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Video Transcript:

Rob: NFT Promotion, 9 outstanding techniques nft creators use to market their non-fungible tokens in 2022 and beyond. I have here with me our nft marketing expert Anchor. Hi Anchor, how are you?
Anchor: Hi Rob, everyone okay, thank you. How are you, Rob?
Rob: All good, again thanks for being here. Let’s move in with the first part, why would you use nft promotion in the first place?
Anchor: Okay about this actually there are a lot of benefits actually to  for an Nft promotion because there are a lot really a lot of nft, different nft projects that they actually no matter for gamefi or metaverse or pfp NFT projects, and if actually if one of the Nft projects or any approach they want to stand out in all these projects they need really do some marketing and other kind of luck strategy, planning before they actually start the projects for example, in this case they can actually achieve a better rate to get a successful nft drop by  to increase the awareness in the market to be more competitive, and also they can expand the audience and average to more like audiences no matter in this nft audience and also explain to like crypto or other like art fans or game fans or investors, and also for the  promotes for proponent nft projects, most recently nft promotion, this kind of agency or service to handle everything about the marketing  and this kind of agency normally knows the best way, they have experts in this industry. They can actually lead the projects to the right path and make a really systematic plan for everything. Yeah, that is the benefit of an nft promotion.
Rob: And what are some of the popular nft promotion techniques?
Anchor: Yeah for sure the first thing I must just say is really about an nft art quality. This is the most important, because no matter its kind of like gamefi, metaverse. Finally, it’s where we start from the nft drop, and for the nft drop, the very important part is actually either you have really a nice and random tea and really a good design either you work together with artists or you be creative on the designs, and also to think about something that is really new in this market for the designs. For example, we can witness the writer’s success with bored apes because before that actually they are not similar art designs and for those kinds of Apes, right those kind of designs looks really viral, very unique, like two years ago, and also for last year asuki, that version also is nice, they use a very unique angle of the in the portrait of a human being, and also with a lot of traits that make it look really look nice, and all the artists the work that really makes this project already outstanding from the beginning, and then the second part is actually for sure the collaboration, collaboration with other native projects and influences, because in this field if you already have some cooperation with the influencers or some repetitive names like in Twitter, and also in this industry, they’ll really be of help a lot. People trust you more, and then you can also work together with them to promote a project that from the beginning to the end, can also actually also attract other influencers if they really have a strong name, back your projects once you start it, and then another thing is actually to get some connection with nft launchpads. This is not really the very common solution for most nft projects, which still normally does an nft drop on the website but recently we also see that a lot of launchpads, actually they started to emerge, they also did some really good some successful nft drop, but they’re clients. So this is also something we can consider as a combination of all the solutions together for the nft drop and fundraising. Next is their PR what we call it public relations campaign, but this is also very important from the beginning when no people know about the nft projects.
Normally we need a PR solution for all kinds of distributions to get people, once more people know, and increase awareness of the projects. So this will actually contribute to building the trustworthiness of the potential participants for an nft drop. So in this case we also increase the traffic and also the branding for the projects, and then after that is content marketing, this including what I just said of pr marketing, but as well as all the content, rather all the overview content plan including social media contents, graphic, and management of social media, and also including like a Discord, content plan, all this kind of graphic clients Etc., this is very important if we can get something really organized and fits the project will be really very helpful to create a build type continuously during the whole progress of the projects, another thing that I think might be ignored by some of the project is actually really  promising roadmap, because as far as I see that’s a lot of projects that they just maybe they will not really have some really creative ideas about what they want to do in the next months, or next years, but for all those successful projects as well to get this actually into discussion internally and spend a lot of time working on this roadmap.
So once it comes out, it’s normally a long-term thing, like okay first year we will do this nft drop and next year we’ll do some like metaverse or something like that. In this case, actually, people can expect what they can get from this project like okay if we join this project we can also get a chance to be the first citizens in this metaverse or something, they also can build the right long-term expectations for the community, and also for the other people who want to join these projects even after an nft drop. Then also something about the audience with giveaways bounties and airdrops. For this I think we also mentioned in the last podcast, it’s mainly about how to build up the community and get more engagement and make the community active, to be attractive to have more people join.
In this case, we normally suggest at least coming up with a plan for other giveaways and bounty and airdrops, so to get more people to join with some kind of rewards, so these people will join and then the community team will try their best to convert them to the nft supporter, and then they will actually feel involved and also increase their loyalty for the projects, and today normally after everything is done, like all the marketing and our community work and nft drop, so it will be like nfts will be minted, and it will be something after the post minting would be for example, a marketplace is an option, for now in the market is mainly its opensea, rarible and just some other marketplaces, and for this kind of step, normally it also needs some efforts from the team, like okay how they can maintain the floor price, how they can maintain and increase the trading vole per day. So in this case, the selection of the marketplace is super important because some big ones like opensea, rarible, really have much more users, like they can provide more trading value, and the project team, it’s also easier for them to promote if their nfts are listed on this marketplaces. Another thing is to promote on Instagram, is not only actually on Instagram but also on other social media, but for sure Instagram is a bit different, they are more like for emphasizing and focusing on those kinds of graphics, with some nice graphics, and also a lot of artists and artist fans, because any way nft is kind of really connected closely with the arts from beginners where it came from, like all the collectibles. So Instagram has a lot of like potential NFT Traders, and participants. So this is why it’s super important we promote nft on Instagram. So that is all about that, so yeah thank you everyone for listening.
Rob: Thank you, Anchor, I appreciate your info, see you next time goodbye.
Anchor: See you, bye.