IEO/IDO Market Update – Crypto Business Show Episode 19

Video Transcript:

Rob: Welcome to the crypto business podcast, brought to you by TokenMinds. I’m your host Rob Eijgenraam, director TokenMinds, a full-service crypto, and nft agency. In this podcast, we’re discussing any blockchain topic that’s relevant for businesses and founders. Today we’re talking about the updated IEO/IDO infographic, I have here with me Anchor, who’s a veteran crypto marketer for the international as well as the Asian market, and Reinhart who is a data analyst working full-time on gathering, and analyzing data for the crypto industry. Welcome guys.

Reinhart: Thank you Rob. Thank you for having us.

Anchor: Thank you.

Rob: Let’s dive right into it. We have the IEO/IDO infographic here, which is updated until April, starting with the IEOs here. In the last couple of months, we only have three platforms in here right Reinhart?

Reinhart: Right, correct. So basically only three platforms are contributing in some ways to ieos which was conducted in April 2022, it is I mean there are will be global and vital.

Rob: Yeah and I guess it’s not complete. It’s not complete, right? Because there are other pro platforms like probit as well but they’re not included in a data set this time, but at least we’ve got some idea about the performance where actually did at least quite a number of IEOs, and then qob did just two and Bybit only did just two, so there’s at least some information there. Let’s actually go right into the chart over here which is more month-to-month. So we have November to April here. Again April we have under a million here, whereas in March we have over six million from, quite a big difference here. Anchor, what do you think?

Anchor: Yeah I think that’s actually there are two reasons. First is because right in the last period it’s really a lot of like investor right there folks on more of anti-vesting, so for the IEO month actually it’s less, even for Binance right they didn’t really start any like IEO from March and for this, another reason might be like for the exchanges they also want to make sure that you know more, and higher quality products that they work with instead of like right different kinds of like medium quality ones. So that’s based on what I see, and the truth is that’s actually for the IEO and IDO, maybe it’s actually kinda growing from the marketing needs, so from the products right, a lot of our team that actually develop a lot of Defi projects, and like Gamify, and they’re really seeking for a fundraising solution and IEO and IDO is still the best option for them.

Rob: Understood, let’s go to the IDO platform. So we have quite a lot more in this data set Reinhart? I think there are over 10 here in total. Can you walk through it a little bit?

Reinhart: Correct. To be honest, there are almost 20 launch pads, but because we have some limitations in showing you know the pie chart, then we compile them into others, but as you can see here the most outstanding launchpad up to 2022 is dao maker. As you can see, other launch pads as you know have some decline in their performance. Dao maker simply just outperforms the other competitors and has an outstanding performance. In April. In total, they raised around 6.9 million and that’s quite a lot compared to others, and that’s also huge.  

Rob: Yeah, it’s interesting because actually dow maker is the one that raised more at least on this bar chart than the actual amount of IDOs that they did, right? So they only did three projects at least in April and they raised over almost seven million, so that’s a couple of million per project.

Reinhart: Yeah that’s even some launch pads here that conducted more IDOs but you can see that the quality perhaps it brings a lot more USD on the dao maker itself.

Rob: Yeah they seem to do something right. What do you think of this Anchor?

Anchor: Yeah, actually for this chart what I see that you know for some reason for some launch pads right engine starter or gamify, they actually really focus on the gamify, the mount actually for the IDOs is like two or three in the last seven months, the fundraising is like average one or two hundred thousand and for the dao maker, actually they really grow very fast and take the dominance actually from a month ago. So from what I see, that ieo actually based on their you know it’s convenient for the project right then, and also it’s totally decentralized, so it really has a lot of advantages for the investors and also for the project teams.

Rob: Great, okay thanks so much, guys. I appreciate it. Thanks, everybody for listening, and see you next time, goodbye.

Reinhart: Bye.

Anchor: Bye-bye.