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Fritzy: Thank you. Welcome to the crypto business podcast brought to you by token Minds. I am your host Rizzy the senior content managerhere at token Minds creative engineering crypto and nft agency helping businesses all over the world with their blockchain development crypto marketing and nft token sales strategy. In this podcast we will discuss any blockchain topic that is relevant for businesses and Founders joining me today is Mr Manuel Rodriguez and Mr Rubenantea of and welcome Mr. Emmanueland Mr. Ruben thank you so much for joining us today if you would like to introduce yourself to our audience and who would like to go first?

Manuel: hey Fritzy well we do want to preach we do appreciate you having us on your show we’re really excited I know you’re up and coming and this is going to be a really good opportunity for us to showcase our token I’m Manuel Rodriguez I am CEO of donor token go and I’m sitting here with you and uh Reuben

Reuben: Hi everybody my name is Reuben and Tia I’m the chief crypto Market analyst for and also and it’s a pleasure to have uh to have.

Fritzy: Thank you so much both thank you so much gentlemen so we would like to I mean we can now dive into the questions all right so firstly I’m curious to know how both of you got into crypto in the first place and who would like to start?

Manuel: okay yeah so you know I got into crypto in 2014 and um it was it was by mistake actually it’s uh it’s it’s a long story but I’ll shorten it uh I got into cryptocurrency because I was playing poker online and the uh platform that I was utilizing they used they used uh PayPal but then they transitioned to bitcoin is the transition to bitcoin so I went on purchased uh five Bitcoin for two thousand dollars four hundred dollars a piece and I went back to play and they had already eliminated my uh account saying that I was a bot so I was stuck with uh five Bitcoin
um so you know fast forward to 2016 Bitcoin starts to jump three thousand dollars four thousand dollars and you know it hits me that I do have a few Bitcoin so I go back and I look at it and sure enough you know I have fifteen thousand dollars uh worth of bitcoin and so then I said you know this is this is exciting so um you know I think this is a really good opportunity for investment I am in financial services for starters so I went back and I put another 150 000 and I purchased uh additional Bitcoin and it you know continued to soar um as it did so I started to look at different platforms at that time there wasn’t many um uh platforms for trading but there was uh you know there was binance of course uh one of the big ones that I used back then was something that’s not around anymore was hit BTC I started purchasing some of the token that I saw uh were having that was having some success and growing and um and then and it continued to to do very well and uh allowed me to learn a lot more and you know here we are today the rest is history that’s how I got into crypto.

Reuben: well well for me I I come from a much more conservative angle um you know I I spent 20 years in in retail as a Frontline manager cquired my MBA uh from University of Redlands under business management and even after trading stocks options and and even dabbing into crypto in 2019 um I I was still very conservative and and still go back to um you know my teachings in business is you know it’s all about you know uh the the triple bottom line you know you got to make a profit you got you got to be uh able to relate to folks and and you got to be able to you know show a product that’s going to to change the world so so for me I was I was much more apprehensive to get into the crypto world but um with all the knowledge and experience that that Manuel and and several other uh members of The Firm had I I felt comfortable uh learning more about uh tokens communities and and really felt comfortable knowing that that we’re creating uh some util utility tokens that will um change the the whole industry.

Fritzy: All right thank you so much both and um my second question is actually would you like to share your current projects right now but I think I would want to really pivot from your answers by asking how did uh your initial um interest in investing in crypto and in Bitcoin transition to the current projects that you are working on right now?

Manuel: okay well you know um I’ll start off uh you know I I like I said I’ve been in financial services for 15 years so um you know one of the uh ain uh components that we help clients with in mitigating potential Financial loss is implementing life insurance to uh their current strategies and um because we do that there is something called final expense life insurance and it’s basically uh the uh the most um the easiest type of insurance to for a person to to um to be able to obtain so uh you know it’s typically low amounts of coverage it’s an it’s also known as burial
insurance and uh you know as inflation started to really hit and Skyrocket um I noticed that a lot of our clients um they’re five thousand and ten thousand dollar policies wasn’t wasn’t doing the trick anymore it wasn’t covering it for them so I started looking at uh the options and the
Alternatives that came from crypto and and realize that could potentially tie death benefit to bitcoin and allow clients to participate in an increasing death benefit that would allow them to keep up with inflation or even maybe surpass inflation and so that’s where clear chain life company came to fruition we’re in the progress of the Ico right now with the clearchain life company it is an initial coin offering our objective is to do a full raise and then transition to our first purchase of large amount of Bitcoin that will be um basically what we use as a reserve for our clients policies so that’s in the progress right now as we as we were working on that project we started looking at different angles and then we I don’t want to say stumbled upon but we really came together and brainstormed the idea of go donor a platform that would um replicate as as best possible or even better the go donor platform sorry the go find platform in the crypto space and that’s how we came up with go donor which is much more Dynamic when you come to see the uh the uh the options that will be available with a go donor like for instance the ickstarting um ability that we have within and so on so you know that’s how uh I feel like we had our transition was initially because of the financial services uh life insurance opportunity but now that we’re in it I think there’s so much more um and so many more projects that we
have uh that you know the light continues to go off but I think uh you know that’s ours and Reuben’s seen different angles of it uh right?

Reuben: definitely definitely just just to segue from what you were saying here it really excites me to know that you know we’re we’re creating a business that you know a lot of people rest their head on nfts or or farming or or yielding or or what have you and and you know our go-to is
is is back to the Cornerstone of business which is you know producing a profit and we feel really comfortable with our pricing power and and going into the um the the uh whether it’s kickstarting or fundraising uh form you know we’ve created the platform we have some really exciting causes that we would love to you know share with you if we have a little bit more time but you know more so than anything you know I just I just feel like you know we’ve created a platform and a native token that um you know will will produce value for not only just communities um you know uh underserved communities but um you know just just really causes that resonate with uh not just crypto owners
but people who will own crypto we know we realize that only six percent of the world owns crypto and uh you know we have contingencies in place to include everybody but you know the the bigger picture here is that we’re in we’re on the Forefront on the cusp of uh something revolutionary here.

Fritzy: all right um I can see that both of your projects that you’re working on right now have um I mean it’s being used in the real world because you know there are a lot of um people who are just uh Limited in thinking that crypto is just all in the digital space and with that I would just like to um ask if because I know that uh this is what you’re doing right now it has a real world what are effect what makes these projects more special than the rest of the crypto projects that are currently on the market or are currently being worked on right now by other companies?

Manuel: for starters uh you know clearchain life company is the first ever cryptocurrency final expense company there is no other life insurance company that is tied to crypto not at this point we’ve had several different large uh um current insurance carriers in the United States approaches about our project uh look at the different angles of what we have going and they’ve made a certain different offers that uh you know I can’t really dwell into because of ndas but uh they you know the the utility of what we’re bringing to the table uh and the fact that we’re offering something that is first of its kind tied to something that’s uh trailblazing the financial services uh in their financial services in general um I think that that’s uh that in itself is is is a huge um uh differentiation from anybody or any other company in the industry right now with the clearchain life for starters for you know there there is kickstarting platforms and there is ways to donate just like there is in Fiat there’s ways to donate but there’s no true like that true go-to organization that brings the ability for a organization to be or to
be able to to help institutions or individuals be able to transfer funds or fundraise for campaigns that type of stuff so although there is ways to do it there’s not that go-to like for instance in Fiat we have that immediate light that triggers and we’re able to say well we can use GoFundMe there’s not that in Krypton so you know we’re excited to bring that and I know uh our chief uh to crypto marketing analyst Reuben here uh
has a lot more in depth to it so I don’t know how deep he wants to go but prove it.
Reuben: I you know and I’ll try to be as short as I can here but you know this whole Endeavor really excites me because like I said uh for for six years now I’ve been uh teaching you know uh higher education business courses and and have uh connected with underserved communities for non-profits and also uh for low-cost Sports so what really resonates for me is being able to be an instrument of change for a lot of these
you know and it doesn’t have to be people in the U.S this this uh this crypto transcends across borders and we can help anybody but you know more so I’ll expand a little bit on some of those causes the first cause we have is a firefighter who on his own dime on his own time
um takes it upon himself to Aid police in arresting pedophiles and we feel like that really resonates with a lot of people and and a lot of people will say no you know we we do not accept pedophiles in our neighborhood we do not you know accept you know that that they’re allowed to to do what they’re do what they do so um I think that’s a real noble cause and so you get someone like that and then you combine that with another gentleman who’s who’s basically um interviewing people who um are having a tough time and these are people who uh you know may not have done drugs their whole life they have an education and and and they’re a little downtrodden and some of these people have like over 500 000 views and so you know we we’ve been very uh strategic in our marketing and uh more so uh in a way where we want to make an instrumental change to the world so you know that that that’s our true goal here is is we want to be able to create a platform that will inevitably as all crypto blockchain does have a life of its own and Tran and have clear transparency but at the same time uh we have uh you know a moral obligation to to create causes and and showcase causes that that resonate with folks.

Fritzy: All right thank you gentlemen I’ll just proceed with the next question in talking about your experiences in crypto in general were there any ups and downs especially when you were coming up or working on the the projects that you have currently right now?

Manuel: Yeah you know there’s there this this this industry is brand new right so uh you find it adding cryptocurrency to financial uh the financial services in a decentralized um world uh is is something of a challenge in itself so you know adding the different components
and bolting on components isn’t isn’t always uh just a straight shot it’s there’s a lot of uh speed bumps that are hit um you know not just in in the actual business side of it too but in the trading side of it you know I when I when I first got into it I uh I took the my my 150 000 I turned it into 700 000 and I take that 700 and I then started buying uh an emerging token and I was following a trend uh on that token at Bitcoin and by the way and uh at that time it was 2018 and I was following a trend and I said you know what’s going to double so I buy I bought 150 000
worth of that from the 700 that I had made and it starts to uh to go down so I said you know what I’ll double all dollar costs average and I bought another 150 000 and it continues to go down and I said you know what at this point I’m all in so you know I ended up buying
additional 300 000 and um because I I did see the trend going back up I was out one day doing some um uh purchases from my office and I looked down in my uh investment of nearly 700 000 was now uh just a little over 1.5 million so I doubled um and I said okay I got to get back to the office and they got to transfer this into uh to turn into tether and so I get back to the office one of my broker sits there and starts talking to me for a little bit and I completely it completely Dawns on me that uh or completely slips my mind that you know I have this transaction
that I have to do a few minutes go by and uh he brings up crypto and immediately I say you know uh I looked down on my phone I said you know you I have to do this transaction but instead of it going down it had gone up to 2.5 like 2.4 million dollars so I was able to extract 2.1 before then you know start the the transaction started to really just uh clog up uh the remaining 400 000 I was able to pull out two weeks
later it was now forty thousand because they had dumped but I ended up pulling out to you know a little over 2.1 million dollars and uh that was uh even though it was an initial hurdle of watching all the the all your Investments start to dwindle um you know as as anticipated that
pattern did bring it back up and you know we ended up uh you know pulling out of that challenge and for me I think that’s a really huge Cornerstone and and everything that we do now with crypto for me in particular because uh I know that if you follow a pattern or a trend
long enough um and you have and you educate yourself on something long enough you’re gonna put yourself in a better position to
have success and I think for us our companies are going to have that that you know as as a as as a team we’re going to have that mindset so you know that that’s a challenge that we went through and uh there’s many more and Reuben could probably tell you about another a couple himself.

Reuben:  Well I’ll be real sure and I and I will I will throw it back to you uh later so you can uh give uh fritzy here a little bit of uh encouragement about xrp but but before I even start I’m I’m gonna say for sure the crypto scam complex is real uh we’re in in the midst of it every day without regulation we go on social media and all you get is this person saying this person saved my life and this person you know changed my life and and and and follow this person on telegram or this person in this room and they’re going to show you how to trade and and believe you me I mean I’ve been in it for a few years Manuel Manuel has been trading uh some of the most volatile um you know uh uh you know assets which is uh you know leveraged crypto Futures which is you know an amazing thing you’re basically predicting crypto at the minute every minute and and he and he does it with with quite Precision so you know in my terms I’m looking at this like I I’m awaiting regulation so that we can have you know a foundation to build on it and I love what we have right now with a utility-based token that’s Prof you know that that’s profit generating you know so I’m excited to see the future about this.

Fritzy: Great thank you so much gentlemen um do you have any suggestions or advices for people who would want to invest in crypto or nft or the the whole blockchain industry in general

Reuben: Definitely no definitely and I’ll start it off and you know this this could be hours of discussion but you know there’s there’s some there’s some things that you really need to be uh be aware of if you if you have a crypto wallet um your keys are your are your wallet that’s that that’s basically it if you don’t own your keys you don’t own your wallet you start sharing that you start taking a picture of it you compromise and you don’t have it safely you know stored somewhere written on a piece of paper those those um those Freight key phrase words um you know you can get into some trouble um just going on the internet and just believing people on telegram chat rooms or or just going on all these places and thinking that someone is an authority just because they say they’re an authority that’s it that goes back to our other premise you know our other corporate culture here is that no if somebody tells you they’re a crypto professional they’re probably not you know so um you know do your own due diligence um read the white paper the white paper is like the business plan in in crypto terms so you read that business plan you have an understanding at least uh somewhat of an understanding of how that crypto token is different than other tokens um but definitely put in the time just like anything I play racquetball the only way I get good at racquetball is when I put in time right you have to put in time so that you can gain the experience so that you can make these knowledgeable choices and that would be that would be some of my main advice is we can go down the line and say which which exchanges to use how to how to start it up but that’s a whole different Avenue of of discussion but those would definitely be some of my my top uh picks foreign.

Manuel: Yeah you know just like Reuben said it just uh it’s it’s a it’s a new market and with New Market or new uh business uh plan uh you know New Frontiers that come you know uh negative aspects to everything that we’re doing so as a matter of fact their chain life company uh which is the first ever cryptocurrency final expense company is actually adding what’s called um Legacy to their uh to their business plan legacies actually a crypto Vault that will allow individuals to Safe Place their uh their passwords or key phrases uh so that way if they if they were to die their family members would be the beneficiaries of that without losing the keys because you hear these stories these horror stories of individuals losing their keys or passcodes and so on and then they can’t get back in so what we’re doing is we’re building vaults uh that will then allow their beneficiaries to uh the crypto owner’s beneficiary spouses you know children to have access to those wallet components that are necessary in order to access the wallets uh you know on top of that you know that feature will then also allow individuals to use it as a uh an annuity type of uh option in our current uh situation we have annuities that are 10 20 years long that individuals uh you know put their retirement to 401ks and they allow it to you know potentially double every 10 years so on with crypto we have not the G medevier who is uh the developer and uh founder of all truecoin he’s on our team and he’s our one of our head uh developers he’s creating vaults that will allow us to allow individuals to safeguard their crypto while also uh participating in the growth of the market as well that will then have the option to transfer that wealth into that individual were to die to their beneficiary so we’re doing a lot in our uh in our industry uh not just by helping bring uh you know the news or or or or awareness to the community of the uh the huge issues that could arise from uh being too trustworthy in cryptocurrency but also too we’re doing something just to help uh transition that problem as well so that’s you know that’s what we’re that’s where we’re at with it.

Fritzy: All right um I’m down to my last question we’ll go back to the projects that you’re working at currently um what are your future plans uh that is related to the field in the crypto and blockchain or web c in general

Reuben: well you know like like I said my passions really with I love the the communal aspect of what we’re going to do to change the world and so you know uh looking looking forward I’m I’m putting in you know all of my um you know efforts into making sure that this uh this uh coin is not only successful but that the um the business component behind it also has transformative change around the world so that’s that that’s basically my focus obviously Manuel can talk about a lot of the other projects I’d be alongside with him on but uh you know some very exciting stuff Manuel please share.

Manuel: Yes Yes absolutely you know we do have other uh projects in place uh that uh we’re excited about um you know we just seen uh the ethereum 2.0 come to fruition so you know the transition is done there’s no longer mining with that so a lot of the equipment uh uh is now uh available at a very low cost but uh what but individuals uh you know forget is that that equipment still uh you can still utilize it to mine other tokens um and so you know our we’re looking at uh doing a large purchase of some of the equipment so uh so we could start our own um our own mining of uh additional tokens uh you know that’s one of the biggest things that uh that I think uh will be it’ll be huge for not just uh us but to with the at the help of the um of the black the blockchain Transitions and so on and so forth uh on top of that we you know we we plan to with we’re planning really helping the campaigns that come on board for kickstarting their ideas we’re we’re hoping to really highlight some of those uh those huge ideas that will come into fruition or that are looking to come into fruition uh we’re looking to help them uh transition by not just showcasing our ideas uh but also to bring in awareness of those projects so I think that is really going to be a vehicle for the transition of many many projects that are going to be uh trailblazing in the industry uh that are going to be bringing a lot of dynamic change in utility so we’re excited about go

Reuben: Definitely definitely yeah just just expand on that a little bit more you know I mean Manuel always has his eye on the ball and and one one of the things that that he’s recently launched is something called Lions Market monarchy which which is what what uh Manny’s the first um first um autonomous

Manuel: So so so with uh clear chain life company and thank you room with clearchain life company um you know we we wanted to go autonomous uh as far as the life insurance uh purchasing you know we want to have the systems in place which which is out there uh uh it we were able to uh have be a part of that in actual in the current uh life insurance Market here in the U.S which is uh basically an autonomous uh purchasing Outlet uh for life insurance which is lines of we want to take that technology that we have uh acquired through lines monarchy and transition into clearchain live company so it is an amazing uh opportunity I think you’re Reuben for for bringing that up.

Reuben: I did I get I get really excited about these projects is because there’s always this backbone behind it and you always look for that you know and it builds this component you know one of the one of the first things that that I was looking at as well like anybody can make a coin anybody can just you know just create something out of thin air and and call it something right but no you know we actually have accomplished developers and and the coin uh you know for go donor it has the potential to create its own ecosystem to you know one day we will have our own exchange you know you know uh I I can’t say exactly when because I don’t have a road map of of exactly when but you know the potential for us to go multi-chain to go you know uh you know ecosystem you know sky’s the limit here so you know a lot of that goes back to the people that were selected to do these duties the the developers the you know the the people that that run the um the uh gosh I lost my train of thought the marketing the um you know all the stuff that goes behind um you know creating a crypto coin there’s there’s a whole team behind this it’s not just you know someone uh you know that just bought you know a program this is this is a multitude of different people um our directors uh for SEC actually uh Works uh in correlation with Disney I mean um you know the credentials go uh go on and on so really excited to to share more about the project and and thank you for giving us this opportunity fritzy.

Fritzy: all right thank you so thank you so much gentlemen if you have any last words to our audience to invite them to check out your project and where they can um see more details about it uh.

Manuel: yes uh absolutely you know I would love for individuals to learn more about our project I’d love for them to go to our website and download our white paper uh for clearchain Life company it’s the website is clearchain live company sorry and for donor token which is our fundraising and kickstarting platform is also remember too that go donor is actually live on three different exchanges including a z-bit coinsbit and uh local trade so the token is live individuals are able to purchase it for trading uh also too on top of that too I’d like to uh you know encourage uh listeners to really just stay uh tuned and honed into your platform Fitzy and to start listening to uh you know the projects that you’re bringing to the table because this is really enlightening to be able to put together something that’s going to help the crypto world really just start learning more about what’s what’s available out there so these type of platforms are really necessary and we appreciate you for having it and we hope that people start really just piling up and to view what you have uh and the individuals that you bring on to listen to so thank you again Francin

Reuben: Very good fritzy thank you um real quick I’ll just I’ll just be very brief um you know we’re talking about a token that costs less than a penny and is already greater than than the ship uh you know ship token or whatever they got going on right so um you know it’s definitely worth taking a look at that website again thank you fritzy for this opportunity uh we we plan to to you might even see a billboard on the 10 freeway you know coming from uh coming from Arizona you might you might catch some of our causes there we’re definitely going to start uh marketing some of these causes to to make that transformative change so again thank you for this opportunity fritzy

Fritzy: All right thank you so much gentlemen there you have it Mr. Manuel and Mr. Ruben from at thank you so much for joining me today gentlemen have a good day

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