How to Do Online Ads for Your NFT or Crypto Project – Crypto Business Show Episode 18

Video Transcript:

Rob: Hi, welcome everybody at the crypto business podcast brought to you by TokenMinds. I’m your host Rob Eijgenraam, director at TokenMinds, a full-service crypto, and nft agency. In this podcast, we’re discussing any blockchain topic that is relevant for businesses and founders. Today we’re talking about crypto and nft ad management. I have with me today Maarten who’s a veteran digital marketer and is managing the ads for TokenMinds crypto and nft clients. Hi Maarten, welcome.

Maarten: Hi Rob thank you.

Rob: Let’s jump into the first question which ad platforms do you recommend for nft and crypto projects?

Maarten: Yeah, there are several ad platforms or there are a lot of ads platforms of course and you have the famous ones like Facebook and Google but I don’t really recommend them, because first of all many times they reject nft and crypto advertisers, and also targeting is not really specific for these platforms. So there are several other social media platforms that are really interesting and really good for advertising, plus there are also either some coincidence other and really crypto-specific platforms which are good as well, especially for great awareness.

Rob: What kind of targeting do you recommend using on those platforms?

Maarten: It depends on the platforms but if you use the crypto platforms then the targeting is already really crypto related so then there’s not much targeting possible, but you can target on countries, yeah basically on country options and if you use social media you can go really specific into all kinds of nft subjects or kind of crypto marketing or cryptocurrency subjects, so they’re some social media platforms that are really specific and sometimes you can even target influencers, for example, crypto or nft influencers. So this is really interesting as well.

Rob: And what about the ad copies, what to take into account there?

Maarten: Yeah really important is to be as specific as possible. So think well about your USPS and try to say it in one short sentence. What is the question people would have seen your ads and what is your answer that’s in one line possible that’s the best ad copy possibility I think, and then combined with a good image? A good image or video, if the platform allows it, which is really showing your nft project the best visible way. And what you should do as well for sure is to test different ad copies next to each other, so you use one image and test different texts next to each other, or you use one text and test different images next to each other so you see which image and which text performs best in terms of clicks, cost per click and conversions on your own website.

Rob: Right, some A/B testing makes sense, and what about the landing pages?

Maarten: They should be more or less stripped versions of your website, so you basically take away your menu items, take away most texts and really focus on your most important USPS, combined with the best images if you have, especially with nft images, and specifically to ask the user to do what you want them to do, join them on discord, join the community, join the whitelist etcetera, and best to ask one or two things, one or two conversion options, and not more because otherwise it gets confusing and then people don’t decide anything and they don’t convert. So one or two options is the best thing to do.

Rob: Okay understood, and which conversion do you usually recommend for like nft projects?

Maarten: Yeah usually to join the discord, this is mostly wished by clients to join the discord community or join the whitelist. So these two I would recommend because this is mostly what clients wish as well, and it’s also quite an easy conversion point. So you do it step-by-step, and not letting them buy an nft immediately, but they just come on your website for the first time, so the best thing is to let them do a small step and join a whitelist and then you have them and then you can communicate with them further via this whitelist or community discord.

Rob: Yeah and just to clarify for audience members that do not have like a digital marketing background those conversion points can be communicated to the ad platform so you can actually optimize your ad copy based on those conversions or the cost per conversion specifically speaking, and then what about remarketing?

Maarten: Yeah, you can install a deck or a pixel from the advertising platform, and then if somebody comes on your website you can re-target him with another ad, so most platforms if you don’t use Facebook or Google. Most platforms have these opportunities and have quite sophisticated ways to do retargeting campaigns, so yeah it’s a good option for sure.

Rob: Okay so there’s also an option usually also recommended for like projects to apply the remarketing as well.

Maarten: Yeah and then it’s important to exclude people who join the whitelist already, so as not to target them again with remarketing.

Rob: Okay makes sense okay well thank you. Maarten, do you have any other points that you want to leave the audience with before we close the podcast?

Maarten: Not not really, it’s important to choose the right network and to do some research on which network fits best with your project. I think and yeah this saves a lot of trouble later and it also increases your effectiveness.

Rob: Yeah and it saves you your time right? And unless you have an infinite budget to use older networks, it’s better to make the right decisions before you start, especially for your first ad, so yeah let’s leave it with that. Thank you so much Maarten, appreciate it and hope to see you another time in the podcast. But for now thank you, and goodbye everyone.

Maarten: Yeah thank you, goodbye.

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