked with a another wallet whether that other wallet is a hardware wallet or not doesn’t matter but let’s just say you can have an nft in a wallet in a hot wallet because when you’re doing blockchain gaming you don’t want to have to approve every, I mean literally every single transaction our game is called play and collect if you were to play and collect with a hardware wallet it’s obnoxious because literally every single transaction is like four pushes of a button on your treasure and so this allows you to have that nft in a hot wallet but if that hot wallet is ever compromised it can’t ever be extracted, a secondary wallet is used to lock that asset and only the secondary wallet can unlock that asset so in fact it’s two-factor authentication on chain imagine if Bored Ape Yacht Club  had the ERC 721x people wouldn’t be losing Apes or any high value nft for that matter because even we like for instance we gave out  the seed phrase to a wallet that has five VX Kongz in it, we did it not quite a year ago but 10 months ago and you can have that seed phrase you can play with those VX Kongz you can play our game with those Kongz but you can’t ever send them out of that wallet because they’re locked my point is that it isn’t sexy even though it’s revolutionary it isn’t sexy because what most people yeah people care about when price go up so I think what we’re going to find is eventually a change I think eventually people are going to care about those types of things and they are going to care about the tools that Task mentioned  but I think another part of it which I don’t really love to think about but I do recognize it’s probably part of our roadmap if we want mass adoption is we’re going to have to have more custodial wallets  because I think the reality is that most people are just not going to be familiar with how to be able to operate within crypto in a safe way and so I think that is going to play a role in this and I think that’s something that  we’re going to see more and more of this time goes on but I’ll listen to what your remarks are on that.
Chris: Yeah with especially right now right for example in crypto so me and Neal for example we are both traders also apart from nft we are also trading crypto and then some of the exchanges that we are using are currently being scrutinized like for example Binance so as for me just to save to my you know my coins I put it in a custodial wallet and I put it out of the exchanges but then with nfts for example it would be really good as well to have this custodial wallets as well and yeah that thing I’ve heard it before for CyberKongz it’s truly a revolutionary technology and I agree if you said that you know you will be number one if that would be really sexy to all in terms of being hyped by the technology so not everyone I agree with that and the good thing with the yeah what I observed with the people in web3 because of the bad things that’s happening around the space for this year for example they have been more you know researching on things not just the journeying in every project that they see in comparison to 2021 so I think in 2023 as well like Task has mentioned more utilities should be you know for a project to succeed they should have this utilities nice tech nice promising  products for example not only the hype because they will not survive by hype alone so I’m thinking since people will not be degening in every project that they see they will look into this different projects through the contents the products the utilities that and the value that the actual project gives to this space.
Task: Can I added that a tiny bit too I really do believe as well in the in the you know next year and I mean even thinking in 2024 that seems like years away in the nft world but we’re gonna run out of stuff to put on jpegs or people are going to run out of stuff to put on jpegs you know everything’s gonna be taken as a project and in terms of like launching projects then it’s going to be a lot harder to make sure that your project is successful because there’s already going to be somebody doing XYZ so as time goes on you’re going to run out of things to build that people haven’t built you’re going to run out of things to you know use as  an nft or the face of your nft because people have already gonna you know already have done it and that’s just going as years go on that’s just going to keep continuing and you know that then you’re pretty much the people that are being onboarded from you know that web2 sphere over here are then just gonna have to choose  you know the projects that are actually already out there rather than the ones that are launching so that’s going to be an issue at some point as well I believe.
Chris: Yeah true so in relation to that guys I have another question so this is my actual second question in relation to this topic that we are discussing so for example I am a project founder and I dreamed and I wanted to create something like a project to be launched on 2023 so yeah if I’m that founder what do you think are the essential things that are the must-haves to become a successful project in the space like yours like for example in 2023 given the current condition etc. So what are the things that my project should have in order to become successful in the space?
Henry: Tough, that’s a tough one it really is because it’s like easy listen it’s really easy to tell you well you should have a really awesome community and you should have utility  but you want to know something you can have all of those things and you can still have nothing  because at the end of the day there is this element of lightning in a bottle to have a successful project and I’m amazed I’m amazed at the amount of people that spend six months in this space decide that they have it all figured out they decide that like oh my god I’ve been working on can I do you know how many projects I get pitched on a daily basis it’s waned a little bit  in this bear but the amount of people that are so confident to  come up with the art  come up with this in their mind unique utility  have a dev thinking that they are about to launch the next Yuga Labs by the way like I know what I’m saying sounds probably a little bit harsh but the reality is there’s hundreds thousands of these projects coming out that you’ve never even have heard of and you never will hear of because the reality is it is a very small amount of projects that ever get the opportunity to get in front of the type of eyes that it takes to start to propel you now of course there’s going to be things like let’s say goblins Goblin Town free mint gone up to eight eth  by the way Goblin like I know their core team they’re cool people they have things in the work but they’re a very small they’re the tip of that pyramid  of projects that are able to pull that off and so it isn’t easy so I tell people like if you’re doing this make sure like just make sure that if you’re going to take people’s money you’re going to offer something and if you’re an ethical person make sure that you are willing to commit your time to this even if it doesn’t go as planned that’s my advice to people right now  like of course all of those things that I just said I think you need to have those things unless it’s just going to be a hobby project but if you think you have amazing utility if you think you’re going to form an amazing Community or you have a community already if you do not want to be known as a serial rugger or a rugger in in general which a lot of people I think people underestimate the weight if you’re an ethical person that that can have on your soul if you launch something you start getting flooded by your community because now the project went under mint price and then you have to start to make this decision of like well what do I do how long can I give to this project without having the funds can to continue it so I think you should have a very realistic conversation with yourself about how long can you stay  committed to a project that may not come out of the gates the way that you think it will because let’s be real it is hard out there it is man this is not even like a marathon this is like a cross-continent race or Trek and so it isn’t like 26.2 miles it’s like 3 500  and you should just be prepared like it isn’t always pretty I mean we’re lucky on CyberKongz that we we’ve been relevant in the space and it’s hard for us like legitimately it’s not easy for us so I can only imagine how difficult it is for the person who is starting out right now and I’ve seen a lot of people that just get disheartened because they thought they had something so amazing and maybe they did but it still takes getting in front of those eyes having whether it’s an influence or  or a group of influencers or  a dow or something that’s really helping to propel you because otherwise yeah it’s tough and I know that sounds super negative and I don’t mean to be crushing people’s dreams I also just think people should be realistic about what the market looks like right now and how difficult it is to evolve and advance the project
Task: I don’t think you were negative at all I think that was I mean people need to hear that kind of stuff truly like the real reality impact.
Chris: Yeah and also like candy said majority of the of the people right now are in for the money you know like they’re looking for the next Kong next go skip down so it’s really important yeah for me and then also for some project founders yeah as you have mentioned it’s also really important to have this really really good networks to begin with to propel your project further to your targets and because you know it’s a reality any good product even if you have the best product as I’ve mentioned in one of our podcasts with regards to community so any good product can be a best product but it’s always beaten by you know other products who are best known so if your product is best but it’s not known it will not work.
Task: I agree with that eyes are everything getting eyes on your project is literally everything you can you can I mean it’s we already said it you can have the best tools in the world and they’re amazing but if nobody knows about them then they matter they don’t matter they don’t matter at all it just doesn’t matter so when you’re launching a project or you’re running a project keeping consistent eyes on your project is something that’s really important for  I would I would call it like a you know maturity of your project and making that healthy for the project in the future is making sure that you do have consistent eyes and you keep consistent eyes on your project  you know from launch through the process of actually building out your project in your vision and it’s not an easy thing to do but it’s a necessary thing to do if you actually want to be.
Henry: Yeah, you know you want to come out on the other side yeah and you know there’s a there’s another side to this too which it can be a double-edged sword, we had influencers pumping Kongz because of passive income because of our utility token which drove our utility token up to an unsustainable point and so then if you were to look at it on a chart you may think like oh my gosh what happened what did they do when the reality is we’ve done nothing but advance on our end whether it’s our game technology etc., but if you look at a chart it tells a completely in fact it tells the opposite story  as with obviously so many projects in in  web3 right now that if you look at a chart they’re down  getting the eyes on it can be it’s this like to be successful is this perfect synergy like let we’re often not real about where we are in this space right now and we’re often not real about why certain projects like let me ask this and by the way when I talk about other projects like I cast no stones at them because I actually am I’m happy for any awareness within web 3 that I consider to be positive so I’ll use Doodles as an example with a valuation of what was a 750 million dollars on what like on what like let’s be real what has Doodles done by the way like I’m not saying that they aren’t relevant I’m not saying that they’re a bad project in fact it’s the opposite they’ve been able to go out and they’ve been able to do a capital raise but at the end of the day  it’s nothing more than speculation and fomo that that is what that is what that is  now you can argue that that’s what anything when it comes to the financial sector is right like you could argue that’s what the stock market is as well  but the reality is we’re not in a meta right now that’s actually based in I say reality this is probably going to get some like eyes rolling but it just isn’t what it isn’t yet but I think the longer we go and the longer projects  are able to you know keep running towards the direction that they’re trying to go then I think we’re going to have this metamorphosis where like the other side of it looks a little bit better but I just feel like right now there are some legitimate projects, I look at like projects like Ether Orcs, Ether Orcs  even Furballs those are projects a lot of people probably aren’t even familiar with they’ve got incredible devs they’ve got great communities they have cool tokenomics there’s a lot of things that don’t even they just don’t get in front of the right people to take off but they’ve got some really cool core objectives and really quality core teams so personally I’m really looking forward to like when we get to that point where it’s really good projects that are starting to rise to the top  and of course exactly to tasks Point like yeah you got to get eyes on you but sometimes those eyes can drive  price action that then all of a sudden the community is flooding you because you can’t keep up on it so it’s weird but make no mistake you would much rather have those eyes on you driving that price action that’s a much better problem to have than to have the other side of it which is like oh there hasn’t been a sale in 25 days and we’re down 99 percent, so like I recognize that side of it too  but I do very much look forward to like when we’re in a little bit more of a stable time when it’s like oh I understand why that project is doing really well because here are all of the things they’ve done and here are all the partnerships they have and here’s all the utility that a holder gets out of those partnerships that they have I think we eventually get there we’re just we’re just not there yet.
Task: Yeah people always are going to have a tough time jumping in and I guess doing their own research right  they do have trouble doing that now I hopefully that changes I I do think it’s it is very much tied to the wave of Education that hopefully comes with the content creation here in the future  because people just jump in they just its jumping they see it they fumble and they jump in and it’s true  and doing something like  you know getting the it’s the right way to put it the support of influencers is definitely something that’s not organic  although it does put eyes on your project you have to have if you’re going to do that you have to have a mix it has to be a mix of organic and inorganic  if you actually want to put a sustainable stamp on your project for the future so I completely agree with that it’s something that we  as GhostKidz because we had an all-time high of like 28 Solana and we launched in May of this year  we’re currently sitting at like 11 I believe it’s pretty close to 11.  We’ve had we’ve had ups and downs but we had a major pump because we launched at a good time when literally nothing else was happening we were able to put ourselves in front of everybody’s eyes and we pumped and we didn’t pay a single influencer we didn’t pay a single influencer to do it but influencers sure we’re jumping in because it was the only thing that was going on at the time  so we had a very what I would consider like an inorganic pump to our all-time high and then we crashed very hard and then  continued to make sure that we provided actual value to the community across the board and built the tools that we have and continued to be in front of everybody’s eyes consistently with the way that we do things  and we’ve definitely been slowly churning towards a healthy level now  to continue to go towards you know the all-time high I think the goal is to be sustainable at an all-time high  when you’re looking at a project and it’s not an easy thing to do because like you said  you can definitely pump and then fizzle out and people just get overwhelmed with the fud  overwhelmed with actually delivering what they promised on and luckily we had a formula where we had  you know the community backing us  consistently we had the team on the front and working  and very good at making sure that the community was taken care of while you know the devs were taking care of the back end  at the same time  it’s not an easy formula to kind of craft but if you can do it is something sustainable  as long as you’re consistent if you’re consistent with it it’s sustainable if you’re not then you know if one pillar falters then the rest of them falter too it’s just it’s just how it works so  one thing that worked very well for us is making our platform gamified  without a gamified platform I do believe that it would have been more difficult to keep people interested  but we were able to do that we were able to have it more  you know the gamification of things definitely does help with making sure that people stick around so  the more  projects are able to do something like that related to their  you know roadmap or their plan for the project I believe will help also keep consistent eyes on them as well.
Henry: Yeah great Point man you know one other thing I was just going to add into the mix is I think the other thing that’s going to help projects be sustainable is these web2 partnerships that are going to be forged in the coming years I think projects have to find a way to be able to not just be able to talk about those as something that the project you know something that just benefits the project  they’ve got to be able to find ways to be able to deliver that value back to holders and that I don’t think that we’ve really seen a lot of that yet it’s coming we’ve seen it in small maybe small batches, you could argue artifact Nike although then I was hearing like artifact Nike artifact holders that had like the shoe nft then still had to pay for the shoes so like to me I  wouldn’t have thought it would have gone that way I don’t know if they ended up changing that but I think that these these partnerships have to benefit holders otherwise like as a holder it’s cool to see it’s cool to hear about Azuki with formula one like it’s cool to have Azuki represented on a Formula One car like it’s super cool but as a holder once the fomo is out of it right then you’re like well what does that do for me it’s brand awareness right it’s brand awareness but like I feel like we have to have direct value somehow getting back to holders for those things to matter a little bit more than they than they do now.
Task: Yeah I agree with you.
Chris: Go ahead.
Task: yeah it’s okay. Oh I was just gonna put the point out there too like here’s a perfect example of something GhostKidz did that is 100 brand awareness but did nothing other than brand awareness for the project and although we weren’t the ones that ended up you know getting that getting that partnership but GhostKidz was actually on a NASCAR  during  one of the races this year along with another project in the  solanosphere called Radcats  which was really cool they hooked that up  we didn’t we didn’t do anything in terms of like getting it hooked up they Radcats did everything for us but like the transition of actually  you know that brand awareness into something tangible it’s it really isn’t there it really isn’t that’s just a fact and luckily we didn’t really have to do any excessive planning or work for it  the reason they put us on there alongside them is because they use our utility suite that we have for their project so they we have a white label for their project  and we were on the back of a NASCAR which was yeah I mean it was sick it was really cool it was a lot of fun a lot of people thought it was really cool that nft car spun out  and we got probably the most Air Time on TV  that we’ll get next year which was pretty cool  but like what is that actually transition into you know so Henry I think that’s a really good point.
Chris: Yeah I agree so there should always be you know for projects to become more attractive to more people yeah we should continue adding value always back to our community in every way that we can, with that being said so I am down to my last question I guess. So with regards to those things that we have discussed right with relation to 2023 then how can projects become successful in 2023 what are the things to keep in mind  as for you and your projects so ask opinion leaders and founders of the projects so you might share what are your plans you know the concrete plans or activities that you are planning to do for this coming 2023 for let’s say CyberKongz and go GhostKidz dao?
Henry: Sure.
Task: Can I go first?
Henry: Yeah.
Task: So we have our roadmap. We do think it’s a little bit of a unique road map  if you click on my profile and you click GhostKidz dao you go to the Linktree you go to the website and you can look at the road map it’s a 3D interactive roadmap that we usually update between two and four days based on what we’re currently building  for the project so you can kind of take a look at that they’re literally everything that we have planned I would say from this date  we have about three to six months of  things that we have planned across the board on the roadmap right now that we’re going to be able to deliver in 2023 obviously beyond that we will still have plans but right now we’re looking to just execute on what we already have planned  and you can infer and see any of the utility in that road map  although there’s supposed to be mystery around it it’s supposed to be you know a little bit less transparent than some people might like but it’s kind of like that hype aspect that that you have to make sure that people are still interested in the project and want to continuously operate within the project and once the utility comes out we’re completely transparent with what it’s going to be as an example there’s plenty of projects out there that have tried to do  what you would consider a launchpad right like there’s a lot of these launch pad projects that came out this last year and we have something that’s going to be coming out called the incubator now the incubator all it is it is a launchpad but what it is for example if you mint off of our quote-unquote launchpad or the incubator what we’re looking for as a 10K collection as an example 3K would be minted in our native token which is Boo and then the other 7K would be minted in Solana and what that does is you’re curated directly through our community we hold your hand through the whole process and you get access to our utilities for free right if you launch with us and we’re only looking to do that for one to two projects a month we’re not going to be launching all of these projects all the time they’re going to be completely vetted  they’re gonna they’re gonna be as vetted as we possibly can make it so that we’re launching true projects that want to stick around and then are given our tool across the board  when they launch so that’s just one thing that we have planned  you know we just came out with our season what we consider on our gamified platform  for  you know our community which you can kind of look into it’s our booties platform you can check it out if you want  you know if you don’t own any Solana nfts and you can’t  purchase a ghost kit at current value or current valuation you can always go over and buy like a Gms nft or Radcats nft currently they are they are lower than ghost kid and you can go and then participate in the booties platform because they use our platform  for their  for their tools so  you know in the future we do have plenty of plans and we are looking to execute  across the board  with these with these plans  I can’t really you know give too much away but everything that we have planned is on that road maps that you can look at right now you just have to infer it yourself.
Henry: I gotta say dude it’s really fun hearing other ecosystems yeah obviously like when you’re on the core team you’re really caught up in your own ecosystem so you do just don’t get the same up I always say like it’s like a bunker and occasionally you get to peek your head out and like see what’s going on in the rest of the rest of the web3 world so it’s just fun hearing like names that I’ve not heard of before and but with using what’s available to best broadcast the message you’re trying to broadcast so it sounds cool I was actually watching your  ghost city  video there on your Twitter page while you were talking  yeah so CyberKongz can’t get too much into it I just recorded a  two-hour podcast with our lead dev and our founder Mio where all three of us are on the Council of Kongz  where we do talk a bit about what’s coming next we’ll be  releasing that in the next day or two  we’ve got like a  we’ve got some cool things coming we’re we’re we’ve been in this process of evolving from a nft project to more of a brand which maybe sounds like super cliché but that’s the reality of what we’re doing we’re trying to broadcast our message our interoperability as far as we can and it’s we’ve had some really cool  we’ve been approaching some really cool let’s just say like web2 brands that are looking to do some cool things, so a lot on the map  in our gaming sector coming in 2023 but unfortunately I’m gonna have to say that people are going to have to listen to the podcast because if I dropped it on the spaces I think Coco  who’s one of our  guys on the council big Axi whale he might he might kill me but lots coming we’re working super hard like honestly if you’re not if you’re not making progress in the bear it’s the only time you can build like it’s too neurotic during a bull market to be building there’s just too much coming at you collab requests Etc bear is when like your head is down  and as Task said that’s like when that’s when you’re building and so while we would love for everybody to be able to come out of this bear sooner than later without a doubt I’m also personally like happy that like okay well we we’re not gonna squander this and we haven’t been squandering it I’m really looking forward to like  rolling out some of the things that we’ve been working on but stay tuned you can check us out  on the CyberKongz that’s with the Z at the end  CyberKongz  on our Twitter page and our website’s being rebuilt right now it’s been going on for eight -nine months, it’s gonna be really cool once it  once it’s finished but  yeah that’s  I know that was super vague but  in the next like couple days we’ll we’ll have a lot more out there.
Chris: Yeah. So thank you for those guys, I said yes guys you check out their profiles and their podcast for example for cyber calls to know more information so the you can see some Alpha information there in their podcast so I suggest you go there and check guys so that’s all that I have as my question so we are opening now the space to some questions from our release listeners so anyone you can send in your request to our guest speakers. Don’t be shy guys, it’s your chance, that.
Henry: Usually when nobody has questions that means you did such a good job as the host that everyone’s like I don’t even know what to ask you anymore man you did such a good job clarifying everything we got nothing
Chris: So there’s a question from lightningkid, all right lightning kid you’re on the floor. Oh go ahead go ahead lightningkid. You can speak now.
Lightningkid: NFT community I feel like a really long time here in nft community so I think you already have this project and the question is what do you think is the best project you did and you’re proud of having for me thinking that you already been too long here and having some projects that has been collabed with some artists or anyone and why would you be so proud of it that’s my question thank you.
Henry: Okay was the question what are we most proud of or is the question who would we be most proud to collaborate with 
Lightningkiz: What is you’re most proud of?
Henry: Like okay yeah Task I’m gonna go first on this if you don’t mind just because I’ve got mine ready to go  so  part of cyber Kong’s  part of who we are is we’re giving with a very giving community whether that’s information from our OGs etc., but as a project so keep in mind like our project minted for .01 Ethereum and then those nfts bred our second collection so we didn’t bring any money in other than secondary royalties which were only two and a half percent and then our third collection was  like our first like fundraise let’s say but still a two and a half percent royalty. We donated a little over 1.5 million dollars to Virunga National Park which is in the Congo, and we did that to help them with their conservation efforts, Virunga National Park has some of the silverback apes they’re a partner of ours they actually use that money  to build  some mining rigs they actually have  crypto mining servers on the park  which are actually powered by a hydroelectric dam that they build so picture this like we gave them money they have a hydroelectric Dam that powers their crypto mining servers and right now that Park is closed because of all of the gang fighting and the Civil Wars that are happening in the area so they’re actually using the money  from their mining rigs  to be able to support the park, the employees, the Rangers etc., at a time where they’re not open to tourism so  and in a sustainable way because it’s being powered by this hydroelectric dam which also powers the village where they are so  hands down our relationship with Virunga is like our most proud  partnership and thing that we’ve done.
Task: That’s really cool I think that’s a fantastic partnership I love that kind of stuff honestly got his best partnership that’s partnership man my I know my favorite partnership. If anyone has ever heard of is essentially a metaverse that operates on Solana that’s partnered with Phantom wallet and Magic Eden, and you know the major the major brands you would think of when you think about Solana they just came out with a huge update they’re partnered with unity as well which is really cool there’s a lot more tools that you can use directly on their metaverse now to customize your rooms and so on and so forth I really do love what they’ve been doing they’ve been operating since like 2016 trying to build out this metaverse there’s been a lot of progress across the board on it and we were the first Solana project to partner with them, so I hold a very near and dear place in my heart for I think that they’re in the future gonna be a very big metaverse for Solana in general, there’s a lot of different things that you can do on there, it’s really easy to upload you know your artwork and your nfts there’s it’s really easy to upload all those links you can go straight from the art piece on the wall to the link that you have there you can you can completely customize your entire room and I think they did a really good job with all of that so Spatial honestly has been one of our partners from very early on in our existence of our project in here in 2022  and I’m shouting them out because I think what they’re doing is really awesome and they’re going to be a big player in the metaverse sphere  in the future so definitely them.
Chris: All right all right so thank you for those answers to this question so any more questions guys. So the floor is open to these questions to our special guests. So take these guys as an opportunity to learn in case you are a new guy in web3 or you’re a project founder you need to learn from our successful project founders. All right so Neal, how about you do you have any more questions to our guests? If that’s the case, I would like to thank you Task and Henry. All right so it’s a shame that some of our guests were unable to come here today because of the issue on Twitter spaces they have been sending me messages oh bro I cannot come into your space because of the unable to join the space issue with Twitter space right now. Oh wait I’m seeing some requests here, all right so it’s sheesh. Yeah go ahead sheesh. Yeah go ahead we can hear you bro yeah welcome to this space.
Sheesh: So my question is for you guys like how being a successful  project right now so how did you guys do your initial marketing and do you think that it will still work for the upcoming years?
Task: I think we talked a little bit about this earlier at the very beginning but so we were a stealth mint we were very much close to a free mint, Henry said that himself as well was like a 0.1 point one eve mint so both of us were very low which can allow you to kind of gather a different type of audience I think in the future smaller mints will still be successful but it literally is the same process it’s all about who is looking at it at the time and how you were actually marketing towards the audience  that might be interested in your project so sure I think projects will be able to do the same thing that that we did specifically like GhostKidz did if they do it the right way and have the right eyes on them but that formula is not an easy thing to recreate  but it’s not impossible it’s not impossible but you do have to put in like I mean with any project especially pre-launch and even post launch, you have to put in you know 15, 18, 20 hours a day  and a lot of that is very much centered around marketing at first to make sure that you’re actually adhering to an audience that’s out there.
Henry: So yeah I totally agree with your Task, we launched for .01 and I personally do not think also on an OpenSea contract so I think by our by today’s standards I don’t think the way we did it would work  we did migrate off that contract but it the meta is different  than it was when we launched in March of 21  but exactly like Tasks points, like having  the right eyes on is just if you’re thinking of launching a project just wait until you have the rebel behind it  supporting it to help launch it because  you there it’s like you get one shot at it you really do it’s really hard to come back from a when I say a failed mint let’s be real a successful mint in this  in this space is selling out. So if you don’t feel confident that that’s gonna happen wait there’s no rush  and let’s be real much easier to launch in a bowl than a bear it just is so  yeah that that would be my take on it.
Chris: All right so we have another question from Haroldkroned, so I already assigned you as a speaker bro you can feel free to ask your question now, Haroldkroned.
Haroldkroned: Yeah, hi, I think okay can everybody get me, I’m not sure. Hello
Chris: Yeah we can hear you, go ahead.
Haroldkroned: I think my question was already asked or goes along that line I was wondering what the steps are to creating ones on cryptocurrency from the basic from the base basically like from starting up from scratch that for the cryptocurrency and also I was wondering what the process would look like if you were an artist and you’re trying to design your own nft and market it to your to your own public what would the steps be  I’m aware that this question might have been asked already or have been answered already I’m sorry if I’m late to the space and actually just now thank you
Henry: You know I think creating a like if you’re talking like an erc20 token like an actual like let’s say like we have a utility token called banana that’s our erc20 token it’s probably more than what this space could allow and to be honest with you that’s our dev side I’m not a dev, and so I don’t want to mislead you but it’s a smart contract which I’m sure you already know that I so that’s a that’s a question specifically for a dev to get the right answer on I think you asked did you ask about marketing budget was that the other part to what you were saying Harold?
Haroldkroned: Yes, all everything that goes with creating yeah.
Henry: Yeah really difficult right because you have some stuff marketing budgets can probably vary  depending on how organic you know do you lots of variables if you’re somebody with no pre-existing community  then you know task was saying you’re putting 18 20 hour days into this  if you have no Community  it’s tougher sledding as we might say because you need to kind of form a community you need to get it in front of people’s eyes  some of that is hosting spaces some of that is  you know getting your word out to Alpha groups to collab managers but you got to be a hell of a salesman because you know I’ll use Kongz as an example  we get hit up by a lot of collabs wanting to whitelist clones and we have an entire team that goes through each of those collabs to decide whether or not we’re going to offer them to our community as do any Alpha groups realistically  because you want to try to make sure that you’re bringing quality to the table  and to me there has to be something different like  granted I’m not on that team but I get called into them  like let’s say if there is a question on something especially if they want to have us do a Twitter spaces with them, but it’s it needs to be different it’s got to be different it can’t just be like hey I have a project we have a token we’re gonna have a cool game  if there is going to be a cool game there needs it either needs to be developed you either need to be able to show it or show who’s backing it  because there’s a lot of people that are all trying to do the exact same type of thing and then you have things like meme land you know where beam land already you know nine gag already had  a community up and running  and look at the success that they’ve had without even launching yet so that’s why there’s like two totally different sides of this of the spectrum because it depends like are you starting with nothing or are you starting with like look at meme land with nine gag or are you like somewhere in between and I think depending on where you are kind of dictates where you need to start and honestly  my DMs are always open so feel free if you have a question  I always do the best I can to try to answer in in DMS if you do have a specific question. Yours goes a little bit deeper because it’s broad.
Task: And I’m not even going to add to it too much I think Henry pretty much encompassed it and I’m not a dev either so I’m not going to be able to attest to you know creating your own cryptocurrency or anything like that  have I looked at it and tried to be a dev? Absolutely, it’s just not in the cards for me but in terms of you know the marketing and the way that it is I mean you look at some of the major launches on Solana that people know about and they know about it for months and that is not easy to keep up as an example I look at like Clan of Swords, Clan of Swords was a tensile mint  that team worked for like eight months straight  and a lot of it was marketing like literally what they worked on was marketing I don’t even think that they built any major tools yet for anything related to their community it literally was eight months of pure marketing and they did a very good job they sold out pretty quickly  in this bear market and it wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t able to  get the type of partnerships that they have  currently with what they’re doing   you know I’m not going to attest to it or go into it because you know I don’t I’m not going to be the best one to know about everything that clan of swords is doing but you know they were very successful because of the way that they marketed their project  which what it boils down to is consistency if you’re not consistent with the marketing like you let’s say you have like a three to four month plan  and in one of those months you just falter and decide that you’re going to you know be building a little bit rather than focusing on marketing your project people are gonna leave it’s just a fact people are going to leave they’re not going to keep paying attention if you’re not continuously marketing it pre-launch  it’s just a fact marketing is literally everything at first you can you can have nothing and have the best marketing and you will still do better than someone that has everything and had very little marketing it’s just how it works in the space currently.
Chris: All right so I hope that answers your question Harold so just in case you have more questions you can just feel free to ask our speakers or DM them right. So thank you for those questions so do you have any more questions before we end our session guys yeah?
Neal: I have another question so I heard a while ago that one of you has a gamified platform, was it Ghost dao or was it with Kongz?
Task: Yeah with us okay.
Neal: So  my question would be how would you think having a gamified project or you know even the play to earn games in in 2023 or in the future be able to keep up with just nft projects how would you how do you think it will  it will fare in the 2023?
Task: Well I think Plato earn is like a whole different a whole different story play to earn has historically been very difficult to find some level of like sustainability that actually gives value back to the project now our utility suite is more focused around the fact of like you’re interacting from our platform on socials and you are then rewarded for that interaction right so it’s a little bit different it is a gamified platform and I think the whole the whole pitch of having a gamified platform not only is it a lot more fun for people rather than just you know you going in and clicking one button and being done I think that that  keeping that fun aspect it’s very undervalued, you know if you want people to continuously interact with your project there’s more than a few ways that that you can try and do it but I think one of the best ways is making it fun so I do think game more gamification is going to end up doing well I can’t really attest us to like play to earn I think play to earn like I said historically has just always struggled a little bit  but in terms of like a gamified platform I do believe that it will have a leg up in the future because it is it’s better at keeping eyes on the project because it’s actually fun to interact with.
Chris: Yeah it’s something like engaged to earn right something
Task: Yeah that’s pretty much that’s pretty much what it is in a way we call it raid to earn but it is really engaged to earned off of the social platform and that’s just that’s just like one aspect of the platform right like we have other things associated that are tools that are available on the platform for use you know your general staking your Raffles so on and so forth, you know if you’re interested you can go to booties and take a look at it but yeah it it’s more so gamified we have a leaderboard it’s the whole Jazz right  it’s all about kind of  you know minor competition, mixed with  you know healthy positive camaraderie that allows people to stay interacting with it  they have fun with it it’s just how it works in my in my personal opinion if it’s not fun people don’t want to interact with it, it’s the same even going back to education if it’s not fun people don’t want to interact with it and that that’s just the business model that we’ve been able that we’ve pushed and it’s worked thus far and we think it’s still going to be successful next year.
Chris: It sounds really cool, so yeah any more other questions guys. All right so I’m not seeing any more requests here guys. So thank you so much Task and Henry for being our guests today it was really insightful and interesting discussion with you guys.
Henry: Yeah likewise the good panel good discussion thanks for having us as well yeah
Chris: Thank you, thank you so yeah guys hopefully you have learned a lot today and definitely this is not our first space with regards to different topics about crypto in general so yeah this is our perfect year Ender that I believe a nice discussion with what could have what could be in 2023 and then what this blue chip successful projects are planning to do in 2023 yeah so thank you everyone for coming today and I hope you have a nice day. For others yeah if it’s not daytime at your end it’s not morning time or afternoon yeah good evening and good night thank you thank you.
Neal: Thank you guys, thank you for coming in.