Interview With Amir (VitalVeda) Fitness Tech & Metaverse – Crypto Business Show Episode 22

Video Transcript:

Rob: Hello! Welcome everybody at the crypto business podcast brought to you by TokenMinds. I’m your host Rob Eijgenraam, director at TokenMinds, a creative engineering company for crypto and nft projects. In this podcast we are discussing any blockchain and nft topic that’s relevant for founders and companies. Today I’m talking to Amir who’s the founder of VitalVeda. Hi Amir, here how are you
Amir: Yes. Hi Rob, how are you today?
Rob: All good, thank you for being in this podcast, appreciate it.
Amir: Thanks for having me too.
Rob: Very welcome. Let’s dive into it. Can you tell us a little bit more about what VitalVeda does?
Amir: Sure. Copying a bit of background as how we start with this concept, and also our experience in blockchain, and also you know tokenizing, you know with the utility tokens through the concept that the project we had. Back four years ago, you know after being actually in the telecommunication industry for so long  and leave that actually industry and come up actually to explore something new. I came across with this blockchain technology and how we can utilize that blockchain technology to revolutionize and interrupt the way that traditionally business was operating.
You know at that time I was actually working on the health, a medical project back in Canada, there was actually a project to interact actually the customer and clients with the doctor with the clinics, in the form that they have a direct connection they would be able to share their profile and their data without actually having an intermediate parties as a securest way as possible, the way that you know the records and the file would not be manipulated in any forms, and then i came up with the solution of blockchain and it was really interesting for me. I was thinking okay now we got actually a solution to come across with this particular problem and since then actually i was doing a comprehensive research on this particular sector and industry.
It was  just at the recent times that again you know back  since last two years i came across with the fact that you know how gamification will actually encourage the enterprise to come and have a direct contact with the customer, encourage the customers to take on board and create a challenge and creativity to be able for them to actually do what they used to do, and they are willing to do on the different style and different formats, and then i came up with the idea that I think okay we all actually doing an exercise, we like to be fit, we like to be healthy and this is actually inevitable that you know this is actually the fundamental of human being that always you know like to be in the best shape, however let’s make it more fun, let’s make it more exciting let’s actually challenge people through this task, and through that also reward them for what they do, and encourage them that you know they can actually come up, come on board make sure that actually you follow the training models and what we are defining, using the other technology elements like machine learning and A.I, and integrate that with blockchain together, in a sense that blockchain can come up and actually make sure that people’s information will be distributed easier, and the utility token will help actually people to come on board, and we will also introduce an nft aspect of it for people to come up and actually get participated in this challenge, and training session that we actually assign for them, and based off the best performance achievement, and you know what actually they come up at the top of let’s say in the community, they start actually to distribute a reward for them. So since then actually i was very excited with this concept, said okay, you know we are actually  doing something that to encourage people we are doing something that you know it’s not against people will but however they want to participate from their own desires.
Rob: It makes sense, and what are your experiences so far with using these technologies for your business case?
Amir: Look I was actually explaining about the gamification, the gamification actually is the state of mind, it’s the mindset, let’s say that the enterprise wants to be creative, they actually want to come up and start engaging their community, and let’s say that we were talking earlier about the blockchain and in my opinion these two actually are like a match in heaven. They are a very good fit together, in the sense that now we are actually fully automated the process, we have in a smart contract that it’s been defined for these tasks and the participants clearly you know they would be able to see what they get for what actually they do, and that’s actually disclosed when its transparent to them.
Rob: What challenges have you found so far regarding the blockchain technology?
Amir: Sure the challenges was actually, obvious, in my opinion, we have still a big road map to come up adaptation, and integrations one to another. Let’s say that the industry is relevantly new around actually tokenizing. The concept providing a utility token, creating a sustainable digital economy for your concept and make sure that this concept have enough prospect, a sustainability long down the track that once actually we are introducing these elements we are actually encouraging people to do a gamifications, and also set aside a game let’s say in game token rewards for them. This digital economy it’s a very challenging things that base of the experience that the crypto gaming has, and the good lessons that we are learning from them, everything has to be actually within the full considerations that your digital economy has that prospect that aspects that it can always fit the customer as well and it can provide what it has been promised to them and talking about the challenge maybe that was something new to us,  it was something that we were discovered on the track, and we learned that how important it is to come up and draft a very good token economy right at the beginning of the concept to make sure that the roadmap will be actually clear and drafted since we start the concept.
Rob: Okay, understood, and what are your recommendations for entrepreneurs and founders that want to make a step into these crypto blockchain and nft technologies for their business?
Amir: Look you know the research and the study that I’m actually doing just observing all these different sectors, and thinking okay how cryptocurrency and digital economy can help the future of the business and how we can actually come up, and I make this adaptation, in a sense that you know the utility tokens become something that all these enterprise with the certain models that they actually follow will be able to adopt and implement inside their business. However this is definitely something very challenging and this require actually to know why and for what reason you are actually introducing this cryptocurrency within your organization, why you have a token, you know, utility tokens or other form of tokens, that actually will be come up and help your digital economy, it will be distributed to your community and how you want actually to plan that, and the financial modeling is something that is very challenging. In my opinion but the fact is that this adaptations sooner or later has to be actually considered by entrepreneurs, and by business leaders and we like definitely see the age that you know having these changes, it’s inevitable, you do need to actually adopt yourself for these changes.
Rob: Okay I understood, thank you so much Amir. Thank you so much for your recommendations and your experiences and maybe see you in the next episode and thanks everybody for listening bye-bye.
Amir: Thank you very much.