NFT & Crypto Marketing Lesson 6: Promote Engagement in Your Discord & Telegram Community

Video Transcript:

Chris: So welcome everybody to today’s lesson nft and crypto marketing this is the sixth lesson under this course okay so before we discuss the setup of the servers etc., and then growing your servers so right after all the setup and marketing that you’ve done for initial traction so this is what’s next so what you’re going to do with your community once they’re already in all right so how do you promote people to actually stay engaged in your Discord and telegram community so I’ll be discussing some of the things that we think are effective ways to do that all right. So my name is Chris I’m the community lead for TokenMinds. Okay, so with TokenMinds we started in 2016 during the IEO, ICO, IDO times, and we’ve worked as a company as an agency we work with more than a hundred clients already added projects already. Some of those you’ve known, like well-hyped ones like cryptoblades if you know that so that’s a really high project last year, and then also again sokishi and some others as well so you can always check out on our website for our full profile so we are a full-service web 3 agency so we start all projects from scratch, we help project clients build their nft projects, crypto projects from scratch in all aspects marketing development content, etc. So yeah my name is Chris, and we handle the community management for all of our clients okay with my team of community manager’s right. So here the main topic is the community, so I would just like to share to you quote that I would like to discuss with regards to the community before we start okay so the greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members okay so I really like this quote with regards to community because some people do not really understand what community is especially for web3, so some clients they think community is more of okay just invite people in our Discord or in our Telegram and they are already our community so yeah partly right but not fully a fact because with community for me community is the group of people trying to engage and also doing contributions to help each other. So they should not be always like okay the core team or the project owners would give things and do things for the community so it’s a two-sided thing actually, so in return the community should be also encouraged to contribute in their own ways to help build the community, so it’s side-by-side, helping each other to reach a common goal. Okay, so how do you actually make people do that so okay they come in the first thing in a project that’s really important for example me if I’m looking at a new project okay so first I want them to believe in what we are trying to build so we let them know let’s share them information and awareness about the project what we are trying to build what are our visions our goals okay so when they are already believers or supporters of your project, we do some engagement activities to help them encourage, stay and contribute further, so this can also be in some forms of incentivizing them, doing some things for their happiness, or enjoyment within the community and so forth. So today those strategies will be discussed so to just to help you know people feel really at home in your own community then they will try their best as you give value to them, this is really important, first as a project owner or a server owner give value to your members then yeah they will definitely, those who are good quality members they will definitely try to contribute and add value back okay so but then this is not always the case so for this  lesson we will discuss some strategies to help them be in that right path so they should be staying in more being more engaged and contributing in your community, so here are the key points and strategies from the most basic one up to the most advanced key points that I want to tackle with regards to encouraging more engagement improving the engagement in your community all right so the key points proper setup of your servers or your platforms for this community groups chat interaction and moderation sharing compelling content events and engagement strategies and encouraging members to contribute okay so I’ll discuss this one by one okay so okay number one proper setup why is this here on this presentation why is this on this lesson okay so yeah proper setup create a well-d organized Discord server, Telegram channel or group, so this is really important as I really like the baseline foundation of any engagement because this is where your community members will actually hang out so it’s like okay going to a place and then the place is dirty so of course you don’t like to go there, so something similar here but digitally so going to this digital community of course the server must be number one very clear with what’s the route or the user experience the onboarding experience that the members who joins faces so example if he joins the server it should be a seamless and smooth you know smooth experience in joining there should be no problems with regards to your welcoming Bots verification things etc., and then they should not be confused when they’re already inside your server they should immediately understand all right so you understand how it goes here, and if there are new guys who don’t actually who are not actually familiar yet with Discord so you can also put some channels for some help you know to provide some help with them so they are guided accordingly, so this is really important because for example I see that the Discord server is kind of confusing and it’s not pleasing to the eye when I enter so sometimes there are people who are really conscious with that and they don’t really want to be part of that community anymore just by simply because they get annoyed with what the server looks like no it’s really disorganized etc., so this is the most basic way all right and  for example in telegram so some people do not know actually the difference between a telegram Channel and the telegram group so if example you are a person you who wants to create a project and who wants to use Telegram rather than Discord for your community okay should understand the difference of this on a very basic way so with the Telegram channel okay so sometimes like for this project Dino Land so they have two, so channel and a group, so  why are there two? Because with channel this is just a one-way communication so usually these are used for or utilized for announcements so because members cannot actually post or chat here in this Telegram channel so usually it’s just more for announcement things so this is the main function of channel where while a group is actually a group discussion that can be linked to this channel so you see these comments etc., is actually just available in every post but with the discussions, you can do it here. Yeah I’m hearing somebody speaking, all right so welcome to all guys who are here, okay so this is really important okay so if I’m a person who’s really overly conscious about disorganized servers etc., I will not definitely engage I just leave the server so this is the most basic and really important thing okay, and then yeah since this is a platform wherein your community members will be doing of moderation per se is to make everyone feel safe at home within your community so it they will also give the users a fun experience, because if they feel like they are feeling threatened, they are being harassed in your community, they will definitely not engage there anymore or even leave okay so this is really important  that for example in your project if you have a project and you want engagement in your community of course you should be able to identify some sort of skills and personalities with your moderator so this moderators that you will be hiring for your project for example should be able to do the following okay so reply to all messages and questions promptly so I’ve been in some Telegram groups I’m seeing there a lot there’s already a lot of questions a lot of  issues being raised out of confusion and the moderators on some projects that I’ve seen they are not responding promptly so it just adds fuel to the fire so there’s more food in that project for example so this is not a good practice so reply this should be important that moderators reply to all messages and questions promptly especially during their shifts and then  not often times that servers  have this really high engagement okay but then there are some communities which okay you’re just starting and then there are some few people so not to not to make the conversations inside your Discord or Telegram community really boring and repetitive so you can start ask these moderators to start conversations with members on daily basis then if you have no topic like they just say hi welcome nice project just ask some questions or posting polls okay about what they want to see more out of your page etc., so this can be thread starters or discussion starters for your community members another strategy if it’s there there’s like idle times in your community to encourage engagement is give out trivia like this one like silver fox is doing he’s giving out daily trivia’s that would be you know  open up for topics for member discussion so for example I am a guy who is actually into researching more about blockchain in general and then I saw this so I also have some idea with regards to that so what will be the case I will try it if I’m  one and really interested in this topic I will discuss further with regards to this one since I’m interested so that’s just one idea for further encouraging of engagement in your community and this is really important  do not sound robotic you know like  when you chat when someone asks you okay so do not simply create some repeating messages that you’ve preformatted etc., so these moderators should take interactions on a personal note and you know build somehow some relationships and networks within the members because if they feel like oh I’m already acquainted to the moderator in that server or community I would like to even further partake in some of the events that they are doing some of the engagement things that they are trying to do so I will support them also so because they are kind of familiar with you so this is really important and of course in web3 network is your network so if you know more people it’s also really good that you have these connections with them. So with that sometimes you can also as moderators for example to encourage more engagement in your server or community so just ask simple questions about the people’s interests or even problems they are facing related to some topics which you might discuss so some samples may be like this all right so on forums you can ask on related forums of course so you can ask these questions so this is actually posted in personal development forum in one of our servers so some things like this so can be a conversation starter and can be a start of the engagements all right, then also encourage users to interact with each other by posting questions or starting discussions by themselves in the chat rooms okay so with some cases we also encourage them with some incentives per se, but it’s not always the case, so it’s just with how we communicate, sorry with how we communicate to the members with regards to this encouragement and call to action so these are some ideas if example you’re starting and then there’s not much engagement yet in your server so one approach is to improve the quality of your chatting through these methods okay so in time of course once they see the quality okay you build and designed your server properly with an organized way and then you did quality interactions such as this one these examples and not only the GM, good morning, how are you, hello things on a daily basis, so this is really better way because we want to you know identify in a community when doing the interactions and moderations of course you can identify people who are really trying to you know share experience with the community members, try to contribute and add value, so it’s really important to identify those members and we maintain the interaction with them so they feel at home then they continue building together with you so that’s really important with regards to community right so this is also important sharing compelling content so I mentioned this many times on some of our lessons before  of course  it’s really nice to have some community updates about the project and some compelling contents related to the project as well and not only some block of text okay but this is really important be consistent with posting nice and informative content then post updates announcements regarding your brand or your project this is really important because  for example in an nft project people are looking for progress, for updates with regards to what’s happening to the project so if they are not seeing any update for months from you they will feel like oh I don’t want to engage in this server anymore because it feels like there’s no sense of progress here but in contrast to a server with community managers or founders really updating from time to time okay so they will see oh there’s continuous updates and continuous progress with regards to the project that or the community that I’m currently in so yeah it’s really is a nice vibe here also as I’ll continue engaging and yeah I’m still bullish on this project so things like that and then  as a moderator if you’re a moderator and someone from your team all right actually posted some of these contents okay some moderator you should try to support your team by highlighting and trying to discuss about this recent content posts with the members so because like for example we have these new events or we have this post have you seen this post that says this one okay so things like that and then you can discuss together with the community members with regards to their reactions in this post do you like it or what do you think about it etc. So this promotes more engagement actually in your community rather than just okay hello welcome here bye things like that all right so here’s the fun part of some things you can also do to add engagements and encourage more engagement in your community, of course doing events, all right so some events simple events like this one, or some even weekly events okay, so you can always do these kinds of things so whether an individual event or a group weekly event can do as long as people see that okay there’s some project updates and then they also have some fun events here, so I’ll try to stay and partake in here, and as a bonus sometimes some projects they are willing to give out cash Rewards or crypto token coins Rewards so people can actually get incentivized with cash or nft whitelist things so these are really good ways to oh I will join there maybe to have fun and then also get incentivized just by simply engaging okay so things like this as well on telegram so it’s not always on Discord only can also be on Telegram in your telegram channel so with telegram we can you can do a an AMA there because there is a call function there as well for the group and then yeah you can still do some events which uses platforms outside your telegram so like this one okay so with this code for example some of the events you can do example your gaming guild gaming project or just a casual project who wants to have fun you can utilize these community games as well and just do it live on a voice channel so you will play together with your community members so like for example in Istanbul guys there are 32 members per round that can play and in Smash cards there are like  I believe 15 things like that so this is simply trying to enjoy together and Vibe together with your community members okay so this is these are really fun games so you can also use the but the basic Bots for this fun games on Discord like dartikbot etc., but for me yeah I’d like to use this one as well since it’s called more interactive than the normal ones and then  of course it’s not always games and all so you can also do some quizzes so some other projects they do the quiz bot thing or trivia bot thing but for me we utilize  this thing called kahoot quiz so this is a live interactive quiz we’re in members or participants can actually answer the quiz altogether simultaneously then they are called Accord accordingly every round that they answered so there’s also a leaderboard so there’s some sense of com live competition here when you’re doing it so you can create quizzes with questions relating to your project to your brand you know so you can actually it’s a double it hits two birds in one stone as it gives fun engagement to the members and also you can gauge the knowledge of your members with regards to your project all right and then of course this is something  really common in the web3 space so I believe majority of you knows this so fine art creative contest so you can actually do fine art contests like for example if you are an nft project all right you ask the people to create their own version of that nft all right or you create their own theme or you just assign a theme like for example last Halloween so we have nft samples showed or sneak peeks to the community and then we told them create a Halloween version of this one so things like that so there are a lot of people who are good at designing, and creating fun arts that I’ve seen in many communities so I believe this is something that taps on to their creativity and then rewards  them for engaging as well then  of course when doing these things we also try to ask them to share on Twitter so we will be more spreading in the web3 space in regards to Twitter so you can also use hashtags in relation to this all right so then sometimes you can just simply Vibe together with your community members so since I’m mentioning you should with your community members create some sort of relationship right so you can have some movie nights with them actually with Discord right now there is  you no longer need to download some apps or some movies there is  this activity feature wherein you can use YouTube built in with Discord so you can look for these movies videos that you can watch together so simply just by doing movie night with your members so make them feel more included or familiar with the community and then sometimes when you get to know some community members already you can have more fun by tapping into their skills like do a singing contest so with my previous singing contest event I think that was last week there are a lot of participants so this is really not because some other people may think oh nobody will join that but then yeah believe me people love these things all right and then yeah as I’m mentioning this is a feature which you can use for encouraging more engagement the Discord activities so this is a new feature on Discord so you can actually do anything as an event using this Discord activity feature yeah so we suggest that you can also try this out as a strategy for an event so because people have been really familiar very familiar with Garth Tech bot and some other bot out there that are really commonly used and sometimes they no longer want to engage in this event so these are some breadth of fresh air of some ideas which you can use for your events okay and of course this one is really important AMAs so ask me anything sessions about the project so this is really important of course because you will be able to encourage more people to engage by making them aware about the project they will understand what you’re trying to build and they will support you more all right and here this is a sample we are doing trying to do right now all right so sometimes you can also encourage more participation to events by doing some point system so these are challenge task based then you can reward members with points as incentives then these points can that they gain through participating etc., can be used to claim rewards or roles which unlocks more incentives so you can do it manually like here or you can use a platform. I’m not sure if everyone is familiar with this platform yet but yeah just to share you can use this one so yeah just check it out so it can you can ask any task there then basically it can automatically check for you and then they will automatically grant the XP points and then in the higher tiers you can assign rewards nice reward so people will actually try to finish all the tasks related to your project that supports your project and then they can already get the rewards at the higher ranks so things like that so with this this really powerful way to you know incentivize people just by simply following or creating a meme and things like this and just unlocking some rules so yeah there are a lot of things here and this is actually connected and  integrated to Twitter Discord so example you ask them to retweet a post it if this platform can automatically check for that so this is a really powerful way so every time they engage they get incentive basically that’s the point so they will be encouraged to participate more and finish the quests here, and last but not the least so this is really important as I’ve said, encourage your members to contribute okay so if you’ve seen a majority of the big projects already the Blue Chip projects already so there are a lot of members there number one brought by their marketing etc., but then in their Community Building face  right now you can see them that there are a lot of members trying to add value by giving feedback suggestions and then like for example in Asuki, you can see that majority of the events that they are doing are community-led so meaning it’s not it’s no longer the team the core team of the and the community management team alone doing, and planning strategizing of what could be the nice events that we could do but then it’s already community-led so actually this is the end goal for any community building person like you will already have this really high quality members trying to create their own events suggesting ways on how things will be get done in your community so this is really a nice way so we can encourage our members to contribute and do these things until you find the quality people in your community  it is going to be a continuous search for these kinds of members so you what you need to do as a brand of course as I mentioned always make people aware about what you’re building give them value, make them aware of the progress updates, give them this sense of progress in your project so they will support you, then yeah organically this will happen at the end all right, so you can also up example you are already seeing these kinds of people, and you would like to encourage more people to do the same with other people who does this voluntarily right you can actually do some rewarding or highlighting of these people who is who are doing this member contributions okay so you know oh there’s some event here like they always do every two weeks they select the highest or great contributors in the community so you can choose just to highlight them or even add some bonus to incentivize them so this incentives can be in forms of exclusive roles or rewards yeah so these are the some ideas in order to encourage more members to contribute and engage okay so yeah I think that’s the end of this lesson. So any question so far guys so this is lesson on promoting engagement and in your Discord and telegram community so wait I’m seeing a chat here where the is it legal to stream shows on Discord like movies on Netflix etc., actually you cannot stream Netflix here it will automatically be blocked by Netflix itself so I’m suggesting for example if you are wanting to do this movie nights thing okay utilize the you can utilize actually the activities here that’s built in in Discord so they have this activity already linked with together with the YouTube with your not yet familiar with it so this is a new feature actually but it’s streaming legal actually if it’s already on the YouTube, and then it’s already made available publicly yes but if not of course we do not suggest this one, but yeah  for me I always do it in a way there’s I always do it in a way that I don’t download things illegally, so like for example here I mentioned okay you can use this built-in function in Discord not it’s not actually a bot so there’s a new feature in this card that there’s already a YouTube integration. Thanks so much for this training can you get the slide or probably a recording yeah actually we have this recordings of all the lessons so we are uploading it from time to time and yeah I asked this because the screenshot showed a recent movie I actually we did that this one on just our private server that’s why better for a specific platform for crypto Community I mean with telegram it’s not really engaging actually yeah but then with crypto I see most of the time I see most of the time that you know they are much more into telegram the crypto people like those who buys this crypto tokens crypto coins. So yeah for me with those you can always you know when trying to select a platform, as I mentioned, you should always check what who are the target communities you have you are the target members you have and then you can profile them are they more of like marketing research are they more of this telegram people or Discord people but with nft certainly in our experience with nfts they are more into Discord yeah and with Telegram crypto I’m seeing more crypto guys into Telegram but then yeah with Discord we discard the difference is there you there are endless possibilities so that’s why with some projects related to crypto alone no nft so with crypto they get both Discord and Telegram but then there are also people like just invest I’m just an investor and I don’t like doing engagement things on Discord and I’m an old school guy I want it directly on my telegram so there are some people like that actually that’s correct this card could be for younger community yeah so for example I’ve met this investor crypt he’s a big time well crypto investor he’s more into telegram because it’s straight to the point but then for Discord it’s there’s a lot of things happening he says oh I don’t like to study that you know with telegram I can already know what’s happening because there’s a channel so I can just check on this telegram channel for announcements and then if I want to discuss something we will just utilize the telegram group but with some projects okay with some projects they have both actually because their target market their target members are all people regardless of age yeah it’s important for project owners to simplify Discord do not overwhelm your community yes that’s correct and the onboarding process should be simple as well, okay so one thing that you can do yes  you can actually set that payroll so you can have role selection so example, some people they do not like they do not really like the game stuff okay so you can assign roles for people to see the channels in your Discord only if that guy selected the events or games so things like that so you can also set that in your channel permission, so yeah with telegram mostly in my experience more seasoned guys actually yeah that’s correct the more seasoned guys are into Telegram because it’s more straightforward with Discord oh I get confused actually with the air so I don’t like and I don’t know what’s happening with this chord so there are some instances like that so some projects when they profiled their target audience they did both but with some yeah I know that with this nft project majority of the people coming in would be the younger ones sorry Discord can have better security functions yeah that’s true but take note in this card you have bots in telegram you also have bots to secure your members so but then it’s more simpler and more basic than the Discord one so with telegram for example we have this bot just to perform verification capture verification and then a security bot to un-allow any links to be sent so that’s I’m using protectrXon for Telegram so it’s really a powerful bot protectron so I’ll type here protect okay so the function is like okay you cannot forward any message you cannot send any gifs if I want to block it I cannot send any file cannot send any spam link yeah but of course you can also put some white list if you allow some websites some links all right so you can have some sort of protection as well but of course people can DM each other so you it’s really important as well to remind your members from time to time maybe you can do it as a prompt with the bot that okay we will not bmu any DM you receive is a scam so in my experience as well some in handling this telegram communities there are some who’s really good they try to scam You by dming you using a CEO or an admin imposter account so they also link the actual profile of the real guy in their own bio so when you check their bio it seems that they are the real one and then when you click you will see that you will see the real account so I’ve come into contact with that kind of scam but yeah he’d be in me so I’m in contact with the CEO of the project so I banned him in the telegram server I mean in the telegram group and channels but yeah so you can always set that up as an additional protection to your members as well just to share any more guys yeah nice discussions today thank you thank you to kru xradamus, gochi for this card careful with some Nitro users as they can completely copy the user ID of the people oh I didn’t know that actually but then yeah even here in this token mind server guys so okay  if you’ve seen my recent announcement in my recent announcement someone tried to be to copy my profile here it’s really funny then he messaged one by one the members so that’s why that’s why  in every server as well if example you are a community manager or you are a project owner of that server I highly suggest that you encourage everyone to turn off their DMS all right because DMS are usual scam routes and then for founders community managers do not utilize DMS when contacting different people inside your community you can always tag them okay so you can always ask them to raise tickets if there’s any questions and private chats they have to discuss because if we encourage the use of DMs there may be some people who will utilize this for the scam so what we usually tell the people is okay we will never DM you turn off your DMs yeah and always post it as well in the announcement so let it be known because for example in my case if I did not post any related thing about that for example or any warning to the members like okay when I found it out okay I did not clarify that it’s not me I don’t send DMS okay so always mention we won’t dm you, so that people will know that oh when they receive some something even if apparently a CEO or a founder message you that he will give you like two thousand dollars as an incentive so that’s not true because it’s too if it’s too good to be true maybe it is so always be careful with that as well because yeah if we mentioned that in the server nobody will DM you first it applies to all should apply it all so that should be for example you’re a Founder that should be communicated very well to your community manager managers and community management team just to add more security as well so yeah as per k are you use folders to make sure you are on the server so some scammers tend to copy announcement channels just like in Telegram oh that’s really nice insights there yeah so just remember guys if you did not join anything yeah this is also something we did not join anything and you want so that’s probably a scam and yeah  always take note of this things that we are mentioning and also being mentioned here by kru sir shift right oh yeah I saw you on Facebook group welcome here sir all right any more questions guys or more insights yeah feel free to share you cannot actually speak also yeah thanks okay are you sir shifts yeah in telegram yeah that’s really funny actually just to share my experience in telegram so one of the clients so I’m always in contact with the CEO with one of our clients in Telegram so we’re managing their telegram community and then suddenly one day he was borrowing like point five Bitcoin from me I thought it was really urgent like yeah but then I was really sleepy you know at that moment so when I said oh this is from the CEO so I was quite  flustered at first you know borrowing Bitcoin from me and then I try to read it well and check yeah and apparently it’s a scam yeah but then it’s really smart because it looks really really the same even with the account the official account the official telegram account of the CEO but when I look at it closely he just used the bio thing and Link it to the actual bio of the real founder so I if you don’t look at it closely you will see like the real founders URL and username so this is really something odd you know then I contacted the real account of the CEO about it yeah it was really funny similar situation happened to me yeah he been smoke in my native language he was asking for money yeah it happens and then I would like to tell him I’m not a CEO why are you borrowing 0.5 Bitcoin from me and he says yeah I’ll just I’ll just send you later on they speak not like boss they speak really normal like you will really think that they are real so but then it’s  I’m not a CEO he’s asking for 0.5  I mean Bitcoin from it is really fun sometimes I entertain these scammers you know just to have fun I’ll lead them on always be careful with this yeah those tactics they usually target mods yeah so the ad means yeah they always do that then they as a founder. Sometimes they even try to command you like they are the real boss really fun so yeah correct if you’re a moderator yeah you can take note of this thing just I just remember it today because of this discussion the really funny experience why are you borrowing point five Bitcoin from me I’m not a CEO so if I were but then if example you are a friend of that CEO and you’re also of CEO you know when you see that message and you don’t know these things yeah I believe they have like 40 success rate in total because the way they message people you know it’s really personalize sounds really like just talking with a friend and it’s like casual talking okay so anything else guys before we end this truthful conversation so again for those who missed the previous  lessons we will be we have uploaded some and we will be uploading more of this I will just follow up with our content management team with regards to the previous recordings all right so yeah if none yeah let’s end this session and thank you everyone for joining today all right and see you again on Thursday there will be another lesson this is more on development I believe in a development side so we’ll be announcing the lesson okay so just watch out and see you again on the next lesson on Thursday guys.