Token Sales: A Step-By-Step Professional Guide On Conducting A Crypto Crowdsale

Video Transcript:

Fritzy: Welcome to the crypto business podcast brought to you by token Minds I am your host Fritzy the senior content manager here at token Minds a creative engineering crypto and nft agency helping businesses all over the world with their blockchain development crypto marketing and nft token sales strategy. In this podcast, we will dive into blockchain and talk about relevant topics for businesses and founders. I have here with me Mr. Anchor Chan our accounts manager here at token Minds as we talk about token sales crypto art and its Processors. Hi, Anchor thank you so much for joining me today so let’s just dive right in.
Anchor: Okay yeah sure hi everyone.
Fritzy: For our first question could you please share with me what are token sales?
Anchor: Yeah for sure this is quite basic but for a lot of people right once they really want to enter this market these two rights is something once they find online it’s not really all organized or a message that can find right all this kind of information so in general token sales is for any like really potential projects they want to actually have for idea like the developer the future roadmap or development of the platform actually the benefits other people rights and also the industry of the crypto taking use of the blockchain technology they actually normally will first do some like fundraising actually to make sure that this fund can be used for the future developments so in general that but anyway each token sale also has its unique details the token sales procedure like yearly Intel’s creating  digital agreements and centralized ledger generating and offering the results in tokens so for most of project that still need the tokens on the method for Twitter or pre-sale or public sale or for an nft project and named it also and to maintain to be able to fund their future plans yeah that is about the token sale.
 Fritzy: Okay all right and could you share with me how we go about conducting token sales and what’s the process?
Anchor: Yeah sure actually it’s quite a lot of things for any new project startup who to want to be involved in the crypto solution, blockchain solution due to any like final token sale first like I remember like three or four years ago when it’s still like Ico when there are a lot of like projects that I want to do token salel but then most of the project actually they are low quality and they just like Raku all right you know and they didn’t really achieve any like the roadmap write the place after the token sale so for them it’s mainly just for fundraising but for now the requirements of the project are higher and everyone like all the retail investors and private investors that were really check the projects and then you know the job objective that legit and in this case the quality of every step for  achieve a token sale and that’s a good performance is also much higher so for example from beginning we really need to bring quite a unique product really that’s powerful and different from other this product in the markets so for example if we want to have a product you already need to have some product like a demo or a clear road map and something developed already to show the public to win trustworthiness, and then for the technical part we also need the unit or also develop a token like other technomics and  the best thing or the token everything  so for development you also need to choose which blockchain you will use for example for now in the market is mainly ETH and also polygon or Solana this actually are the main blockchains that people use for a developmental token and nft and then a lot of people will choose from this either based on the transaction fees or gas fee or also based on their requirements for example some guys that they were used for polygon Solana for cheaper gas fee and transaction fee and someone will still think okay ETH is still the most popular one they have like millions of users and a very stable especially after this like a new right POA stains after you know September so it’s super important for developer really a stable token that’s to be used for the fundraising and also for the future tokenomic and the roadmap developments and then for sure is something also about the Lego and a regular regulatory perspective a lot of people actually when they want to do some projects from beginning they normally sometimes they will ignore or skip this part but that is not really so ideal for long-term products especially because for now still a lot of governments put a lot of regulations  on the crypto especially about the token sale like SEC in United States and the MSC in the Malaysia or something like that so if you want to actually get these projects stably right grow for a long term you need to actually to get your project at better like a legal advisory firm that work together with or at least a crypto agency that really knows a lot of like different regulations of the legal for this crypto there will be more efficient for the future growth of the project and for sure like the white paper we also discussed in the last podcast before it’s already like we talked several times so for white paper it’s also super important for now the white paper I think is mainly well focused on all right all the project details about your project why you are different from other projects as well as with some good designs and also your team members also docs right and white paper on the website this is quite important for now that people will like only trust those toxic team and the project that project from a transparent team that will make them gain more face for the projects  and for this white paper sure it will be some it would not be a normal like what people thought projects for creative projects and it will be like a really in a nice layout and all the especially tokenomics with different infographic and charts to explain all those tokenomic about the project like how to how people actually can  see and expect okay from this project from rapid but I think this project will be long term and we  it’s keep a really being a good module and well there is a prosper prosperous right the future for this project, and then it’s mainly about  also the technology dude these are very mentioned like for now the main blockchain like is Ethereum or cardano or Solana  and polygon, those are main blockchains the projects will be used for now and also applicable for the nft projects like the markets like Opensea and rarible  so in this case it’s just something that the project will already decide before they start the marketing and then back to the marketing it’s also quite important for example for sure the community building and growth is super important and all the marketing actually will contribute to this one for example the influencer promotion PSMPR coverage  and some blog post it on crypto media and then we get the continuous people joining this the community and also follow the social media we can actually educate them more about projects and also community, some community events plans so once the project starts they better work with really experts and experienced community event planner to be able to get people who join the Discord and social media be more engaged and then generates a continuous hype on the product to the token sale and then it’s about executed strategy for sure this normally I think is better gets all the guys actually who already has experienced on other projects for example we normally still suggest to get a crypto agency that knows already all of this to work together instead of freelancers because for real freelancers it’s really not well organized that will not come up with any like all those rights complete plan, live strategy for the projects but for the agencies if you check then they have already experienced with a lot of other big projects like token nft, I think you can actually hire them and work together with them and get you know more value add more value and for the project for the token sale, and finally once all the marketing is done the token sales done,  the token will be listed on exchanges like on decentralized and centralized exchanges,  so in this case it will also be something else like at the liquidity pool or the market making or some centralized exchanges and also get the token listed in the coinmarketcap, on Gecko and also keeps like working together with other projects as well for some collaboration other plans all the execution of the future plans instead of like just to get everything slow after the token sale if you want to really get something long-term and then even after poster token sale for the project they still not need to promote tokens for example like I said they just like search for some collaborations with other influencers tier-one influencers or PR media keep some exposure always, and keep updating the community all those all right upgrade, you know development progress like how it goes and everything so to bring like continuous right exposure for everything that the project achieved after the token sale with other funds that can spend on the development process. Yeah, so that is actually how normally we execute and promote the token sale.
Fritzy: All right thank you so much Anchor for sharing that. My next question I know you already have a lot of experience in working with the multiple clients that we have a TokenMinds could you please share with our audience what enhances the success of token sales?
Anchor: Yeah actually for this something really we need the pay attention to the emphasis here is first about the tokenomic I just also mentioned it is about actually how you convince people to join your project and how to make them know that by joining a project like as early participants what kind of like profit they can get because any way you know all these investors join because they know that they can get something from the project and if you want to make people know to believe this you need to get really some good tokenomics right in the at least on the website and white paper and also in the future plans in the roadmap. So in this case we can also after the token release we can keep generating like continuous selling buying pressure and it can keep all those like those trading going well on the trade involvement everything and then for sure another thing is for the team a legit team with all the docs, the members and as well as continuous integrate interacting with the community members from team by join AMA and also frequent updates on a team like join any like offline online crypto events updates on the development and marketing what really actually  build the trustworthy  and gets more and more people join the project, and third is a white paper I already also explained everything about this part just now so for the white paper it needs to really be professional in this case like a legal advisor a lawyer and also agency that’s who has experience on this can also double check about the quality of the white paper to make sure it really is appealing enough to get people have more faith in the projects.
Fritzy: Alright thank you, Anchor. The next question will be how do you conduct a successful presale of crypto?
Anchor: For this one except what I mentioned like right always you need a good website you need a good white paper and also at least something already like ready to be demoed or something like the platform or no matter for the other rights and then it’s then you can use actually to work together with some pre-investors or visiting funds to get some pre-sell down before the public sale and in this case if you get already some connections with some recent funds you can also use to promote your project and to get into a better public sale in this case so normally we advise people to the project team actually to connect with someone that really has some connection with other like VC funds or private investors that are interested in that project, for example, you are defi projects they can find you some defi right the investors that are interested this concept of an nft as well,  so, in this case, the connection of those VC capital funds is super important in this case yeah.
Fritzy: Okay and lastly what about crypto art do you have any tips on how to sell these?
Anchor: For crypto arts actually, in general, it’s not really too much different than their crypto normally like crypto or token projects then for crypto arts mainly the difference is that it’s actually non-fungible tokens like we saw that from Hello Kitty and to crypto punks we saw really like it’s a really hard trend since 2020 or 21, and for that we sell a lot of like crypto arts projects such as azuki and board ape, we also mentioned, we also discussed in last videos already about this in general that we if we want to get a good nft drop then what we need to do is also like for sure for active projects mainly the storyline and also the team is super important because for an nft project normally doesn’t really have a lot of technique, especially for the pfp nft projects. So normally, in this case, it needs really to be really creative with a storyline of all the rights nft and also with the support of some tier-one influencers that also work together with maybe some collaborations with other nft projects, etc., and then based on all these then for the community it will be a lot like giveaways and events, the plans for generating the hype for the community through the nft minting, and also it can be integrated with like metaverse or any other like gaming, gamefi or token as well for the generated utility of an nft like nft staking even connected can be connected with defi projects and for this normally for marketing perspective we suggest to target those right nft influencers and also some ads promotion on like an nft rating websites, etc., to be able to achieve the success of the nft and the crypto art projects.
Fritzy: All right there you have it our audience here at the crypto business show. Thank you so much Anchor for joining me here today, and have a good day.