Interview With Ali Co-founder and CEO of Ratic – Crypto Business Show Episode 24

Video Transcript:

Rob: Hello everybody welcome to the crypto business podcast brought to you by TokenMinds. I’m your host Rob Eijgenraam, director at TokenMinds, a creative engineering crypto nft company, helping businesses all over the world with their blockchain development, crypto marketing, and nft token field strategy. In this podcast, we’re discussing any blockchain nft topic that’s relevant for businesses and founders. Today I have with me Ali, who is the founder of Ratic. Hi Ali, welcome.
Ali: Hi Rob, thanks for inviting me to your podcast. I’m glad to be here.
Rob: Thanks again. Maybe you can tell us first a little bit about Ratic?
Ali: Ratic is a mobile blockchain gaming startup that aims to make blockchain gaming easy understandable and accessible to everyone. We solve a critical problem in the web3 gaming space that people are struggling with understanding and start playing blockchain games, and this is the problem that makes the audience of blockchain games really less than uh web2, so like traditional mobile games. So we are trying to make blockchain gaming sound and like have the experience of web2 gaming, but have the benefits of web3 gaming. So we place ourselves as like a web2.5 project, so we are in the middle, and yeah this is what we are doing, and our main product is a vertically operated launcher that will contain many games in it, so it’s like a google play store and app store but for blockchain games and it also has all the tools that a player may need to play blockchain games, it has the games, it has the wallet, Defi platform, nft marketplace, even a small metaverse we call great hub, so it basically has everything in it, it doesn’t have any difference, it then like web2 games. So to start playing, you only download the app put in your phone number then you’re all set and you can start blockchain games. You have your own wallet in the right clencher so you don’t need to struggle with some external votes etc, and you can also buy crypto with credit cards and you can cash out as coupon codes, as well, so if you don’t know how to trade crypto it’s okay, you don’t need to, so you can buy with a credit card you can catch up with some coupon codes or like some tickets, so you don’t need to struggle with anything about blockchain space if you are not familiar with it, and as we know buildings for people are not familiar with the blockchain space, there are like 2.2 billion mobile gamers, but when it comes to blockchain game space the audience is something like 20 or 30 million of the players. You have so there’s a huge gap between those numbers, so we are trying to move the bridge between those two spaces.
Rob: Okay thank you Ali, and what do you experience, or in your opinion, what is the main benefit of using blockchain in gaming?
Ali: Possibilities with blockchain, if you are integrating blockchain into a game, I believe as you can basically do anything, build anything, so you have the tools to build any iconic model inside the game if I need to speak with an example, we are building a racing game currently, a mobile race game, stunt race, with blockchain features. It’s called sky race drive to earn, and what we are doing inside this game, if we were building a standard traditional mobile race game, we need to buy licenses from like car manufacturers, and the right brand owners, and we buy it then we put it inside our game but what we do inside the game, we are building the game as it supports all of the vehicles, so like motorcycles, formula cars, rally cars and like trucks. So it supports all of the vehicles and we want to enable anyone or any company, any brand, any famous persons to create their own car collection on their own vehicle collection, so we can have drivers collection, we can have like car brands collections, like for example we can have a collection of the green piece and some green cards that say yeah like support us, and like let’s protect nature. So it can monetize their brand, and they can get profit from selling vehicle collections, so instead of buying licenses and putting those cars inside games, we can enable anyone, any person, or organization to create their own collection, so it’s a whole different point of view, to build a car race game, and also we can also like allow people to monetize their time, so if they are playing good, and if they are playing like much, they can get the benefit, they can earn some money, and it is not only beneficial, and it’s only inside the game, but it has a global world, so they can buy a coffee with that, so it is as simple as that.
Rob: Okay and do you also see any downsides to using blockchain for gaming?
Ali: It’s a hard question since I’m like a blockchain enthusiast. I think that this is not about blockchain gaming, this is not a downside of blockchain gaming, but this is a downside of blockchain gaming studios, and projects they are not focusing on the fun part. They are not focusing on the gaming part there but they are focusing on blockchain. So I think if this is the same blockchain gaming, the focus should be on gaming, since like blockchain is the boring part. People don’t mind the blockchain, people don’t buy technologies, blockchains the technology, people buy experiences, people buy fun, people don’t buy like the technology, that’s like runs cinemas theaters, but they buy the movie tickets, so they don’t buy the cameras, they buy the movie tickers. So I think the focus should be on providing a fun, providing good gaming experience, but most of the projects don’t do it, they have a focus on blockchain, and they have to focus on selling some assets from blockchain, and fts tokens and they do it too early, so they firstly do it for fundraising, then the price goes down, they tell people huddle, huddle, huddle, then the price goes up to zero, then yeah they build something really bad or they don’t build at all so I think this point of view is really hurting, the blockchain game.
Rob: And what do you recommend for like other founders and entrepreneurs who want to into the blockchain and nft space? Do you have any tips for them?
Ali: Yeah, I think so like they should focus on gaming, and they should meet with people coming from traditional gaming space. So they need to get advice from them in my opinion, it will be really the best thing they can do, so they need to have some advisors from the web2 gaming space, and they need to have some game designers on the team. I think most of the team has the designers, blockchain developers, and web developers, but maybe like game developers, but they don’t put time, they don’t put effort to work on the game design, so like it is not graphic design, it’s the design of the experience, so they don’t need to overlook that.

Rob: Okay, okay. Well thank you so much, Ali, I’m sure there’s much more to talk about, but let’s dive into that the next time possibly. In the meantime thanks everybody for watching, and see you next time. Bye-bye.