Solana NFT Development; Tips for Founders – Crypto Business Show Episode 15

Video Transcript:

Rob: Hi everybody welcome to the crypto business podcast brought to you by TokenMinds. I’m your host Rob Eijgenraam, director at TokenMinds, a full-service crypto, and nft agency. In this podcast, we’re discussing any blockchain topic that is relevant for businesses and founders. Today we’re going to talk about Solana development tips for founders, and what founders need to take into account when developing Solana. I have in the podcast with me today Josh, who is a veteran blockchain developer. Josh, welcome to the podcast again.

Josh: Thank you very much Rob thanks for having me again.

Rob: Yeah let’s kick off with the first question. What is Solana?

Josh: Okay so Solana in a nutshell is a very fast, high-performance, and cost-efficient blockchain, with almost no gas fees. It’s one of the fourth-generation blockchains that aims to solve the issues with the Ethereum network. Currently, it’s one of the top 10 blockchains worldwide with around 2 million active daily users and it’s currently gaining traction and popularity in the blockchain space.

Rob: What tools are used for Solana development?

Josh: So there are a lot of tools for Solana development. Development in Solana is somehow similar to how Ethereum is being built, i mean Ethereum Dapps in general but the tools are different. First of all, compared to Ethereum, Solana has a collection of tools for development which is called metaplex, where one of the most popular tools is candy machine which is a standard nft solution, that you can easily configure and deploy in the blockchain package, where it just allows you to mint and transfer nft easily.

Rob: Okay and what steps are needed for the Solana nft development?

Josh: So there are several steps involved in the development of Solana nft. So the first one is you need to set up the candy machine configuration. Steps involve setting up the treasury account, so basically this is where all the funds go through when someone mints an nft, you set the live date in the configuration, and set up your whitelist settings, similar to how we do it in Ethereum, and then set up your storage, so you can also use ipfs, but the more popular storage solution for Solana is called RV, the second step is uploading the assets to candy machine. As soon as you deploy the candy machine in devnet, for example, it will store it in RV, as long as you point the storage to the RV configuration. So after that, you need to develop as well your front and minding page, integrated with the front end, integrate the front end to the smart contract and then you can test the dap. If everything is good in their devnet, you can easily deploy it to the main net of Solana. So that’s the steps involved in setting up an nft Solana smart contract.

Rob: Okay, amazing. Thank you so much for all the information Josh for now. Yeah, hopefully, I will talk to you soon again in a podcast, and thanks everybody for listening. Bye-bye.

Josh: Thank you guys, bye.