NFT Content Marketing Strategies – Crypto Business Show Episode 3

Video Transcript:

Rob: Hello welcome everybody to the crypto business podcast brought to you by TokenMinds. I’m your host Rob Eijgenraam, director at TokenMinds, a blockchain agency that combines all crypto disciplines from marketing to development in one agency. In this podcast, we are discussing any blockchain topic that is relevant for companies and entrepreneurs. Today is the fourth episode and we’re gonna talk about nft content marketing strategies I have in the podcast with me today Hanna who’s an expert in crypto content and involved in a number of nft projects let’s start just for the listeners who are not that familiar with content marketing we are defining that as different forms of content in terms of PR, social media influencers, even white papers, and web content and it’s a very important part of crypto marketing and nft marketing, So for example at TokenMinds we have a dedicated department for that. But let’s go to Hanna what would you say how would you define your job as a content manager?
Hanna: Hi Rob thanks for inviting me. First X as a content manager I do a lot of stuff like but it all starts with creativity. The most important thing is to find the right people to find the right professional creative team to work on the content because without this everything can be automated now and this is part of the conversation too but defining my job is like finding the right people, communicating with them giving them content impulse and searching the market definitely is the most important thing to know what’s going on especially in crypto when things change immediately and within one week you can have like crazy volatility of the market that’s it.
Rob: Okay great thank you for that how would you define the audience when you’re working on the content?
Hanna: Defining audience in crypto is kind of tricky because like traditional characteristic of gender and age habits of a target persona doesn’t really work in crypto what works in crypto is communities, communities that are united by interests united by touch points so you have to target communities for example if you have an nft project you have an ideal project token project anything you have to know who your people are how to know that you have to find the places together, for example, you can target discord groups you can target discord channels you can go to art lovers you can find what they like just look into the places they visit and you’re gonna decide on the right target audience for a crypto project.
Rob: Okay that’s very interesting what about the different channels that you’re choosing to spread the content, do you have any strategy tips for that yeah?
Hanna: Sure, first of all, you have to know what a project is differently what your project is and what’s the technology behind your project, so after that, you can find influencers definitely there are lots of influencers on the market who propose their services but there are like sort of guys who just sell their opinions and this is not the guys who are looking for, you have to find the real experts who create like free content and these guys have to like your project and how to do that, it’s all about the content you have to create techy engaging and attractive content for the audience. So how to find a strategy for your project the thing is that you can go to communities you can go to discord channels you can go to telegram groups but you can’t like you can post influencer posts you can publish your PR article, press releases everywhere you have to choose between like coin desk which is a super crypto magazine, between social media, etc. but my advice you have to try everything as you can definitely and should go to social media because social media I will In Crypto the community, crypto is definitely freedom of money is freedom of in investments it’s freedom of people’s choices so social media is number one, and the second you can embrace the traditional magazines, you can go to Coindesk, Cointelegraph to get the best outreach so I would try both to get the outreach to get the PR and go to social media to get the other people yeah.
Rob: All right, all right, and is there any automation involved in that strategy?
Hanna: Yeah sure you can. Speaking about automation is really important now especially when you work with a scalable project that needs a lot of content when you’re launching when you like doing the PR campaign because like you can’t hire a lot of people to create this much content that is why automation is really important here, for example, if you want to create PR articles, if you want to create blog posts and definitely you will need more of them you can use now robots to create you for that, for example, I use jasper, this is conversion ai. This tool helps, it’s not an advertisement by the way, this tool helps me to create like blog posts and like you don’t have to you don’t have to spend hours on the on SEO optimizing it you just need to have a template,  so you get a template, and you get a topic you get keywords and after that you can create like full call high quality blog post with this too so super cool that you can delegate such such outreach things to robots, you definitely can use spelling check with Grammarly which is super cool because it is also very helpful for us and  yeah speaking of automation with texts, and when you use for example you have an interview and we definitely have lots of interview with when you create content you need to reverse audio to text, text to audio and you can there are now there are lots of tools on the market you can use speechify or something like that to convert your audio to text and vice versa they have pretty good pretty good prices so it’s not really expensive but it saves lots of time and money for your project yeah let me yeah this is speechify i use it too super comfortable yeah and the interface is super pleasant so you will be enjoying working with this tool. Speaking of visual content which is definitely a great part of marketing, the crypto marketing strategy and nft content marketing you can use a lot of memes, everyone loves going crazy about memes, you can use GIFs you can use photos but it’s not you can’t always take a picture like hire a photographer take a picture of a person for a social media post for example, that’s why you can use robots too there is one project I use it’s called this person doesn’t exist this is basically a robot that creates a non-existent person you just reload this page and it gives you the ultimately generated face yeah there are some problems with them.
Rob: Don’t have to use stock images it’s actually literally a new person you’re creating.
Hanna: Yes and you can use that for commercial purposes which are highly important because you won’t have any troubles in the future with this picture yeah it’s super easy you just need to find these touch points where you have bottom leg or in content creation and optimize it as much as you can but optimization is pretty tricky when you use it in the creative field because you definitely have to separate the things that people have to do and the things that robots can do and the creative strategy and visual design are all about people’s work so pick the right team pick the optimization the automation tools and yeah you can get the smoothest and the most comfortable launch you will ever have.
Rob: I can totally imagine because especially for nft projects the quality is very important, investors are definitely paying attention to that so picking the right people is definitely critical. What about when you are creating the content is there any particular tone of voice you would recommend including maybe even live content like for example AMAs which ask me anything about events in usual communities like discord?
Hanna: Yeah thanks Rob, it’s a great question speaking of the tone of voice. First of all you have to speak to your client and it’s super important because the way you see the project can differ from the way the client sees the project so you have to negotiate these things do you refer like to your friend just like your friends do you feel like your family or you’ve got like professional investors it’s really important to find this balance between helping them and selling to them so yeah and AMAs, ask me anything sessions is super important to find the balance between the project and investors basically ama sessions can be held in telegram they can be held in slack channel they can be held in twitter thread on discord  so how it looks someone from the from the project’s team answers the questions of the audience of the people who are on this channel so it’s super relaxing atmosphere and people can ask anything they like from the team  to like technical things to get to know more about the project to learn about the people behind the project to know the value of the project because sometimes marketers can’t really go to the core of the project and someone from the team someone who’s really passionate about the project can get more involved, can involve more the people who are potentially interested in the project.
Rob: Okay thank you for that and the final question is do you see any particular trends coming for nft content marketing that might be interesting for listeners to keep an eye on?
Hanna: Yeah sure. As I mentioned before optimization is a trend but it’s like getting everyone is getting used to it now I see the trend in handmade things as opposite from digitalization things marketing goes to like guerilla marketing some kind of creating something from scratch in real time connecting it to the digital world this is number one number two everything is going to web3 and number three in my opinion and I see this happening now the banners the content we’re gonna be creating in future for metaverse we’re not gonna be creating for web one Web2, the content we’re gonna do the marketing campaigns we’re gonna promote the projects we’re gonna have fun in Decentraland and the project like that so the quality the image and visuals of this project not be like it’s super cool now but I say it’s like a game boy in 90s so it’s going to be improving and more improving so yeah everything’s gonna be creating in the metaverse.
Rob: Very exciting kind of 3d holographic content coming, yeah interesting stuff. Thank you so much, Hanna, very informative, and thanks everybody for listening. Stay tuned for our next episode which is gonna air tomorrow, and I’m gonna talk to Dev and Reinhart about the crypto market going down while nft prices seem to go up. So let’s talk tomorrow and thanks Hanna again.
Rob: Thanks, Rob.