Learn How to Grow an NFT Discord Server With Anchor Chan – TokenMinds Academy Lesson 1

Video Transcript:

Anchor: Everyone, thank you for joining TokenMinds Academy the first lesson of NFT marketing and how to grow your nft Discord server. Just before that let me introduce myself I’m Anchor from TokenMinds I’m an account manager for the client’s project, and so far we actually been working together with over 100 crypto and nft projects starting in 2016. Then we have been working on some projects such as Ctyptoblades. Here together with me is Chris he’s our community leads. Hi Chris, hi can you introduce yourself?
Chris: Hi I’m Chris, and I’m the community lead for TokenMinds, and I’m actually working together on different projects alongside the marketing team.
Anchor: All right thank you Chris, so here you know this lesson since the first one so we’re actually brief like some general information about how to grow a community which is super important for the new projects no matter for nft or defi according to projects. So here is the first one we’ll talk about how to create a well-organized server. So this I will leave to Chris our community lead so Chris please explain more on this one.
Chris: A Discord server for one project is an unorganized server why? You know for me should always be professional in web3 this is not just, of course, we face with different community members some of which our potential investors for projects so I suggest if you want to have like a good community, you will start with setting your community properly. So with the server site to perform and create nice channels then set it back properly so usually what I do is that I set it up with the verification and the rules of course at the starter, so for the proper onboarding of your members and then also avoiding some bots coming in their server, so perform verification that they are real and then they get to read the most to ensure that there is a safe environment and then I set it up in a way that I number one as a potential investor I need to see the things about the project so here I put up the official links, the information about the project on the about us so anything related to the project what’s in it for us why do we want to become part of this community and then what are the backgrounds the founders we also try to talk to founders as much as possible for the full team members because an investor standpoint, as investors you would want to know about this project’s background in terms of the team building the things that they are planning so if you see that the core members are really you know capable of doing so with regards to their background when you check their background of course it will give the potential investors for the community members more confident about project so what we want is to build with the community so in order to do that people should gain confidence in your projects then they will support you have only the people on the team will be doing the building but also the contributions of the community members are required so in order to do this the first step is gain their confidence so show everything spread more awareness about our knowledge about your project through this channel okay and we also put a different  channels for example Twitter integration, so they see right there and then the updates from your Twitter so with people also they want a sense of address in every community or every project they are coming in so to make them more confident about the project that there’s something is progressing so you give them a sense of progress, you also give them some channels to be updated like announcement channels and Twitter updates channels, and apart from that of course I use  for aesthetic purposes, I use not the normal way of chatting as well, I use different embed posts like this one for me six post preview so we use graphics we use  embed message functions and then for the links we use hyperlink text like this one not this big so that it will be more professionally looking and pleasant to the eye so instead of just putting blocks of messages there.
Anchor: Okay thank you, Chris. So let’s go to the next slides, so can I share some knowledge about the contents right in the Discord compelling content plan?
Chris: In addition to creating the channels properly we also share compelling content. So when you say compelling content these are not contents that are just plain block of text giving information so of course not all people are fun but you know to get etc., so here we incorporate some contents like graphics into the announcements into the information that you are trying to share in your community and then we trade the messages or the message the posts that we do in a way that there are some proper highlighting as well for example here we put an emphasis on different texts or headers with using the bold eye validations and then we also put some you know images so it looks better and then of course for me  the proper spacing go in some posts that we have we also do that so of course the graphics that you should be posting is related to the one you are announcing, read that so you support your text through this graphics content and then make it concise mean it make the messaging straight to the point and not you know so lengthy and beating around so these are the things that I can suggest to make people you know read your post actually because in this Discord there will be a lot of projects for people kind of in server to server and then you will definitely not get their attention if you will post just a block of text with lengthy messaging and then beating out of the bush compared to you know these kinds of stuff that you post graphics together with the text or messaging that you are trying to deliver or convey when the members add it straight to the point.
Anchor: Okay thank you, Chris, so yeah, and also all the content lines, etc., we have much more details specific about those parts in the next events and for this time we also cover like some general information about how to do the marketing for Discord growth, so here we for the social media marketing as we said right is quite basic things it’s not only for web3 but web2, and also for the conventional industry so in this case for the social media what I normally do like for sure first we need to have a good plan for all the social media that we want to focus on for example in this web3 right so for always let people know of it’s like something like Twitter or Instagram or Facebook and even Reddit. In this case something sometimes we need a really concrete content plan, and really get sharing some interesting things right and also the uniqueness of the key points about each project, and the share there and this needs to be ongoing just so we can keep the continuous hype on this. And for the community engagement for sure, it’s also important, I will also leave it to Chris, and also for the airdrop is something we especially from the beginning of the project we really need some initial engagement and also people join first especially from the beginning when a project is really your heart actually get some people are drawing the Discord or the social media so it’s very effective it’s almost like some giveaways rewarding and more people to join. So Chris in this case can explain further about these two points, so point two and three.
Chris: All right yeah social media marketing, some effective and your project so because you know we need to create learning and interesting videos regarding projects there many people will actually see it and for community engagement, it’s really good we need to get more members by people who are actually inside already or Discord server so in order for them to invite or advise more people who can be interested in your project course, you would set up community engagement, better community engagement, so you can do those things with different events you know and spread awareness about the project sometimes we do here also some cup of tweets so for example if you post any information in the channels about the project but then people some people with nothing so what we do is that we run events with different rewards like the house please so that they will actually review the information about the project and then they will get to win on that piece because they answer correctly then we spread also awareness through different events on social media like events requiring them to share something. So for airdrops, yeah we do these things also like widget premium so in here these platforms require some tasks like example following Twitter, joining Discord, following Telegram, following on YouTube something. This task when the members do it they get a level entry to the platform so with the raffles they can win different rewards such as USDT rewards, nft airdrops, and token airdrops, okay so they partake in this actual airdrop campaign to take this chance to win on this and of course, with that, they are able to join. So if the number of followers and the number of members in your groups, Telegram platforms, Twitter, and Discord actually in pieces with this support to your project startup so this is an initial step in community.
Anchor: All right thank you, Chris, by the way, everyone for the social media marketing as I just mentioned it’s very important with a really a kind of plan before we kick a start on the social media or everything like promotion management so for this part we also explain further in the next events as well for without content manager will be involved to explain further about the content plan and the points actually we need to focus on, and for the content based on each project of concept, and about the PR marketing it’s also very important with really a very unique content created for each project, so in this case, for example, we need to include some backgrounds right? Because for almost all the people who know this for, actually who want to notice new projects that that don’t know anything before the join a project, so normally when they first visit the website and get more information about project under on the news or PR they actually can got already overview of okay everything about the project okay the background about that they’re the team and their uniqueness that technologies in this case is very important we get all the uniqueness and also there’s USP and also the  the competitive points for this project in a PR as well so normally for the distribution it actually has some similarity with the conventional PR distribution so something we can consider here at three points here so first part that for those national ones like issue -Y or PCY or something like that we can actually do a mass distribution to like hundreds of thousands of media, but this media that the good party that we can do actually a large quantity of this and make it a good coverage to all of the world and also  it is actually quite a convenient fast actually for the whole progress it just comes right with the PR agency and the day and dispute in like one week or something with some reports and second the bad part is that is normally not really so focused on the web3 like crypto media or nft right, so the second solution normally here is that we also suggest to do some good to media a blog that really focuses on their web3 audiences for example the top ones I think everybody knows right like a coin Telegraph coin desk or decrypt so these ones for sure this ones is something it’s quite high budget so we normally suggest to do that for a company really has in a budget for sure it will help  for the brand building, awareness building and also some other like tier 1.5 media like retail code speaker, Z1 crypto, coin auto etc., these council have built a more cost effective even and third part is about some premium PR, not really those crypto media but premiere such as Forbes or a Bloomberg, Yahoo. This can also have a lot based on our vanilla analyze actually there are also a lot of potential investors more like  accredited investors on those kind of big media that are more like a business owners they have, they are actually personal investors, VC and  interns, so in this case we can also get  some like a more credit investors on board to the project so this is for the PR marketing parts, and for influencer marketing it’s also very one of very top direct marketing solution for the nft and crypto projects in this case, so by working with the top influencers that’s really can get to the the growth of the community in a Discord but in this case for the influencer we also noticed there are a lot of like trailer promoters online those are not really influencers because those the followers quality are lower maybe some like a lot of retail investors so people just seeking for  rewards or something, so normally what we suggest you guys a new project to do is that to do really some good after research on the influencers based on the word, the project that worked together with before based on the performance, check the followers, the quality and also the comments right  to make sure that we really work with those good influencers. So that is about these slides, so let’s go to the next one. So for this one, I think I’ve still left that to Chris, so Chris explains more about how to collab with blue chip projects and other groups.
Chris: Another great way to build your server, is actually one of the strategies to build your server is you know connect, network, and collaborate with other communities. So for example these communities like for the cyber clones that give you know give them some sort of connections with this blue chip widget and also some alpha groups that are really big like for example underground, yep search so if you have connections to this alpha groups you make connections certainly when you collaborate with them through AMAs like you discussed about your project there will be like thousands members listening and then eventually those who will be the interested in your project will partake and join your server as well then if there are whitelist giveaways, of course if your project is really something which shows to be really promising utility, promising things that gives value to its members and I am a member of this blue chip project when I saw your collaboration, when I review the project and I became interested I will definitely commit their server, I will definitely with your server for taking everything just to get that’s what it is for example, so this is a good thing of course you make things in your project and in your server valuables, so for the utility project should be highlighted so it should be set at the best to make people interested so I’ve seen a lot of projects as well like they had worked with this blue-chip project with the previous project so somehow they already paid subnet with these guys and then when they launch a new project even without the contents yet even without some activities and events for engagement things happening in the server they have they still have a lot of members so this is the power of you know cultivating and networking with these established groups but then of course not all projects to have networks with this so this is a such this like a long term, try to get foreign which are still starting or they already started post mint, they have relatively nice engagement in their communities as well, so I suggest you look for this projects, these servers and also collaborate. So collaboration is not only the whitelist giveaways exchange for these projects but also it’s better if you do for example a Twitter space or Discord, share daily to talk about your projects, and that should always be a windmill so in collaborating for your offer yourself something in exchange for something that you could see it’s not only one thing so it should only hear me I think yeah I think.
Anchor: For sure, I agree so for discount, blue-chip it’s not really some right thing we can already the new project achieve right from the beginning it’s actually a long-term thing so normally we also just write the starting line from a really unfortunate I’ve reached into some retargeted ones like close to each project concept and then once you that we bridge, right bridge that war and also collab with one or two of them you can also expand the connection by the existing connections, there will be really very effective and really have to contribute to the sale yeah.
Chris:  The connections, be there for them like support them then try to network with them so they also support you, so you really know work them they will acknowledge and have that connection.
Anchor: Yeah we also suggest that the page project at least have someone dedicated to this kind of collab outreach, or really focused on building this network because this was basically what we observed is still super important during the whole process of that nft marketing so it’s super important. All right so let’s go to the next slides, so have an active Discord server, so please maybe you can also let Chris share this with you.
Chris: There should be a lot of engagement, from the general chats here, you can boost your server engagement actually by doing some events any to the next slide, and okay sure all right yeah, so for in our case apart from you know the announcement the content posts that we are doing whereas hosting community events so these events are not only the usual games in the games event for fun so you can also create some events that you know tap on the creativity of your members if you are a community of artists for example you tap under creativity so ask them to create something like for example here we create an event where ian table right that’s my storyline based on this artwork nft., then to spread awareness about the project of course we ask them as to share it on Twitter, you see specific hashtags then they will get some rewards like white please and then  sometimes because in the web3 space, people always like to do discussions right, so sometimes you also create some events that harnesses that to give them a full platform to discuss, so we’re having some tabletop events as well time to time we’re in yeah they can discuss anything they want  related to nft, share ideas. Yeah, this is something that makes a community engaged so if a lot of people see a lot of engagement in the server they will definitely please want to partake in comparison to people who don’t see anything any event happening so it seems like you know that server is idle please over us good and as active as possible.
Anchor: Okay right may be based on this topic to focus on the niche, I will show first my idea maybe Chris will also have some other ideas right or knowledge to share with you guys so for sure this is mainly involved more like about the content plan and then we really actually come up with so this is to come up with a really dedicated content plan, and avoid those two generic content graphic, etc., because you know for each project, the concept is totally different but we always can find some difference between each project and in this case we’ll find actually the most attractive part from the projectile and really design and work on the content playing specifically because people always want to see something unique and new and creative instead of like generating generic contents that actually can be used as templates for all of those kinds of crypto and nft projects. In this case, you know it’s actually well actually give a really good impression to those visitors and they also will share and to their acquaintance and family and friends, so this is important for this is also a content so maybe next time we can also show more in the next event so Chris you have any other knowledge to share about this part?
Chris: For the niche as well, for example, if you are a web3 project of course you know their content should be something relatable again so it’s not that you post something out from another web free project you just copy them any piece I’ll see you may eat your own you make it unique to that niche and example another example if you are an art collection nft we’re in it’s like a real-life art turn into an nft, of course, the things that you will be doing the engagement events that you will be creating for that server or the contents you will be posting, that server should be posting focusing specifically on that niche. So if they are interested in our collection highlights.  
Anchor: Okay thank you Chris for also sharing your experience on this. Okay so for next slides collaborate with the influencers for this we also already discussed in the first slides but in here I would just want to emphasize again for this kind of influencers right for sure we need to be in mind so first we need to really find those top influencers normally if you see some tags on their Twitter accounts or like no matter Instagram something if you see okay the holders of like with the crypto punks or like bored apes, and you just verify it’s okay then for sure this kind of guys know anymore that means that actually they are really into this great field not really like those Shiloh promoters, they worked with already some other projects as well but in this case we also need to check if the work if the quality of the performance of the last collaboration between them and also the projects actually worked  well, for example we also can connect some like, do some research before we’re working with any like this kind of influencers like okay check with those products that work with how actually they perform, are they responsible enough for this kind of collab, it’s not only those kind of white list giveaways we just  I saw that that some projects just gave after I said what leads to these influencers and they post or give us some like ETH or like usdt to them they just opposed to one single post, it’s not like that it’s more like for deeper corporation, for example if for new project, they can approach to a really good influencer they work together for a deep conversion for  like okay they involved in projects that their works will be they are promoting for one of the projects from beginning to the end, and even after the nft is listed and they can help actually to promote in their channel and also get some connection from his sequence other influencers to really have to grow the floor price etc., so this is a super important so in general first of the quality will be influencer second is quality and the quality of collaboration, like what kind of collaboration seeking for normally we suggest like a deeper collaboration, so they can actually be there to support your projects from beginning to the end. Third is always right for sure keep always a good connection with those influencers that you checked and qualified and they also can help you to build your high-level, high-quality influencer network as well which also helps with the post-minting and also in the future development plans for the projects. So, Chris, do you have any ideas on this as well that you can share?
Chris: Please yeah so it’s really important as well you know we mentioned in the previous slide you specifically choose them based on the project is important gaming look for influencers related to gaming because the majority of their followers would be coming you can always choose someone who talks about nft etc., in general, but you know it’s really better it marketing like to focus on one single niche one single group because they will relatively be more interested in things related the same niche.
Anchor: All right by the way just something else to share for this kind of top influencer, they also normally have their own community like in Discord, they can also consider like we could work together with for like AMA, Twitter space, sure they also sometimes has like YouTube and other channels and Instagram, etc., so this is all something that’s we listen to the project to once they work with them right in a deep corporations solution away then they can always do right take advantage of those all those platforms and do the promotion for the projects. All right thank you, everyone, that is all for today’s lesson this is my like more a very broad and general overview of other knowledge here we share today with Discord for the Discord growth strategy thank you everyone for joining and if you have any questions you can leave notes just so we can actually give you permission you can actually talk and ask questions directly or you can also directly leave the questions in the chat box so we can answer. Thank you.