NFT Game Development Company: 4 Intelligent Tips for Developing an NFT-Based Game

Video Transcript:

Fritzy: Welcome to TokenMinds, my name is Fritzy, the senior content manager here at TokenMinds, a creative engineering crypto and nft agency, helping businesses all over the world with their nft and blockchain development, nft and crypto marketing, and token sales strategy. Today we are joined by Josh our development manager as we talk about nft game development. Hey Josh.

Josh: Hi Fritzy, thanks for having me here.

Fritzy: All right so let’s Dive Right into this topic. So Josh could you share with me why using an nft in game development is the trend now?

Josh: So the nfts or non-fungible tokens are widely used in Game of the gaming industry nowadays. It is one of the Industries that benefited from the technology that the nft has brought us. It is because it has multiple advantages like Rarity, so non-fungible tokens over unique in-game benefits via bespoke digital properties. Second versatility, the players can use their nfts in various games generously across different websites, so these tokens provide value to virtual games and attract more players. The third one is openness, the prices of the assets are transparent within the group enhancing trust among all users and among gamers, and lastly, security., using blockchain technology and entities offers a high level of security due to decentralization. So an nft game development company can assist you with any of this so you can understand the layers of security you need to add to your gaming solution.

Fritzy: Okay all right thank you so much for that, and what do you think in your opinion are the main considerations in developing an nft game?

Josh: So I can give a few tips in developing nft games. So the first one is you need to study your market or study the gaming market that you’re in right now. Why? Because there are a lot of games recently that have been launched so you need to study the current market you need to study your vertical and horizontal competitors for you to be able to position yourself and your game in the current market. A second tip would be you need to select the blockchain network that you want your game to be built on top of. So selecting the network is very important since this will have a big impact on your game’s adoption, so most games are launched on popular networks like Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon. Third, you need to choose the right development kits or development tools so these tools will help you build your game faster and more efficiently. Popular SDKs or gaming development tools are Unreal Engine and Unity 3D. In terms of development, there are multiple steps that you can follow so first one is you need to model the art format, so games need assets or art, so you need a designer to do this. A 3D modeling designer if it’s a 3D game, and then you need to create a game structure so you need to design the game mechanics.
Third, you need to select the web3 wallet and the smart contracts, so one vital thing that you need to do if you want to build an nft or web3 game is you need to build a smart contract which includes coding testing and eventually deployment, so this might be overwhelming for anyone who wants to build a game so on a nutshell if you don’t want the trouble of thinking about all these technicalities I’d suggest you find an experienced development team or company to help you build your game, that’s it. Thanks, Fritzy.

Fritzy: Okay, all right. Thank you, Josh, and just one last question for nft game development because you have mentioned that it may be a little bit troublesome or a little bit challenging for newbies to create an nft game like what do you usually are based on your experience how long does nft game development usually take.

Josh: So from the ideation face up to the deployment it usually takes around a minimum of three months to one year that’s the minimum. But I’ve seen a lot of games that were built in a span of one two or three years but are launched in phases. So, for example, you want your first version which is called the MVP version of the game, sometimes you can launch it in a spot of three months, but in the next phase usually, the game takes longer than usual platforms to be developed.

Fritzy: All right and then that’s the reason why we tell or we advise those who are developing their nft game, developers, too, I mean the nft game co-founders or founders to consider hiring an nft game development firm right?

Josh: Yes. So it’s better if you have like tapping into a company or a consulting company that can help you build these things, especially those companies that already have experience in blockchain and gaming that way you can actually save more headaches and Money in the long term instead of you trying to figure out everything on your own it’s better to have someone to help you in this particular aspect

Fritzy: All right thank you so much Josh for clearing these things and then see you on the next one. Bye Josh.