How to Grow Your NFT Discord Server – Crypto Business Show Episode 11

Video Transcript:

Rob: Hello everybody welcome to the crypto business podcast, brought to you by TokenMinds, I’m your host Rob Eijgenraam, director at TokenMinds, a full-service crypto, and nft agency. In this podcast, we’re discussing any blockchain topic that is relevant for businesses and entrepreneurs. Today we’re going to talk about how to grow your nft discord server. I have with me today Anchor, who’s a veteran crypto and nft marketer in the international, as well as the Asian market. Anchor, what can you tell us about how to grow your nft discord server?
Anchor: Yeah sure thank you, everyone, actually in the last episodes, we mentioned something about the discord, like the setup of the bots, and for sure that once we have finished all these steps, we need actually to get the community growth. So besides like all those like a pr or some normal marketing, we also need like more like other strategies to keep the growth of the community because it’s the most important part for the nft projects to get all this hype during the process to mint and even post mint, so yeah, so normally we have several strategies. Actually, to get this, you know the growth of the server, and also the high quality of engagements, etc., so first, that’s you know some like influencers we can actually collab with on outreach, so where they can help us to promote the projects.  All that we can offer them, is some bonus or the watch list for them to run on the pages, so with this actually people will be interested to join because they know they can win some whitelists for the early stage you know potential alpha communities, and then in this way we can get some initial people join, and after that is also something we can do is we actually keep you know after reach to those really high level of influencers with like explaining to them that the concept of the whole project, and the potential project because quite some influencers actually they also try to find those, you know potential project they work with because in this way you know they also get some profits once the price really boosts. So in this way, we can get you to know the initial members of the community with one or two thousand, we can do use this as a base to grow up the community.
This actually what we can do is actually to run some like white list you know awards in a community inside. So ask people who either like to be active in a community or they can also join a whitelist if they actually refer to the communities to their friends. So it’s like it’s like a fusion right, so if there’s 1000 people and people actually interested in a project, they see the potential of the project that will actually share the projects to like several of his friends and then keep going, so that’s why some prizes actually can get really like thousands or even 10 or 20 thousand people in the short term, and this is also very important for the nft projects, because financial projects actually it will be long, short actually time frame, so because of market change every day so, it can cannot be really too long so the target is actually to get enough members community and that people actually don’t need to wait for a long time to fulfill the mint, and also this web can boost the social media like twitter and instagram etc., and another way actually is to do some collaboration with other projects, like an active project to exchange some whitelist, like from smaller ones to bigger ones, based on the growth of our own communities, so this is a win-win solution for all the communities actually to share the source of the users and also to make more users in a tv field and industry to know your projects. So that is what normally we suggested to get the growth of the community and also in this way it can make sure that all these people join. Actually, they are interested in the whitelist of the projects, so in this way you know there will ensure actually high quality and organic community, and who will actually support you know the mint and even the post mint and based on the roadmap and other plans, so that is how normally we can grow the community for discord, for all the nft projects.
Rob: All right, thank you so much, Anchor. I’m sure there’s a lot more to this to further dive into, but we can do that in the next episodes, until then, in the meantime please follow us on our social media channels and like and subscribe. Thank you, everybody.
Anchor: Thank you.