NFT Marketing Strategies: A Case Study – Crypto Business Show Episode 2

Video Transcript:

Rob: Hello everybody welcome again to the crypto business show brought to you by, I’m your host Rob Eijgenraam, director of TokenMinds, a blockchain agency that combines all crypto disciplines from marketing and development in one place. In this podcast, we will discuss any blockchain topic relevant to businesses and entrepreneurs. Today’s topic is nft marketing strategies, a case study. I have in the podcast with me today Anchor Chan, who is a veteran crypto marketer for the international as well as the Asian markets. Before we dive into this topic, let’s first talk about the exact case that we’re going to talk about which is CryptoBlade. So it’s a play-to-earn project which is using Binance smart chain as a technology, and they’re using nfts within their games, but they also have their own token, and recently Anchor helped them with a marketing campaign. So let’s first dive into what was the exact goal of this project.
Anchor: Okay thank you and nice to meet everyone. Yeah, for cryptoblades actually once we started with them actually in a very early phase and they barely know any like you know audience and the traffic, you know members and the community and everything though they’re actually you know the first batch of the nft projects then almost nobody knows them that’s why they’re founders. So they have quite some issues on the community or social media that no hype and no people actually active there and also you know the traffic is not good but they really have very good ideas that’s why actually we provide them actually all these like contents that write about the games to promote so, in general, they need help from us actually for the community build up, social media growth and engagement and management and all these like marketing to grow their hype and everything like website traffic.
Rob: Thank you and I understand that we did some PR for them as well can you walk us through some examples of what you did there?
Anchor: Yeah sure. So for the PR actually we did mainly two parts so first is some framing PR  that we posted on some really tier one PR publications like Bloomberg seeking offers and also bazinga and Yahoo. In this platforms normally that covers all those financial audience and also includes all those crypto and the main target actually for this kind of PR is actually to  get more traffic and attentions from those accredited investors, VC, and funds where they normally will you know read and we did this and get a lot of attractions from the public for those of big institutional investors and also the second one, the second part we did for them is all those crypto media, those actually like ZY Crypto like coin speaker that really focus on all those crypto and nft  topics, and there are a lot of like no matter for those big investors or retail investors that we can accurately target on those  audience to get attractions and this actually can also help the project get you know more trustworthiness from the public, if anyone is interested in the project or attracted by the concept they will actually search online and find that on those tier one media which actually can build their trust on the project.
Rob: Okay great. I also see in terms of the titles it’s very strongly promoted in terms of putting the USPs of the project right in there, this is one of the topics we’re going to talk about later this week with Hannah who’s a content marketing expert in the crypto space. Anchor what about the social media posts, could you talk a little bit about that?
Anchor: Yeah sure. So actually cryptoblades when we work with them is like two or three thousand people and not so engaged that’s why we also have to help them with these parts, the most important that we get everything sorted with a really concrete plan based on their event all the events there any like partnership they did with others or any updates on the project development marketing we make actually an overview and a very sufficient plan before we start on their social media contents and graphic design and also we keep managing them their you know the social media and to make sure that we can engage with all the followers like the comments and answer the questions and actually make that really a huge you know hype in the Twitter as well. This is actually very important for all the projects sure no matter not only in Discord and Telegram but also in social media. So for this part actually in general we need a very good plan that we do in advance before we do everything and also when meantime need to make flexible because, during the project goals, there will be also some other like plans or something so we actually also keep optimizing all the whole plan across the whole project goes.
Rob: Okay yeah that’s certainly interesting, and I think this is one of the most important marketing methods as well for nft projects that Twitter in terms of traffic plays quite an important role. So yeah let’s go into that a little bit more. You also use some influencers for this project right?
Anchor: Yeah sure that is a very important part. Yeah, so about that part sure let me explain further. So actually normally when we do all these like Twitter and telegram influencers we will first actually you know make sure that these influencers right their channel is really fit for the project. So for example the nft  normally we will find some like good channels that have experience on those nfts, they have a lot of nft audience, and also sure they will have a good historical data with like enough engagement to make sure that all these influencers post  and the followers are organic and we can get a lot of like traffic from there, as well as the telegram for sure that for telegram is important and then we can get a lot of views and find the issue of the post, and another part is actually for the contents part, so this actually we also took care for the cryptoblades by our team who actually has like over three years’ experience on the crypto content writing and they know actually what the audience and participants want to see, so we made also the content we share with the influencers in the post  so for this part actually it’s very important first we target the right influencers and make sure that you know we actually use these influencers to make the best views of that and their sources second a very high quality of contents and third we also keep tracking the performance to make sure that everything goes well.
Rob: All right and talking about that performance Anchor. What kind of results were gained here for these marketing methods?
Anchor: Yeah actually you know there are several parts actually focus on to grow first is sure the Discord and telegram community, we actually got like over seven thousand growths around that for both Discord and telegram. When we’re working with cryptoblades, and the second actually is for you know website traffic right before that actually they nearly said that set up that website and there are not so many traffic there, and by all these kind of like PR influencers, actually the traffic increases like five thousand percent in two months, and then it is also like I said social media engagements right so for social media actually we have to get also over like three thousand, four thousand percent increase for the Twitter and Instagram and all these actually contribute to the success of their nft command for erc 155 and nft, all the games, all the token cell on
Rob: All right sounds good. So we will also leave this particular case study in the footnotes of this show, so you can download it and look a little bit more at the examples especially when you listen to the audio version only, and I would like to thank Anchor for your contribution today, really appreciate it, thank you for your time and thanks everybody for listening and watching. See you next time