NFT Crypto Community; 6 Powerful Strategies of Building an Engaged Society for Your Project

Video Transcript:

Rob: Hello everybody, we’re going to talk about nft crypto community. Six powerful strategies of building an engaged society for your project. I have with me here today Anchor, who’s an experienced crypto marketer for the international as well as the Asian markets. Hello Anchor, welcome.

Anchor: Hi everyone.

Rob: all right and where should someone start with creating an nft community?

Anchor: Yeah I think these menus will be to start from some platforms like Twitter or like some calendar products, right those listing platforms they can find actually some good community, using some really important hashtags, and then in this case for those kinds of nft participants they can easily find the good communities to join, and for those nft projects actually they also need to target some nft audiences from different social media, right, using some kind of hashtags or those targeted audiences to really actually make it really accurate to folks including for the future marketing and also the community build up.

Rob: And which steps are involved in building your crypto community?

Anchor: Yeah, this is actually a good question so for this normally we have several steps. So first for sure, that’s the target of the audience right, so for different projects, they will have different concepts, like in industries like sports or gaming.  So in this case when we actually want to build up the community to grow, we need to also target these kinds of audiences, like finding different guys right from different Twitter followers, and also from the Reddit channels like those projects involved, relevant to write topics, and then for sure, it’s a set of a kind of a long vision. So actually for a long-term plan we have to at the project actually build up a concrete strategy to grow the community, and then the third is also very important it’s actually the channels, other channel choices for example Discord, telegram, Reddit, and the twitter sometimes also for nft projects, we also suggest like Instagram, which we can put a lot of good graphics on that, which actually helps to brand and expose the projects to more people, and then think about how to create the hype. So what we can say is get more people excited and involved so this can be something for the community teams like managers or motivators, to set up some events or games or everything, and also combined with some giveaways to really get the people excited about the projects and the future of the visions. The last one is actually to build some trustworthiness, so for the project team actually normally for something like the bots in the team like to join some official events that get more like updates and share it with the community, and also some team members can join some AMA regularly with the community teams and also to actually communicate with all those community members it’s also a very good solution to build trustworthiness. So yeah that is all.

Rob: Thank you Anchor and see you next time. Goodbye.

Anchor: Bye.