Talk With Duel Casino | Learn NFT Strategies with KOLs & Experts

Video Transcript:

Chris: So yeah we were on the question of things and information about you Oppas before getting into Duelbots right?
OppasDuel: Yeah I think yeah that’s correct. I think the last question you asked me was you know what I was doing yeah before tool and then kind of have I got into the whole web3 space, so just like a high-level overview again, I was an account executive working in the big tech space and I’ve been investing into crypto since 2017, and so I was always you know involved in the web3 space however I really got into the granular details you know in the nft scene after meeting a meeting my good friend apesol at an in-person event and that’s kind of how it came to fruition and I teamed up with the Duel team to go on this journey.
Chris: Right yeah and then yeah for those who don’t know and to our new listeners for example so can you tell us more about Duelbots?
OppasDuel: Yeah for sure, I guess like a really high just got really overarching overview like Duelbots is our nft line for our platform, so we are in online casino and our Duelbots their original mint was you know 2223 pieces of high-quality 3D pfp nfts, and the primary purpose behind the duelbot was getting additional utility while playing on the duel platform right and the main one that you’re getting right now is community rewards which come out in in the form of chips but we do have other utilities in the pipeline such as interest-free loans and also the ability to create your own loot boxes so we do have other utilities coming out in in the works but yeah so that that’s our main product nft duelbots right there but again one thing I do want to say is we’re not just an nft project we are an online casino first with nft aspects.
Chris: All right so yeah I’ve seen a lot of Casino platforms before and other projects but then this is one is really unique as I see it because with Duelbots, one thing I can say with your Casino your UI is pretty clean and really good looking in comparison to others it really shows like the details and how well you worked on it yeah that’s what I can see and then with this my question is for example, I want to play in your online platform do I actually need a duelbot nft because right now the prices are really high right, so maybe for some degens they cannot really enter due to if they cannot really buy one due to that floor price at the moment right.
OppasDuel: Yeah for sure, and yeah though to ask the simple answer to the question would be no you don’t need to have a duel bot to come on and play on our platform as long as you’re in a jurisdiction that allows online gambling you are more than welcome to hop on and play without a duelbot.
Chris: Oh that that’s really cool that’s in Solana there are a lot of degens, you know then they cannot really enter you on some high entry barriers like if they need to buy so yeah that’s really cool to hear that so for people here who are interested in you know online gambling, etc., I really suggest this one as I’ve seen that there’s a lot of people tweeting that okay I entered with one SOL and then suddenly after playing on the platform I gained like 24 SOL, which is really exciting you know like oh it’s really something that people can be excited of.
OppasDuel: Yeah, one hundred percent.
Chris: What kind of games do you actually have on this platform?
OppasDuel: Yeah great question so currently right now we have you know the fan favorite coin flip, to dive a bit deeper into our coin flip game I think the biggest differentiator and why it’s been so successful it’s because of the overall speed of the platform right like the benefit of our platform is that it we’re kind of a web 2.5 company in the sense that the only real web3 aspect that we have at the moment is the deposit and withdrawal function of our platform, the games itself is completely off-chain and with that it allows us to create games, create and deliver games at a much higher speed right so for example if you’re playing a coin flick game that’s on chain and the time that it takes one game to go through, you could be flipping 10 coins on our platform right, so the fact that speed to the game I think is one of the biggest differentiators, and the reason why the community sentiment has been so good. Moving on from that we do have a jackpot game, nft jackpot, and from a collaboration standpoint I think this game is the one that speaks the best into what we’re trying to really drive here which is a community-focused platform right? Jackpot is a PVP game, oh sorry before I go on to that coin flick can be both PVP or you can play against the house so there’s two options there now circling back to Jackpot, Jackpot is a PVP game, essentially it’s like almost similar to Raffles in the sense that the more you put in the higher chance you have to win we have three different tiers you have low mid and then wild so wild has no cap low is up to 25 chips and medi is I believe 25 to 250 and for those of you who aren’t aware one chip equals one USB in terms of valuation  so the cool thing about our jackpot is we actually have a white list of nft, Solana nft projects that we accept that can be used and wagered  in the jackpot pool, so that’s been really cool exceptive I remember last time we had a grand jackpot I believe it was d-gen legends that threw up, threw in two two t-gods into the pod and totally left side was something yeah it was crazy it ran up all the way to at least 7,700  for our brand jackpot, but hey this is a really good really good segue into letting you guys know on Friday we’re actually having another grand jackpot that’s co-sponsored by barucho dragons  Boca labs there they sponsor co-sponsored the grand jackpot of two thousand dollars and we are going to be putting in about six thousand dollars to make the total pot size 7,777, and that initial pot there it’s gonna have a zero percent chance of winning, so that’s a free part you know come play it’s gonna take 24 hours but usually our grand jackpots go pretty well  but yeah I’ll sort of go back to the grand jackpot that we like some of the events that we’re having this weekend after I kind of go through the questions here, the next thing we have is a fan favorite and probably our most popular game dream towers  it’s the idea behind dream tires is every like on easy mode for example there’s four tiles and three out of the four tiles allow just like that that allows you to go to the next level and make it all the way to the top  you get higher payouts right it’s kind of like mines but it’s more vertical in a sense  so we have to create collect  select the right tiles to continue to go up,  but you can cash out at any moment but again the higher you go  the more payout you get. Now that being said we do have currently three games however this weekend you can expect our in-house crash game to release, so we’re super excited about that  crash will be coming out on our platform this weekend so that’s gonna be our fourth official duel original game that’s coming out
Chris: Yeah that’s really cool, so guys it’s not too late you can still join, maybe I will join also.
OppasDuel: Yeah, no please do. It’s never too late guys like and one thing that I think a lot of people miss is that we’ve only actually been live for about a month and a half now right so it’s still very early in the journey we have so much more to do we have so much cool things that we’re building that’s on our roadmap like you know we recently just announced our otters Tech partnership you know that’s just one of the many dominoes that we have set in place so yes to your point it’s still very early in the journey.
Chris: Yeah, yeah actually with the current floor price it’s still really undervalued for me just checking in the prices, and then actually the chart I saw the chart on Magic Eden I really think for me it’s this is not advice but just my personal comment so I really think that 122 SOL floor price is really still undervalued for this project because you know there will be a lot of people really interested in this especially they can join without really needing to buy the nft, but with buying the NFT what could they do what is the advantage of that so can you tell us about it?
OppasDuel: Yeah, I think I alluded to this a bit earlier but essentially the main benefit right now in terms of the utility aspect of having a duelbot is the community rewards right the community rewards come out in the form of chips and you can ask the community members if you want but it’s been quite lucrative in terms of the from a rewards standpoint and with those chips you know you can feel free to play on the platform or withdraw whatever you please but as we further grow out our platform we’re gonna be adding additional utilities such as interest-free loans using the Duelbot collateral, loot boxes that you can create where you become essentially you become the house right you can put in whatever you want and set the odds and you’ll take the winnings there so we have additional fun and interesting you know like different utilities that are going to come out by owning these duelbots so there’s still a lot more to come.
Chris: Oh all right so that’s really cool so you mean passively just by holding these nfts you gain some chips right?
OppasDuel: Exactly, yeah you get some rewards.
Chris: Oh all right so that’s really cool so yeah I think Mark is already here. Mark are you there? Hello Mark? Oh yeah so let’s just continue with the questions oh yeah so what do you think you know within this space there are a lot of projects hello everyone can you hear me yeah there’s welcome Mark welcome.
Mark: Hello everyone, can you hear me?
Chris: Yes we can hear you, bro. Yeah with this in this space right there are a lot of Casino platforms etc., that appeared really back then, so what do you think really set duelbot apart within the web3 space, and then any strategies that you can share for example on how you’ve done this?
OppasDuel: I’m sorry could you, could you repeat that first question, I couldn’t hear because of the background noise.
Chris: All right. So what do you think sets duel bots apart within the web3 space? So any strategies you can share with us on how you’ve done this actually?
OppasDuel: Yeah, yeah for sure appreciate it, Mark, if you don’t Mike is it possible to mute your mic really quickly, there’s a lot of echoing I’m going from that side awesome, thank you so much, thank you so much. All right, yeah so the question was what really sets us apart in the web3 space, and I guess kind of that alludes to you know why we’ve been we’ve been able to see this kind of success, and I think it really kind of comes back to the sentiment of like the team and how we were true on building a great product. First, so like I mentioned earlier on we’ve been building tools since last year of January and I’m sure you’re aware but last year I think I believe like mid-year March, there’s there was just like a gust of Solana gambling projects that are popping up left and right. A lot of them being white label solutions, just a quick turnaround right like it was a gambling mode, I believe that around then and we definitely made upset thinking oh man like should we be promoting our product, our project first but you know the team came to a consensus, thinking you know like we’ll keep our heads down and you know and continue to build duel first, and get this done right and then we’ll discuss and we’ll talk about what we’ve built so far so the biggest differentiator is we took a different approach right if you look at the web3 space right now most of the people use the nft as a way to raise capital to build the product we took it we took the other way around so we actually built the product first put our money where our mouth is and then once the product was completed we showed what we had to the community, and then our mint date was I believe a week after or a couple of days after we actually went live from a platform standpoint. So the biggest differentiator is you know having trust in the product and delivering a quality product and being obviously customer and community obsessed taking in feedback during the data stages to make sure that the platform is something that the community would be happy about so once we are before our you know before we minted once our platform went live I think the platform itself and the team and the support we had behind the team kind of spoke for itself002C and helped us get to the point where we are today.
Chris: Yeah I really think that’s really special and important that, of course, other projects try to get the funds from the community but then here you highlighted that you brought value first by perfecting the product in some sense than showing it to them to gain trust. I think I really like that point.
OppasDuel: Yeah.
Chris: Yeah that’s really great. I really believe this is one of the most important things in the space right now that makes any project really unique, yeah. So other than that you know how do you think nfts are going to move forward so it’s 2023 right now right so there are a lot of changes that we’ve seen we’re seeing in this space and then do you have any specific strategies as well for you that you see would be effective in the upcoming times?
OppasDuel: Yeah that’s a tough question to ask me. You know, you see I wish I had a crystal ball to know where the direction of nfts are headed, but I guess to answer that question in a different note when it comes we don’t want to answer that question to my duel lens  I’m like this is like I’m confident in toolbox and where we’re headed and the reason I’m so confident in what we’re offering is because barring the nft alone but like the product itself has duel we have so many good like so many cool things in the roadmap so many domino pieces that we’ve set up and it’s just starting to knock one by one like I’m alluded to earlier like the otter set partnership that we announced  the additional partnership with Boku Labs accepting Boca token the grand jackpot that’s coming up  the initial the launch of our fourth official duel game crash like and this is just the beginning right so I can’t tell you how the nft market as a whole is gonna move, but again this isn’t financial advice but I am very confident in how duel is gonna how duel is going to progress and what we have planned and how what we’re going to be executing and again naturally as duel does well, duel bots tend to do well as well so that’s kind of my sentiment towards how duel Bots should be heading based on how duel is going to be heading.
Chris: All right so going more over into strategies you know, so have you also encountered some hurdles within the span of your operation of the Duelbots project then how did you actually overcome these obstacles?
OppasDuel: Yeah, oh my God we’re driving start man like I mean it’s not just us right it’s the market as a whole has just been getting beat on so many different levels right so many hurdles and obstacles that we had to face this year you know SOL price just kind of tanking, then there’s a whole  FTX fiasco and  I alluded to this a bit earlier as well but there’s like a flood of gambling meta where you know  not as quality projects for coming out with  Casino related projects which is kind of muddying mudding that space there so there’s so many things that kind of went against us again like I think the whole sole like FTX crash being one of the biggest things but  we just had to double down right we had to double down and bet on ourselves and understand that hey like we are building something quality here and you know if we keep our heads down and continue to build people will notice you know the community will notice and they’ll reciprocate, and  thankfully that came to fruition  we delivered on what we wanted and the you know the baby that we were building which is duel, it came to fruition in December, and thankfully the community agreed that you know this is something different, this is quality and we were able to kind of beat all those hurdles but yeah like don’t get me wrong during those times where we’re deep into building  with nothing to actually be customer facing at the time and all these things were just knocking us down like from a morale standpoint it was hard but again just doubling down and really truly believing in the product and the project itself  that definitely helped us get through and you know we’re pretty happy at where we’re at right now.
Chris: All right yeah that’s really great to hear, so from here of observations so which preview strategies that are you know being usually used by nft projects no longer work, then what do you think are the new strategies that you observe to be working at the moment?
OppasDuel: Yeah, I think you know I can’t really speak on a macro level just because from an nft project standpoint like duel is my first one and it’s something that I’ve been so deeply ingrained on and it kind of goes back to the initial statement that I made right, I think the new strategy for an nft project to be successful we’re no longer Unfortunately we’re no longer in the bull right so for an nft project be successful there needs to be more than just that that initial nft and the hype right there needs to be actual tangible deliverable quality product behind it or a utility behind it and I think we kind of showed that and kind of put that into test by releasing duel as a platform first, and then releasing our nfts, so for the short answer to that would be the new strategy that would work for in the nft scene and I guess just based on my experience are you know, having a quality product to back your nft line.
Chris: Yeah that’s really important yeah I agree so.
Chris: Yeah go ahead.
OppasDuel: Yeah, I just really wanted to add one thing because again apologies for cutting you off there but not only having a quality product but you know with that quality product comes a quality community right, and is making sure that you engage with that community getting that feedback to adjust how you’re building your project definitely helps propel your project overall as well, but I’m sorry back to you Chris.
Chris: Yeah thanks, Chris. Oh yeah what’s next for duel bots, so can you talk to us about
OppasDuel: Yeah for sure.
Chris: What’s in your plans for 2023 to ensure the longevity of the project?
OppasDuel: For sure, for sure, again as we would, as I mentioned we’re just getting started, we’ve been out for a month just over a month and a half now and we love what we’ve done so far but this price is really super high you know like yeah but this is just the beginning, so we’re coming out with more games such as crash, plinko, and blackjack, just to name a few, and later down the line, we are going to be implementing other games such as you know live tables Sports bets and also slots, so you know, transitioning into a full-on online casino so yeah there’s so much in the roadmap for this year it’s gonna be really fun I’m looking forward to some of the initiatives that we have and again the team is continuously growing recently we signed fast Edward already as head of marketing, so from a marketing front we’re really starting we are really going to start doubling down and you should be seeing some cool stuff coming your way.
Chris: Yeah all right so last but not least so we because we have here some potential you know founders of new projects listening to us from time to time so for new nft projects launching this 2023, so what are the suggestions you have for them to be successful and what are some key of the some of the key things to keep in mind when starting a new project in the NFT space?
OppasDuel: Yeah for sure, I think the main thing is nft in like web3 space as a whole it’s very community driven and that’s a double-edged sword right, that’s what makes it so great and so beautiful but at the same time because it’s community-focused and community-driven. It’s easy to get lost in the noise so one thing like a big piece of advice that I would give out is to make sure that you don’t get lost in the noise keep your head down and build and trust me people notice the effort and quality and at the end of the day let your product speak for itself and don’t forget to be customer slash Community obsessed and ask for feedback, and be malleable to that.
Chris: All right sounds good, so yeah so far those are my questions, and then yeah thank you for that oh pass, but then we will be opening the floor for our guests, I mean to our listeners to actually ask some questions yeah that sounds good yeah so guys I encourage you to ask questions because we will be rewarding those with nice and highly engaging questions in a small reward of 10 USD and then for everyone who participated and listened so we would like to give incentivize you as well with five USD, but this should be randomly selected and announced all right so yeah I have a request here so, let’s hear it from Vermont. Hello Vermont, welcome yeah you can speak now bro.
Vermont: Hello, hello, hello guys, good morning yes so my question is how do you see duel bots in the future what are the things are you planning to add to your little utility of your nft?
OppasDuel: Yeah, I believe I answered this one but let me let me go ahead and answer this one more time in terms of you know overall sentiment of where to how I feel about duel blocks are  me personally I’m very bullish but again I may be biased but  and the bullish comes from me knowing some of the roadmap items that we have in place, even just this week we announced otter set partnership we’re going to be coming out with another grand jackpot to celebrate our 25 million, and  we’re releasing crash game right, so on that side overall over duel bots very bullish, personally again not financial advice, but from a utility level, what additional utilities are going to be coming out  we do have planned in the road map to introduce interest-free loans  using your duel bot as collateral and also the ability to create loot boxes as well so it’s that still in being in development but it should be available coming soon later this year here but yeah those are some of the additional utilities that we have coming up for duel bots.
Chris: I see, I see, that’s really cool man and I think the loan part and if the collateral is something really degen so you should check it out thank you, guys.
OppasDuel: No worries, thank you, thanks for your time appreciate the question.
Chris: Yeah, yeah personal advice you know so since you don’t need to actually buy nfts first before participating, this is really good so you can check it out and participate in the plot Casino platform.
OppasDuel: Yeah that’s correct, check out the website guys, it’s
Chris: So hopefully we win?
OppasDuel: Exactly, that’s the point, that’s the point.
Chris: Yeah, I’m seeing a lot of web2 betting, but it’s time for the legitimate web3 betting platform such as. All right so do we have more questions guys so don’t be shy and we encourage you to engage here with your questions just in case so maybe so I told you we are still early here so seeing the current price it’s already up to 122 Solana floor price but it’s still a long way to go as they just started so we’re still in early here so if you’d like to know more about duel bots it’s your time to ask questions right now. Okay so let’s have it. We have another request Solana Legend first. Hello, Solana Legend welcome oh, yeah there.
Solana Legend: Hey, can you guys hear me?
Chris: Yes.
Solana Legend: So first of all a huge supporter of the project guys I am a believer in this team and I think the pace at which you guys are shipping and your creativity and innovation is going to speak for itself and this is going to be one of the top projects this year but I just wanted to ask if you guys would ever consider doing kind of a stock split, so fractionalizing the duel bots call it five to one, or even ten to one in order to get them to a little bit lower trading range given that most Solana degens don’t have you know 120 or 200, imagine the floor went to like three or four hundred it’s something the coin flips yeah face and they fractionalize The Fat Cats which was huge for them yeah.
OppasDuel: Again, first and foremost really appreciate the love and support, you know and again thank you for hopping on and speaking some words here very kind words that being said like in terms of fractionalization of duel bots that’s something that has come up  in terms of  the community asking about that and it is on our radar  nothing right now that I can give you a concrete answer I’m saying that oh we’ll be doing x y z by then  but it is definitely on our radar it’s something that we’ll need to do a further discussion on  you know I think maybe we’ll ask you know Community sentiment a bit more but it’s on the table but not a priority item unfortunately at the very moment we’re super focused on you know the release of the new game and Plinko to come, but once we kind of stabilize the new games and release everything and it does settles a bit, I think that’s something that we can discuss but yeah it’s definitely on our radar  
Solana Legends: Thanks no worries.
OppasDuel: Anything else?  
Solana Legends: Yeah, I mean I guess I have a few other questions if you guys don’t mind me asking but?
OppasDuel: Yeah sure go ahead.
Solana Legends: Yeah so have you guys, I guess yeah some of these are a little bit more specific but how are you guys approaching like integrating like regional games like for example, I don’t know there’s like different sectors of the gambling world right places that like in Asia, for example, they have each country typically has like their own games and stuff how do you guys like feel about those versus traditional casino games and would you ever integrate like say like you know the color game from the Philippines or like some other regional game if it had enough traction?
OppasDuel: Yeah, great question in terms of where we see duel headed it is definitely a global company so in terms of if there is traction in the community demand 100 that’s something that we could definitely look into in terms of like game aggregators like we are talking to the biggest and the baddest in the space, so if it’s something that has enough demand we’re pretty sure that those providers will offer it. So we’re confident in terms of what we can offer and again we always come back to the true North statement of being a community-driven, community-obsessed platform so again if the community says they want it we can always look into it but yeah I’m nothing immediately in the pipeline but if that’s something that the community wants there’s something that you can definitely look into for sure.
Solana Legion: Awesome, and then one last question I know the lending stuff is like a roadmap item in the future. So nothing immediate but I had a question around like the mechanics so first of all will like people be able to like do borrow lend or is it only you know borrowing from the house?
OppasDuel: Yeah great question, unfortunately, I wish I had more details on this so it’s still on the drawing board in terms of where we want to head in terms of direction standpoint but last we discussed and again this may be subject to change so don’t quote me on this but I believe it’s going to be borrowing against the house leveraging your duel bot as collateral, so getting chips based on that.
Solana Legend: Okay that’s awesome and then sorry one more question about the loot boxes. So you mentioned this is going to be kind of a potential future utility for the duel bot nfts themselves, does that mean that duel bots are going to have some kind of exclusive benefit with regards to these like loot box games or creating loot boxes or is this something that you know everyone will be able to do eventually or is it will you have to have a duel bond to do it?
OppasDuel: Yeah so right now the way it is set up based on the discussions that we’ve had again this is still in the drawing board as well we might we might do a community sentiment too to see where we want to head with this but in the initial plan is you will need to have a toolbar to create those loot boxes.
Solana Legends: Okay, that’s awesome, thanks a lot man. I asked some pointed questions, I hope you don’t get in trouble.
OppasDuel: Okay all good.
Chris: Yeah thanks a lot man, really nice questions and insights, yeah, so to spread light share light into this information about duel bots right? So we have some more speaking today, so that accepts them so we have here Rachel, so Rachel welcome, so you can speak now and ask your question.
Rachel: Hi, mine is just a bit general, just curious to find out maybe why you settled in Solana as a blockchain, and yet we have various other options like say Ethereum, Polygon,  watts, and so many others so why specifically did you guys settle on Solana?
OppasDuel: Thank you, yeah, thank you for the question Rachel, and fantastic question at that. So the reason why we chose the Solana community? I think it really kind of goes back to looking in the community like as there’s no other community like the Solana community, I think it’s the most vibrant, most lively within the web3 space, and also because the founding team, so the dueler and also apas, so they both actually come from that Solana, OG Solana space right, they were the founders of Degen ape academy, and just knowing their experience and knowledge within the community they knew that the Solana community was the best place to build and on top of that the team as a whole felt that for so long the Solana community as there was a big gap in providing a quality Casino experience like duel and that’s why you know all the pointers pointed towards SOL, so that’s why we decided to kind of build on this platform here.
Rachael: Awesome thank you.
Chris: So any more questions Rachael?
Rachael: Not at the moment.
Chris: All right, so we have another one the questing to speak here, thank you, Rachel. So Franklin, so we have Franklin, so that’s oh he canceled, oh there, there you go.
Franklin: Hey yes, can you guys hear me?
Chris: Yeah welcome, yeah welcome Franklin
Franklin: He was Connor, I just had a question so basically I have a friend  or a co-worker actually who  I think it’s like an early he had like the early alphon duel bots I remember him chatting a bit like a few months ago he’s like oh I’m looking at these he showed me the I think it was the Twitter or something but yeah I didn’t think much of it I was like whatever just like Casino thing right but yeah he basically had Alpha I think his body was actually it’s actually  a part of your company somehow I’m not I don’t have so much information sorry I was very limited but basically I have a question which would be  I heard he ended up telling me though that it didn’t sell out, the mint didn’t sell it for duel bots, so I’m just curious like as to like did you I kind of just want to know like why didn’t it sell it like was your hype not there at the time, and like just looking at where you guys are now it’s like just crazy so I just wondering like what did you guys learn from that  whole mint experience and not selling it was that like a to like help you guys in a way do you think or so?
OppasDuel: Right off the bat Franklin, okay, I appreciate your time you appreciate your coming up and speaking. We actually did sell out, it was a slow mint, took about two to three hours, but we successfully minted out.
Franklin: Okay I guess there’s just like the timing of it, he said it didn’t mean to instantly maybe that’s what he said but yeah okay I mean it’s just like a miscommunication, but okay well I guess I just botched my question.
OppasDuel: No, no, its okay it’s okay.
Chris: All good bro.
Franklin: But the second secondary thought, so the first time using the website today, I tried like the jackpot game mode whatever that is sick, I was just like watching people play for a bit I was like dude I gotta get it on this so I threw like a soul down and then I lost the first one with them like I said try it again and like ended up coming out like 50 bucks on in profits that shit was lit.
OppasDuel: Nice congrats, congrats,
Franklin: Yeah dope, I’d like to see more emotes, though emotes there are like 15 emotes. I want to see some seventy emotes or some shit.
OppasDuel: Actually in our Discord we do have like a section where we ask the community like what emojis you guys would like to be added on the site so it’s something that we can definitely add, and kind of circling back to one of the points that you mentioned you know you know you loving jackpot and seeing people gamble I think like the one thing that we really wanted to bring in in the Duel space is one thing that kind of go goes missing when you look at online gambling is the nature of gambling altogether because in real life gambling as a sport, it’s quite a social experience right, it’s a social activity and we try to kind of emulate that aspect into the online space, and that’s why we have brought the jackpot and the chat and with all these emotes and emojis to you know cheer each other on, or you know cry after a loss and stuff of that  stuff like that so  I think you know Franklin you’re like a core  protestant of seeing like you know like having that social aspects definitely adds to that experience and I’m glad you enjoyed your time.
Franklin: Yeah like my family members when I was growing up they would like play like we I’d go for my grandma’s house and you’d be like a big family gathering and like I just realized like all my like moms I guess female relatives they’d all like play Hearts and stuff so yeah like very social I just drew a connection with that maybe not such a great connection but yeah, social is definitely something that I see too so good answer.
OppasDuel: Appreciate it thank you.
Chris: Thank you, Franklin. So any more to add to your questions?
Franklin: No, not really, I’m just gonna keep an eye on these nfts, though for sure the duel bots, I think my buddy still holds 10, so I’m gonna try to get on his level and like grab one in the future but I don’t know that might take me a while but anyways yeah you guys will definitely be my reader yeah thanks for letting me up here and have a good night guys.
OppasDuel: Appreciate it, thanks for your time.
Chris: Thank you, bro, thank you bro, so we have another question here from Sheesh, oh wow, we have a lot of questions but Sheesh, welcome to the space. Hello Sheesh okay, you can go ahead? Let’s go ahead.
Sheesh: Yeah so I have a question, so is this like a whole gambling and casino thing legal?
OppasDuel: Yeah great question, so right now, the way we’re operating is legal, and we do that by limiting jurisdictions right? So we have a jurisdiction prohibition, prohibited jurisdictions, so if you’re from a country or an area that does not allow online gambling, unfortunately, you won’t be able to access our website or platform.
Sheesh: Okay, okay, great, great.
Chris: All right, so we have more questions in the form of comments actually, so here are some questions from Nino Jules and Apone, so these are kind of similar now so is there any assurance or security or workaround for the project with you know because Solana chain is always having some issues on hacks and such, so especially on betting sites.
OppasDuel: Yeah no for sure and again when it comes to security and cyber security as a whole it’s definitely top of the line right like any online business security should be at the forefront in one of their operational pillars and that’s why we are so proud to announce that we have made a partnership with ottersec to audit our code and platform for the current games and future games that we have to come partnering with such a formidable partner like ottersec we’re confident that we can deliver some of the security pillars that meet the standard that we want to meet.
Chris: All right, all right, yeah so any other questions from our guests and listeners here before we end this space for today? So all right, so I think we are about to wrap up our space for today so I’d like to thank everyone who attended. Oh wait there’s another one so sorry, so yeah from Neal, are there plans on integrating web2 businesses to add more options of streams of revenue and maybe offer that merch as well as prizes?
OppasDuel: Right, so incorporation of web2 like I’m not sure if the person who asked that question is here but could you provide more context and what lens, because like from a business standpoint, we will definitely be incorporating you know web 2 and web3 motions from a marketing front, so that’s definitely in the pipeline but yeah like in terms of like if I come again.
Chris: He’s here actually. Yes so I invited you, Neal, over to speak, maybe transfer there on this one, so please accept, he’s not that accepting yeah it’s all good but in terms of merch that’s something that’s on our radar as well, we’re currently debating bringing on a quality vendor, and potentially having merch as well but at the moment there’s nothing immediate again we really want to focus on the platform first and deliver quality products and games, but again once it does settles happy to look into it but it’s definitely on our radar.
Chris: Yep, so Neal, you can speak now yes.
Neal: Hello, yeah so I asked about it because from my experience in research on nfts most projects now are planning on integrating web2 businesses so that they would be able to finance upcoming or long-term plans for the project and to give more utilities to its holders so you know I I asked it because it could be like what they call this our utility wherein you know your holders could win some merch in their grand prizes and only your holders for of course it would be like an exclusive utility for holders only like they could win merch or they could share the profits on the sales of the merch or whatever revenue the web2 business that’s integrated into the project could have in the future so that you know so instead of just gambling and gambling they would have at least very minimal Assurance of returns on the principles that they invested in the nft itself.
OppasDuel: Okay so first off, I think the main thing there is the main point here is you know stream of revenue right, like again to loot my original opening statement, I want to make this clear we’re not an nft project we are an online casino with an nft, nft line right like with an nft aspect incorporated into it, into not only our own line but into the games as well. So from a revenue standpoint, like we are a web-to-business at the end of the day we’re an online casino right so from a revenue standpoint we’re not too worried you can check our mix panel, we are trending pretty well so in terms of additional revenue streams like I think we should be we shouldn’t be straying off from, what we’re building right now if anything we’re going to be doubling down more so on the online gambling platform so you know our online casino.
Neal: Understood, understood, thank you, thank you for answering.
OppasDuel: Yeah, no thank you for your question, Neal.
Chris: Yeah, thank you, Neal. So any more questions before we end this space? Okay so if there are no more questions, I’ll like to thank you Opas.sol, and other listeners here for coming in for tonight, today’s space, so it’s really insightful and you know got me excited to even participate in the world casino right. Now you know I’ll try my luck.
OppasDuel: Awesome, thank you, Chris, I appreciate you hosting the space and appreciate the invite, thank you to everyone that hopped on and asked questions or we’re listening in. If you guys have any questions you know feel free to shoot me a DM again please check out, we have some cool prizes and events coming up this weekend so it’s a great time for you guys to hop on and check it out.
Chris: Yeah definitely, definitely for me personally, I suggest personal advice, not a piece of financial advice though so yeah, thank you, everyone, for coming, and then see you in the next space so we will have Alpha Pharaohs’ on the next base so the founder was here earlier so I was not able to call him so, it’s okay so we’ll have Alpha Pharaohs’ on the next space, so see you again in our next space for nft strategies Twitter space podcast for TokenMinds, so yeah my name is Chris and our guest Oppas.sol is Chris as well. So thank you very much for coming today. So yeah, see you again guys in the next space, and bye-bye have a nice day.