WEDO; Video Banking App for Servicing Your Clients – Crypto Business Show Episode 20

Video Transcript:

Rob: Hi everybody welcome to the crypto business podcast brought to you by TokenMinds. I’m your host Rob Eijgenraam, director of TokenMinds, a full-service crypto, and nft agency. In this podcast, we’re discussing any blockchain topic relevant to businesses and founders. Today we’re gonna talk about WEDO, a video-audio banking service app that allows you to service your customers in real-time. I have with me today Indy, a five-time founder with 20 years of experience in tech, and also the founder and CEO of WEDO.

Indiana: Hi

Rob: Indy how are you doing hi how are you?

Indiana: I’m good thanks.

Rob: Thanks, I’m good, let’s just kick it off with the first question. What is WEDO and how will it integrate with blockchain and nfts?

Indiana: So WEDO is a banking services app, we allow people to hold rooms, we call them alleys on audio and video chats. They can schedule and integrate with their other diaries so their outlook, their apple mail, etc. Google, and basically you come on the app, you set up a call, you can have up to a million people watching or listening to the call, and you can bring on speakers and turn on video or audio, and it basically lets you take payments so you can sell tickets to that event, or you can take a real-time payment in-app. So let’s say you do a one-on-one with one of your clients and you need to take an upfront payment to you know start building their app for them or to start doing their design for them or whatever your gig is, whatever you do, and then we issue you a debit card and we allow you to change money in multiple currencies. You can transfer that money anywhere in the world or you can go home and do your shopping with the money you’ve made, so it’s same-day, real-time payments, and you can yeah earn a living anywhere, anytime, anyplace.  So the piece of the blockchain that we’re using as a ledger system, and is for the digital identity piece for the users, so we also believe that your privacy should be protected and that you shouldn’t have to be exposed to unwanted advertising, or have your data scraped, so one piece of what we’re building has to do with that, digital passport basically, which I have been talking about on the internet for about 20 years, so I’m sure no one’s surprised.

Rob: Yeah and what is the main reason that you decided to take the strategy of integrating the blockchain and using nfts?

Indiana: I think it’s just the most effective way to protect someone, you know the system is the most robust system for what we want to do in terms of allowing people to have protection over their own identities and not be enslaved to a big system, so this gives you back your ownership of your own data, basically, the second reason is that we’re integrating crypto into the application anyway, and so we decided to do that part of the build all in one go together.

Rob: Okay and you’re also working on an nft collection? If I understood correctly what will be the benefits for the holders of the nft?

Indiana: Well I’ll let you know when we announce it. We’re not telling everyone just yet because we’ve been in the formulation stage, but we have a pretty massive group of nfts in the collection, they’re pretty fun, they’re pretty cool, and you know the project is very unique, and very exciting I can tell you that much.

Rob: Okay. Is the little mascot in the background, maybe any hint?

Indiana: Yeah I think so. I think he might be featured, we have him as a yoda, we have him as a lot of different characters, and he’s dressed up as a bull and a bear for the stock market. Yeah he’s just about everything and he comes in different colors, he or she, he’s kind of like unisex isn’t he? Like, you can’t really tell but there he’s got a jacket on a pajama because that’s your digital nomad kind of lifestyle.

Rob: Amazing, cool. Yeah, I’m sure that speaks to a lot of nft collectors, this kind of digital nomad lifestyle, and what would you recommend for other founders and entrepreneurs regarding integrating nfts and blockchain into your app?

Indiana: Well, one thing is getting really good developers on the case, secondly, when you’re doing integration rather than a fresh build, you know, think through your project, and if you if you’re not a technical person yourself, make sure you have a decent CTO, and a decent sized team of a few people at least to really carry it off properly, and some of it is time-consuming and some of it is relatively straightforward, so I would just say do your research, and plan your builds so you don’t go over budget.

Rob: Okay thank you so much Indy for this. Yeah, very interesting story, and answers, and thanks everybody for listening, and yeah Indy thanks again. I will leave your LinkedIn information in the show notes for everyone who’s interested and of course your website address as well. See you next time goodbye.

Indiana: Thanks, bye.