Leveraging the NFT Crypto Community: Strategies to Maximize Your Success

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Fritzy: Welcome to TokenMinds. My name is Fritzy, the senior content manager here at TokenMinds, a creative engineering, crypto, and nft agency, helping businesses all over the world with their nft and blockchain development. Nft and crypto marketing, and token sales strategy. Today we are joined by Chris our community lead, as we talk about community building for nft and crypto community. Hey Chris.

Chris: Hello guys

Fritzy: All right so let’s just start with our first question could you share with us in your own words what is a crypto or an nft community?

Chris: Thank you Fritzy, so I’m Chris by the way guys I’m the community lead for TokenMinds. So actually a community so for me, it’s the lifeblood of any crypto or nft project.  So this community refers to the people who are actually leaders, developers, investors, and fans of your project or this blockchain technology. So you know these people are the ones who are found across different platforms that you will be using and then they are primarily the ones who will be supporting you all the way in your project.

Fritzy: Okay and then Chris why do you think there is an emphasis on engaging or building this kind of community for any crypto or nft project.

Chris: So with the crypto communities or nft community in general so since these are people who are actively collecting trading selling and also doing some engagement conversations with relation to the nfts itself web3 itself they also shell so it’s really helpful that you have these people supporting you in your project so this is the focus so you build a community but then before they will support you that’s the primarily primary reason and then in return you should be in return somehow giving them value first showing them what is in it for them with your project so for example this is my project this is my product so what’s in it for you so you give them value first and then as a reciprocate to that they will support your project and when they support you it will spread like wildfire knowing they will organically spread the message about your project to other people as well and then when these people see that you know oh this project is promising this project has many supporters right now they will also try to join in and see what’s good inside your community. So it’s really good that you know you try to build a community and in building a community it’s really important that the message and awareness about your project are spreading and then when they are ready inside of course you do some engagement etc., with them so that they will still hang on to them then updates about the project, etc. So to keep them aware and to give them this sense of progress in each and every project.

Fritzy: So with that Chris, basically what I got from that is the community is actually the bloodline of any nft and crypto projects since these are the people like the people inside the community are actually who are you know holders of these nfts or this crypto and also at the same time they are the ones who are like basically, the reason why an nft or crypto project thrives is because of these people right.

Chris: Yeah because you know this example these are the fans of your project they are investors of your project so it’s very critical to have these kinds of people early on because they are the ones who will be building with you so they will support you and build with you so some people here in the community may have some sort of networks and some other partners okay so for example just an example okay you have a really nice utility for your nft or a project you have in short you have a really nice project a product okay but just remember it’s always you know even if you have the best product but if it’s not known to people who it will not work so it’s always best known is always beating the best products so for example you have this best product and it’s well known as well because you have a really good community it’s also spreading word about your project building together with you giving you feedback about your project and product to make it better so this will be really helpful to the project in its endeavor to make it more successful.

Fritzy: All right I see, and could you share with us how to like just very briefly could you share with us how you create this community during the time that you are conceptualizing the nft or the crypto project?

Chris: Okay so of course first you bring value that’s what I told you so, of course, you plan out everything with relation to your project first, and then when it’s already available this information okay you put it up for everyone’s reference, and then when you launch your project it’s really important that first, you define the audience you are targeting and then set the vision for your project okay then you choose the primary channel that you will be using, for example, there can be platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Reddit. So these are the most famous platforms you can choose, whichever you want to utilize as a platform, and then do your marketing things you can do different kinds of marketing like PR marketing, ads marketing influencer marketing, etc., to gain initial traction for your project okay and then when people are already and you gain initial traction okay it’s really important for example in Discord you put up all information with relation to the project so that you know these people will understand it’s really important that people understand what is your vision what is the project for and what it’s trying to do and what is it trying to contribute to the web3 Industry so with that for example they see that this is really promising one okay so I’ll be investing so this is really important then since they are already understanding and believers of your project they will also share it with their networks then it’s really important you know be trustworthy right so at all times you as a Founder for example you should be transparent so you what you can do what I suggest you know Founders should also be present in the community it’s really important that it’s not only the community managers or moderators who are there it’s also good that the founders are in the community engaging so they are being visible in short so part of being trustworthy as well is giving them timely updates with regards to the progress of the project etc., because any project should have a sense of progress so that people will not be you know confused or what’s happening with the project so they will be updated from time to time and they see something is happening and the team is always working hard. So just continue with that and then yeah an example as a Founder you can go to different Twitter spaces to talk about your project to spread more awareness about what you’re building so that’s really important.

Fritzy: All right and then you have talked about Chris like the different channels that Founders could use to create the community you have shared with us that the most popular ones are Twitter Discord and Telegram but for you, as the community lead here at TokenMinds what do you think is the best channels the best channel to create this nft or crypto community and why do you recommend this channel.

Chris: So for me, I choose Twitter and Discord both but then with Twitter it’s more on you know getting more attraction spreading more information about your project, etc., but then, in general, the best platform in terms of community building for me is Discord. Why? Because in Discord you can do many things okay once people come in to your project you can put up all the information they’re readily available for everyone example the minting dates etc., FAQs about the project so what are the utilities of your project and then maybe some sneak peeks as well of your nft so you can also do here the events you can do voice calls to just know and learn more about the people inside your community just to hang out together with them etc., so this is really powerful platform and it acts as a central hub for every nft or crypto project so it’s really important as well that you set Discord channel and server properly because  you know it should provide all the information it needs etc., so actually here in TokenMinds we also share information on how we do community building and even on the proper setup and suggested channels to be used and Discord server setup so this information we are also sharing through our TokenMinds Academy so yeah I suggest you can check it out we have these episodes with relation to community building, and community management.

Fritzy: Okay and I actually have one last question, Chris. If you could share with the Founders you know there may be nft projects founders of nft projects that are still you know thinking about how they would go out to building their community or maybe they have it set up already but don’t know how to Hype up or engage with a community could you like briefly share like what kind of events or engagements that we do to engage or to bring excitement to the community members on Discord or whatever channel these nft Founders have created.

Chris: So actually as Community or right, so what we do is that it’s not always coming from us it should also you know things contributions should also come from our community members so at first you can set up you know the usual events etc., like quizzes so yeah you can gauge the knowledge of your members as to the project okay and then if you engage that oh they are not yet aware about it so maybe we can do more information right with regards to helping members learn more about the project okay and with the relation to that as well so people it’s really important people understands what you are trying to build so you can also do some AMA sessions so these are usually done on Twitter space for example or on Discord for example voice channels so you just discuss about the project what are the usual questions that you see and or maybe discuss even your FAQs so then if there are additional questions also coming from the community that they want to know and they want to clarify they can ask it all in that ask me anything or AMA session so these are the things that you can do, well some of the things you can do with regards to community building engagements and events of course there are some mini games that you can also do etc., but yeah the main the main goal should be spreading more awareness and understanding with the project.

Fritzy: All right thank you so much Chris for your Insight in community building for both crypto and nft communities for our listeners or our viewers for this insightful video from Chris we actually have a lot of other insightful videos on Discord community building or nft and crypto community building nft marketing and blockchain development, all posted on our YouTube videos and we have also as Chris mentioned TokenMinds Academy where we discuss like the things that newbies or people who would want to start out their web3 careers, they could use those resources to jump or launch their web3 careers. So anyways thank you so much Chris for being with me and sharing your insights on community building for crypto and nft.

Chris: All right thank you.

Fritzy: Thank you

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