Discord Masterclass: Basic Discord Server Setup With Chris Flores – NFT & Crypto Marketing Lesson 2

Video Transcript:

Chris: So today we are going to discuss solely NFT marketing which is Discord Master Class, basic Discord server setup. So for those who are interested in no trying to learn how we set up this Discord server which is usually the becoming the central platform for every web3, nft, crypto project so this is the master class we’re in we will discuss how the how to set up and then what which channels to set up and then for the advanced strategies or topics with regards to this content we will give another lesson for that but for now this is just the basic Discord setup but then we will have an in-depth discussion about this one as well. So let me introduce myself my name is Chris I’m from TokenMinds, I’m the community lead for the clients’ project, a full-service agency, then so far we have been working with over 100 crypto and nft projects starting from 2016 so we have been working with some projects like if you know cryptoblades for their token sale and nft. Okay so for today we’re going to discuss this one as the community lead how do I set up the Discord servers all right so this one is the most basic? Let’s just discuss quickly on this one of course you need a Discord app but it can be done in your browser or in an app then log into an account of course then here there’s a button on the lower left click the plus sign and create server then create the name server icon if you can like for this example here right for a club community okay and just name the server and then upload okay then create then voila. There’s your server so this is what it initially looked like so it’s kind of empty, so this is where we will try to play something out of it so number one you need to identify what are the rules that are to be added to your server okay so what are server roles okay so server rules these are like ranks within the server so what do we have in use for this server roles so we give the user different privileges within the server or even make them simply stand out by displaying these roles by adding colors to their names and play placing them higher than other users on the sidebar so it’s somehow kind of becomes like a status, higher status higher ranks. It’s better something like that and this can be utilized to limit access to selected roles only so, for example, if we want some exclusive stuff for exclusive members we can assign them an exclusive role and then we can limit their access for that so these are the different functions for the server roles can be limited access and then for aesthetic purposes as well. All right so the next basic topic is a category in channels, of course, these are the contents of your server so first, we create categories and or channels how do we do this these channels are the ones you see here where we say different topics discussions right so simply you do by right click on your mouse on the channels called loom and then you select either create a channel or create a category, so simply for me I create and brainstorm this categories and channels. As a first step I brainstorm and identify which channels I need, okay, so I usually observe if you are a beginner nft server, crypto servers and you can see different channels with different uses so if it fits the bill for example if it fits what is needed for your project, for example, you can add this certain types of channels okay but then later we will you know discuss some suggestions that I have or base for setup of different channels and categories for your Discord server if you are a web3 project okay. So thank you, okay so every channel has its corresponding category as well like for here in this example every channel is grouped okay so this is more for organizational purposes as per our first lesson we mentioned that we should be able to organize our server properly so that is including these channels and proper categories so that people will not be confused when they come into your server okay and as usual if you are fond of nfts for a long time you will observe that these servers actually in the channels we utilize emojis and text spacers so like in this example we have this line right and in this server we have this period because  this text spacers I use because we don’t have a who is that yeah the text spacers are used because we do not have  function of  space in text channel so you can put some space in external so that’s why we use this spacer characters like a line or a dot just to put some space and it utilities emojis just for aesthetics so this provides a more professional looking server and then of course if example your project is like piece theme project for example you can use different emojis really into those themes. Okay now, what are the suggested channels by Chris from TokenMind? So if I’m going to create a category and channel for my nft project if I want to start my nft project what are the suggested categories so here I laid out a summary screenshot you can take a screenshot if you want for the three friends’ suggested categories in channels according to different tips all right so I’ll be discussing briefly one by one all right. Okay so here we have the server info, minting info on top of our server right so this one server stats we use the server start spot for this one two okay let me just to count the members inside your server and then we want that when people come to your server you know as a project you provide every information readily available to them so like for this example we put in the top of the server the server stats area the website URL as well so that if people would want to check what is your official website apart from the official links channel they can actually see it readily through this one okay and then for general information about your nfts if example I’m new to the project how many against the supply of a project how many  has been sold already for the status if you’re ongoing I mean or if not yet mint you can put the minting date for the reference of the people who are interested to mean and also the price and then you can also input if you have a limited number of white listed people or my priests and people who are people who will have for the public means so they can mean earlier they can have lower price means so these widely spots are relatively high demand for nft projects so these are the things that we can offer to finding community members and holders of your NFC so we can provide this information on this part of the channels and categories okay then of course this is the most basic thing that you can see in a server a welcome screen so for others before you can enter a server you need to verify that you are not a bot so there are some servers where in utilize this emoji so they need to read about the project the information about the project first and then click on the Emoji to actually come into the project and see the contents of the server and with some like for the case of TokenMinds server we required you to have some sort of verification so we can use different kinds of bots for these functions which I’ll be discussing later but yeah for the welcome screen we usually instruct people on what to do in order to have this access to the server by performing a full verification okay so why we do a verification basically just to avoid any bots coming in okay so this is the first security gate for our server because for some servers you can observe if you come into the server there is someone already sending you a DM so it can send you some spam links scams and some sort of fraud so just to avoid this we do not want bots automated by sending these messages so we do not want them to come into the server in the first place so this is how we had the first defense for this one but we still have more which I’ll discuss later and of course the server rules channel this is where we refer the people with regards to the rules so everyone should be able to read this one so definitely we need to craft our own content with regards to what are the rules of the server okay so with creating these contents usually I create this using embed functions of some bots which I’ll also be discussing in detail right so it’s not just a normal text  it’s more aesthetically and professionally looking to the usual things when you said just plain text on this card foreign suggested categories in channels okay so here we have about us roadmap official links FAQs whitelist or OG information and sneak mix sneak peeks so this is under the information category all right so usually this these are the reference channels wherein you can for example you are a moderator you can well wanting to learn more about the project to these channels all right so for the project team or about us so you can discuss here the project information itself so what is the purpose of your project number one okay the Mission Vision and also you can talk to the team so that potential nft investors or buyers of the project or future holders of your nft would be enticed and be more confident to buy your nft project because you know they will see here what are the utilities you have what will they get value from your project if they become part of your project and then you can see the documentation boxing of the founders if they are really capable of delivering these things that they are mentioning so you can always present this here in this channel and in the roadmap it’s also good  though not all projects show their roadmap but it’s also good that you know they can discuss the roadmap as a plan that a plan layout for the community members to see if the plans are going to progress from time to time and then what would in the future for this project so of course if I’m a holder of this nft I’m always hoping yeah the team would be they put on this on time so they can always see here also you can also put here as a project owner can put here the updates and official links of course there are a lot of people example I have a project I want to avoid scammers because some people send fake links to confused members or naive users of Discord so we’ve always as example in my community management team our moderators always refer the community members to this official links channel so this is relatively important and for me it’s really mandatory in any server so that some people in your community will not be stunned by other people who will be sending free clicks all right FAQ so if you have if you want to save time for example you are the only one managing your community in your server for the meantime so you are starting your own community your own project so at first you are the only one chatting with everyone in the community so you can save time answering questions repeated questions by creating an FAQ channel so the usual questions that you think your project or your community will have during the course of its  growth and development you can always put in the FAQ channel then you can simply refer them okay please check FAQ channels as the full information about this question are in this chat so why it is info so some of you here have experienced you know when you come into the server see that the project is really high and you want to be part of it so the first thing you in mind that comes to your mind is how do I get the white list for this project so the same time also for the users or incoming new community members you can always put up a channel related to this question so how to get a white listen then here as a project owner you can always promote the things that you want the community members to do in order to help grow your server and in return you can give them the only results so something like this one will do so some they some they do the engagement farming but you know it’s really good if it’s more of if you want members to be rewarded by simply contributing in their own ways you can always put it there and not resort to you know trick you need to get level five level ten etc., so it’s I think it’s better if we put it this way like yeah they can contribute in their own unique ways and we acknowledge them by giving them the white business okay so another channel I suggest gives information direct information about the project that we need to put up here but the sneak peek so if you are a new project of course some members are fond of checking out the artwork on your NFT so if you have this nice thick peaks of your nfts you can always put it here okay so it so for example me I came into this server and I saw this nice art that they have I want to own it not because of the utility because I think the art is cool so somehow it develops and improves the marketability of your project okay simply getting the sneak peeks up in your Discord server okay so now we will be moving to the next suggested category which is the news and updates so here I suggested to put up channels specifically for announcements community alerts Twitter crypto news and the news then if there are some available information you can also put a media coverage okay so let’s discuss this one by one it is so for announcements and community alerts so we put up these two different channels but basically they are both announcement channels and then for the announcement channel we only want some contents here with relating to the project progress and some special things you want the people to know about your projects and then here if you are you know an enthusiast of a very engaged community so you put up different events from time to time of course you don’t want that your project progress updates would be overrun by this announcements with regards to event winners so you create this community alerts channels for minor announcement things so the major ones should always be in the announcement channel you know when people want to see okay I’ll check the announcement channel so that I can see if this nft project or crypto project has some sense of progress in it so I will check if it’s progressing or not or if it’s a dead project so we can as a project owner we should always show our potential investors that you know we have a sense of progress in our project something is always going on we give them timely updates from time to time so this is relatively important by simply setting up these two different channels we can make their life easy like for example I’ll just check the progress in the announcements and in community alerts the event clips and I’m here with Twitter posts of course we are not only seeing our scored as our platform for community okay we also have Twitter so if we want to directly integrate the tweets we have for our Twitter account related to the project we can always integrate it to a Twitter channel okay so just using a bot which I’ll also discuss later you can directly integrate a Twitter account so the posts will appear there real time on this Discord Channel so yeah I’m thinking for some people here who are in to nfts they usually see this thing and then this one media coverage so for example if you see the you know your project has been featured in an article so you have been featured in for example in the news in a video documentary for example which is really good because any publicity is a good thing for any project as long as it’s good publicity sometimes by the publicity but we don’t prefer that much in nft projects so we pull we put this thing that we see for example when we get to the news in this channel so that oh we were featured in this article by this platform for example this is a platform such as Bloomberg, Cointelgraph so these are relatively big news media outlets that people trust so they will have some sense of trust also in your project because they saw it was featured in those platforms so if we have these things available if we if our projects were featured in this media platforms we can always show it to our community members and then here for you know because some people just when they become part of the community they want to hang out inside their community they want to want to go anywhere else why not make your life easier by giving them the news and anything is to make them updated about what’s going on with the market so this thing is like crypto news channel and nft news channel that we have here also in this domain server  can make your community members take it from time to time so if they are example me myself, I am a trader and then I see that news is somehow showing some signs of foolishness so you can guide me through with what’s happening with the market and then you can take my course of action with the trading part so yeah something like that with benefit news as well if you are an nft trader of course you would want to see some news pertaining to anything so that you can somehow give you as far ideas or insights wherein you can use to make it as a leverage when you are trade. Okay so the next one these are the main community channels wherein people usually talk like so number one the first category is the community so this is a public channels for general chat, memes chat, fan art, and then the exclusive channels are channels exclusive to those who are these white viscerals OG roles or an example you are already a postman project you can put up all three channels exclusive for those who are holders of your nft okay and then here with wallet submission what we usually request the example with pre-minted projects like projects who are still getting the white list people and then the OG people so whenever somebody gets whitelists or the OG of course we need to sign that up in our back end okay so that their wallet address should be noted in system that are white listed or they have OG okay so we need to get their wallet addressed through this wallet submission channel then if we ever have any announcement with pertaining to this exclusive rules or exclusive members so we can always announce in this exclusive channel announcements and then for the general of course it’s all anything under the sun you can chat with people here as long as you’re following the servers and with memes we know that with web3 crypto projects means I’ve been relatively a friend so we put this up as well because some people they always want to create a meme out of the project in the nfts and some sometimes even the people in charge they create some memes and then also fan arts, so we can also hold some events in relation to meme contests fun art contests in these channels these are the suggested general content and exclusive content chat channels that we have for servers and then here utilizing  all the nft people usually they are people who want to discuss things in general about battery with different people so they like for me myself I’ve been enjoying discussing having some nice discussion with different people okay so we will be utilizing I am suggesting if you are new to this chord or even if you have been using this card like before there is a new feature on this card called the forums channel so with the forums channel these are the suggested channels that I want and these are the things that I want to see in my server if I’m creating some forum channels so suggestions number one of course it’s not always that you know in a community in web 3 especially the feedback and suggestions of your community members are really important okay so this is the channel wherein we can get the suggest suggestions for improvements and the feedback about what they feel about the project and the server so as project founders of course we want to listen to what our members would say and feel about what we are trying to do and on this project so it’s really vital to get this feedback through this forum channels okay and then nft discussions of course people would want to discuss anything about nft in general then sometimes if example the project is already post mean you can always put a flex your nft channel so that you know for every example when I get a super rare nft or super rare nft when I check on the websites for checking on the reality  they want to flex it so here we can let people or community members do that then we can also have some forum channels for gaming movies one you know it’s community that you have okay is your AMA questions  yeah if you will have an impending AMA you can always channel and ask people to send in their questions prior the event so that you can as a project founder you can immediately and I checked and assess the questions of the community and then you can put yourself for the answers so with the forums the difference is actually how it’s built so it’s built like an actual forum so wherein example you have an idea or a suggestion so I can create as a community member I can create a new post for example I want to suggest this thing so it does not go found that much rather than the normal text so in comparison to the normal channel so it can easily be seen and then if I want to pump it up I just cut again there and the foreign so it will ensure that as a community member yeah I am visible my suggestions would be also visible because of this forum Channel and then  for nft discussion some of the topics that I can say yes for example as an initial are these channels or nft I mean these forum topics for nft discussion so this can guide your community members so how to spot a scam nft projects so as basic as that things to look for in an nft project so be here people will share their thoughts and ideas about what are the things that they look for in an nft project so to guide other members who are not so familiar yet with the world of nfts for example and then here what are the new nft trends and meta that you observe to be put in interesting so these are just topics that I can suggest for this channels that we created and just to show you the functions that you know that can be unlocked the potential that can be unlocked by utilizing this functions of this chord for your nft or crypto circle. Okay so not all channels are as serious one so of course there can be a fun part in every Discord channel so here we suggest the following categories and channels okay so some people just want to hang out because their friend is on the channel if their friend is always active on that channel. Okay so we have these events and games channels and then we suggest this normal or general fun Bots that people always look for the garden events PC and AMA stage so for guarding what’s other fun bots these are where members these are the channels where members can play the Esports that I’ve mentioned just for engagement and fun and then with events that whenever we are currently holding an event this is where you can chat and give them in further instructions during the event so they can also discuss here the event experiences so yeah I had fun I nearly won when something happens something like that and then we make fun out of it so eat further input the engagement and user experience in your server by doing this then in the events PC for example voice channel  these are this is where people can enter like for this event so we do a voice chat event and for am stage if you are going to do an AMA of course  the difference with the voice channel is the capability of letting people to speak so they can just raise their hand to get the mic but in general they cannot speak most of the time okay these are the examples what it looks like and then with the community games that we are holding we’re doing also in the voice channels in the events we see these things people compete with mini games for the community that we have using different games such as stumble guy smash cards and then sometimes if you want to spread awareness about the project you can use the VC as well for interactive research as Scout quiz like this one so you can spread the awareness about your project by creating a quiz out of your project topic then there’s a new feature as well on Discord. The Discord activities that’s the pocket icon on the lower left and then you can have these new activities you can do with your community so if you want you can test them out and then facilitate it as an event also for engagement in your server and then this is a message that I’ve mentioned okay so for the support oh wait yeah for the support channel so usually, these are the support tickets report scam invite tracker and ranking so far yeah this is where members can send out scam warnings in someone is trying to help you or someone is trying to scam you so you can also get the attention of the moderators or they can one person and then here support ticket so usually I categorize the support tickets for nft projects in two ways so there’s a support ticket made for people who are looking for support okay and then some for collaborations and partnerships so oh accomplished. Okay so for support pickets call lab tickets difference is for support these are the usual concerns that they the people will have it will be seen on a different category so that it will be seen on the support category and then for the collabs it will pop up in a different color category so that’s why we create two different categories for this one so the setup of this spot I will discuss in the next advanced course so we are right now on the basic course and then yeah you can also have this sales channel so for example your project is already post mean and then you see that your project has been selling good with this volume in opensea for example so this is a channel where you can flex this  solved nfts from time to time so it gives the information of the seller by your price then if example I see that the price when I started minting is only this price 0.1 it and suddenly it became 0.5 the next day it became one so you know  if you have not been able to mean if this screen this can add some form or effect to the people especially if they see there are a lot of buying pressure all right so this is actually helpful also to the project and then of course  these things would not be said without your own channel for as an admin of the server so for example me I usually use this for setup channels admin moderator chat like I’m a community lead so I have a set of community managers under my team so whenever I instruct and discuss things about them with the server since we’re remotely located and working so we can always utilize these channels and then the filter logs of course you install some security bots auto moderation bots and then the results of this blocking like When people’s  spam or people send some links they can immediately see in this auto moderation logs so this is where I put usually the plugs of the bot if someone did a violation of my operations and in the arrival log so this is usually the welcome log so example when you come to the server for me I don’t specifically like to show it to community you can to show it as a welcome screen to the community but for me I just use it as my personal log for people coming in the desert and then this one these are optional channels of course it depends on your community so global language channel so this the primary standard of communication in the survey is English but then there are people with their friends coming from the same country would who would like to chat using their native language so you can always set this global or language channels for their primary benefits so as this depending on your community but then always check the demographics of your members through server insights function of Discord or by doing some community pulse okay so you can always check from the active members who which countries are they coming from so you can add their native language channels as well okay so for the next topic the permissions. Okay so for categories and channels that you’ve created of course not all roles should have been able to access these different categories in channels so they should have specific rights and functions on the server right so some permissions are as simple as allowing users to add reactions to message While others of course like me I’m an admin, and then I want to have another admin so this role I can give him an administrative action but then others certainly should not be able to do that and then these permissions yeah we can determine by the rules assigned to each user then we can assign a firm role at the server level and at the channel level permission so there are two types so first how to set this up so from the current set of rules you have created initially okay you can customize the permissions using the following so server level permissions wherein each role have a general permission for the whole of the server then a channel level permission wherein you disable some of this server level permissions on different channels it’s like most  it’s like a specific permission for a channel it’s not the server by project okay so to set up the server level applications this is selected it relatively easy so just click on server settings and create role and then missions those provisions okay for refunds right click on the selected channel edit channel and then select the whole that you want and then from events but so these are the permissions in each  role so per roll there are different permissions per channel so this actually is a relatively long topic to discuss today so usually when I set up permissions or roles and channels I have this excel file with me so I don’t get confused all right so this topic and my suggestions for the server settings for the permissions would be discussed on our next class for the Discord master class advanced server setup all right along with the other advanced topics such as token gating verification gating setting up the Bots that we use for example you are using a wick bot and you are not sure how to properly configure it so yeah I’ll guide you through with that on the next Discord master class for the advanced server setup so don’t miss that out guys okay so we are literally done so bots on a Discord server okay so this is something interesting especially to those who have the basic knowledge of Discord but do not know which bots they want to use or they should use in their web3 project so I know some here like yeah I know how to set up server but I don’t know what are the bots that you know my project founder wants me to install I don’t know how to do that so how do we do that function so is there such what so yeah good news there are these spots that makes our life easier for managing our Discord than setting our Discord server up so the following are the types of bots for Discord a moderation and security music social media RSS feed, fun or specifically for games and then utilities all right so these bots you can always check in their corresponding websites but then yesterday I suggest using three genes besides to look for these spots but here in this class I’ll be discussing the box that I suggest for you to use for these different function so please take note okay but then before anything else? How to set up bots for Discord server so for guys who are new okay the number one visit about websites such as top.gg and then search and select specific bot function that you have that you want right then click the add to the Discord server or invite to the server and then just review permissions so with the permissions just ensure that you know there are no example if this is just a fun bot or just a start but so it does not need any management or admin right so just stick with that because some Bots especially if these spots are not official ones they will try to hack you so I suggest when checking out for Discord server bots use those who are relatively known in already in the web3 industry or in the Discord form or in the top.gg there is a star rating there and the number of votes you can always refer to that and see if it’s a legitimate bot or not but then here luckily doing this course so I can suggest you nice spots for example and other functions so for me suggested Bots for moderation and security number one for me is me six premium okay and now you can always utilize the me six normal one but then there are there will be limitations in the things that you can do for him in different Minds we set up the tommy bot if you can see it it’s actually a custom but coming from me six premium so custom bot is a function of a premium access for the music and then Dino is an alternative to me six it’s an all-in-one moderation bot as well and good night so primarily I use this bots to avoid some you know bad words coming into the server so if you can see here if you type some bad words it can be blocked using this spot so for TokenMinds as an example we utilize here the me six premium box so I put up the filter so I listed down all the adwords that I know and then it turned in all the filtered words and violations coming from the members will be listed in my moderation log so I see that no if someone is really trying to be nasty I can always find him up and then also if someone is trying to send links I’m using this music’s premium and goodnight us a shield or security for myself so I know some of you do not know how to you know avoid some spam links in your server the answer is yeah this one music premium for me and also good night but with music’s premium I like it more because you can whitelist some websites for example twitter.com, facebook.com, I want to allow that and of course the website of my project I want to allow that so you can actually put that in the allowance or white list so that it would not block that and also if example your core team members your admin your moderator should not be blocked when sending some links any links of course and it’s under your discretion if you give that right so you can know always white list them also in the music streaming with good night  they cannot wait list a role just a website so it’s limited for me so that’s why I like miss explaining that and then yeah for verification purposes so verification gating I suggest the use of sledgehammer or pandas guard so for me these are the good ones so instead of just merely using the music’s premium both as a reaction rule but we’re in you know to get access to the server you just click on the emoji then you get access so some I observed the bots have been able to come through go through this mechanic of security so with sledgehammer and pen discard you can set up like they can do they can select photos and then they can select the correct  icon for example it says that select a lemon okay so you can ask them to select from the list so bots certainly cannot do that unless there’s also advanced then with pandas guard the good thing with pandas guard is it can require people to read the rules first and then give out a message that they agree to close their DMS because DMS are primary route of scams in this web recent verse and then they perform captcha verification so it’s like a really strong verification button we’ll find this card so I suggest this one if you up to this one with this is the best security bot ever like it can avoid anti-nuke and I know somebody regards to server rates so the definition of a server rate is example I’m a bad guy I want to sabotage a server and I know their security is not good I can put 150 bots in in the server or 50 members 20 members but with bad intention to spam to insult etc., we can come in directly to the server at the same time and then spam at the same time so those actions of merely doing away like being there consecutively at the same time and then it’s about actually the delay between the joints of each bot is just like a second or millisecond so you can definitely avoid this rape thing with the wick bot and then there’s also the anti-nuke bot, example there is a moderator you give them you improperly gave them the access to all things in your server like to edit server and then suddenly  he became bad no he had this bad intentions of deleting some channels etc., or some just finding people like 10 consecutive times in three seconds something like that so the wick bot can actually come capture that with their anti-nuke function so this is really a good boat as well but then if you have not have the experience if you do not know how to properly set it up it can even your core members so yeah this this thing really needs some studying and testing before setting it into your server so I’ll be discussing this what how it functions in the next advanced course so suggested Bots for music function so Hydra, pancake, lo-fi radio. So for me I always use Hydra but then sometimes people would love to hang out with a lot of people wanting to have their own playlist and don’t want to have a queue so yeah sometimes I add pancake as an additional bot so that I can place a documentary members can play simultaneously on different channels because there’s usually a long queue if these are music lover community and then with lo-fi radio yeah I suggest it as well if you want like a 24/7 free radio with a lo-fi music so you can always use this one yeah so what’s for fun mini games the usual ones I suggest as I mentioned are regarding both Rumble Royale and if you want some of these guessing games as well you can use hangman and trivial and then for yeah  social media or RSS feed so for example you want the Twitter integration directly to your Discord Channel or you want some nft news crypto news or any news coming from any media outlets online you can use this thing so me six for premium and tweet shift I use physics premium  other than Pichi for the Twitter, so for me music premium is better because it’s just one bot all at the same time and then both thought that I oh this is actually a new boto.io, so we use this for customizing RSS feeds so if example you see here in TokenMinds we have our own TokenMinds blog, we also have some news coming from coin Telegraph nft calendar  the RSS feed coming from their media platforms are directly integrated to our Discord server through the bottle that I open so setting these things up I’ll also discuss in the next course or utilities okay so for general functions the two options that I have is music’s premium and dyno  but then this explains that I’m referring to are the embed functions leveling functions etc., so for giveaways like for example you are an nft community you partnered or collaborated with another community or another project we can give away widely spots in our community through this boat so alphabot is my bot of choice because we can have more requirements first like example jointly I follow Peter you check them out before they can be able to join on this giveaway so yeah it helps us in the growth of our platforms as well and then for better server set up yes you can see server stats we use that for the counter of the members on top of our server invite tracker yeah if you are going to have a reward for you know people who invite more people into your server you can actually make it as an inside contest event, you can use this invite tracker bot, then pickups is the one I use for the ticketing system in our Discord servers. For nft related stuff, collabland and matricat so for Ethereum projects mostly I use collabland and for sol projects matricat okay I’m praying for Ethereum based nft projects for the sales but I use opensea sales bot if they are especially on opensea, and then for Solana-based projects, we can use metahelics, then we can also use actually bottom is a very customizable bot but for both of these functions to perform as a sales spot so it shows the sales of your nfts all right then, for example, you are a trader, of course, you want to check always the performance and the current price of the Bitcoin, Solana, Ethereum, etc., so we can always put this also as an option in our Discord server using the crypto price trapper bots, you just type and GG BTC it is eth or sol, so it will definitely show you these bots you can install. And then of course in Ethereum sometimes the gas prices are really high you can always check the gas price using this gas travel boat so just search in top.gg as well. Okay so it’s exactly one hour guys, so it is the end of the basic Discord setup course so specific if you are you know an experienced guy in setting up Discord yeah this is the basic course of the specific Discord settings channels calls permission setup specific how to spot setups and verification token getting procedures will be on the next course all right for the advent so watch out for it guys oh so far any questions guys hello you can but it is our voice chat channel guys for any questions. All good are you yeah so if guys have any questions so if you have questions you can always chat as well in our ticket or general chats can opt to do so but then yeah if you have more questions for example if you are a community manager or moderator that has been tasked to create your own server according to the needs of the project founders or the party all right so you can use this as a starter all right but this was of course for the specifics that will be tackled in the next course that I will be preparing for you guys but then if you have any questions just let’s put it now before we end our session some people that will this be recorded for a future reference. Yes, this will be recorded for lesson one it’s being currently being prepared.
Anchor: Yeah thank you for being patient with lesson one, actually we also need to do some editing and make it looks really nice right then we’ll share it with you so it will be like today or late tomorrow or latest on Thursday I think we will send that to you and also for information I will let next lesson will be around early next week, we’re preparing on that so we will make an announcement then this before.
Chris: What are some essential rules for a new Discord server? All right so of course the as a start or that so you can check our rules currently that I’ve set up so these are usually the basic rules that I put up so number one communicate in English because not all people know understand like for example Spanish Italian etc., Philippine, then make friends have engagements help people share insights and then yeah do’s and don’ts basically if you want the members to be more active by sending out memes because you are a means project, meme related project, you can also put in the server rules then of course number one in the community is respect you can also put that thing and always respect and then no abusing no swearing no name calling etc., no spamming, no fud, for to also try to protect your project but of course if there comes a fourth scenario that arises your team of moderators and community managers should always be able to  handle it properly so you should be able to train your community managers as well for that and  yeah no spamming no porn so if you are a porn guy it’s not allowed here, yeah so yeah you can refer to the server rules that I put up on this second mind server as a start then you can you know suit it to your needs depending actually on your server and then yeah some of the things that can be blocked automatically by Bots as well like links and spam messages and NSFW images etc., can be actually done by some bots which I’ll be discussing into the next course with advanced courses. So thank you for that question AA.