Which Bots to Use for NFT Discord Servers – Crypto Business Show Episode 9

Video Transcript:

Rob: Hello everybody welcome to the crypto business podcast brought to you by TokenMinds. I’m your host Rob Eijgenraam, director at TokenMinds, full-service crypto, and nft agency. In this podcast, we’re discussing any blockchain topic that is relevant for businesses and entrepreneurs. Today we’re gonna talk about bots, and which ones to use for nft discord servers. I have with me Anchor who is a veteran crypto and nft marketer for the Asian and international markets. So Anchor take it away, and tell us a little bit about what bots you would recommend for nft discord servers.
Anchor: Yeah sure, thank you, and nice to join this talk. Yeah for discord, actually it’s quite different from Telegram, so for discord, we need a lot more setups, get every category like set down and everything organize and clean, and for sure the bots are a very important part. So in general that’s there are a lot of like common bots that the server needs to use for different functions. So for example, the first one would be meet six bulk and it actually will allow the user to self-assign roles, by using discords and it auto-assigns the rows for the users to generate all the discord, you know like that kind of different rows everything, and then it is for the dino bots, here so it’s actually mainly for the verification purpose. So once people join then they will verify and be able to join, that is actually to avoid any bot members, you know to attack the server, to join and don’t speak, and then another most common use is the collab land so this actually both will help to manage you know the members for you and depending on their token holdings and there will be a lot to join the community and if they found to be the most, the bots and the bulldog everything, then they’ll be very helpful for the community, and then it’s the top gg bots, it’s a very common use at the very high ratings actually, and I think most of the projects will use these parts. So it’s mainly like to get the guest price of either rim network and get everything that some stats show there so people can easily find.
Actually like the gas before, because for nft projects right, it’s very important to check the gas, everything and using some commands easily, and then it is something like the eiher tracker, something like that, so either tracker actually the it’s po actually ethere live price and display them as a bot’s nickname, so people knows actually the either price when that means or the pre-sale and the public sale, so they know actually how to put in a wallet to do the mint, and then it is actually for the invite tracker, for invite track, it is mainly for the project to track the how many invites each people get, to use for any like raffles, like invite contacts or something, and it will actually have a dashboard, and some commands that the team can use to find out the leaderboard of all the invites that people do, and the next one is also very commonly used, server stats bots so it will check all the stats like how many people in the community, how many what listed, how many people follows twitter, what is the mean price you can put all the informative like the information project here using this stat spot, and then another one is arcanebot, so it will also have a dashboard for managing like rewards, like notifications of members leveling up, or like experiences like options or tracking, and this actually is also something very important that we get other bots really organized in the in the sidebar, and another one is fred bought, I think for this one it is mainly for leisure because you know in a community people will not always talk about crypto the projects right so they will also talk about something about life movies music so this spot actually is used mainly for the music like listening some music together or something it can be also used for like people like to join together, and you know enjoy that together to really make the channel feels like family, then there’s another very useful bot is tweet shift, for the tweet shift actually the main focus is actually to auto forward anything like twitter posts to the channels instead of like the project themselves actually to manually forward to the server, this can also forward all the posts from the twitter but not included the retweets or something, it’s just the tweets that the verdict made, and then an extra one I think it’s very commonly used is a giveaway bot, especially in an nft project.
So for a giveaway bot some simple command or something that can run the giveaways. You can set up you know the deadline for this giveaway, and how many awards for this giveaway, and it will run itself and pick all the winners. So this is mainly for the giveaway and also it can be used for like no matter internal project giveaway or any collab giveaways for the other projects whitelist, and then it is a ticketing tool for this actually, it’s a focus on ease of using clean design or something so it will get like full customization of make the server really nice or something, and the day for sure the security of the server is very important no matter across the project or during the mint or after min. So a security bot is also very useful and mandatory for every server As far as I see, every server has the security bot installed to avoid any spam or avoid anything like bots joining or something other than this. Actually, there are also some bots like weak bots. Weak bots can actually track the logs of people joining if they join successfully and everything, and also another option for an optional bot is fk bot, but this bot is very strict, so the project team can actually set up the different criteria like what kind of people cannot join the server, even the real people so it’s not really used by other projects, so for example if you set up like people with no avatars, or they don’t verify in one minute, or they have created this discord account, like before which date, after which date, these guys will be kicked out automatically.  
So it’s a very strict bot and used by some really top-level projects and then it’s for some gaming bots, so for example, there is a bot called garlic bot, this bot actually is barely used for people to like a join in the gas games. So people will also have a little bot of the points if they’re guessed correctly. We can also consider using that as a reward for people if they get the most points, so that would be a lot of fun if we can get some bots, like a doodling bot, like this some guessing bots like gaming bots together on the servers, so people at least have a lot of places they can play with, and play with other members. So in general that’s all the bots setup is very important for the project, and also a lot of other bots as well that can help the project really grow, you know with engagement and also with the activities. So yeah, that is all about this, thank you.
Rob: Thank you so much Anchor, I appreciate it, I hope this is very valuable for our listeners, if anybody is watching us, any questions, please do let us know in the comments section, we’re gonna do another podcast soon about which roles permissions to use and which how to apply a server bot feature in discord for nft project, so stay tuned for that, in the meantime, thanks so much for watching and see you guys next time, bye-bye.
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