Which Channels to Use for NFT Discord Servers – Crypto Business Show Episode 8

Video Transcript:

Rob: Hello everybody welcome to the crypto business podcast brought to you by TokenMinds. I’m your host Rob Eijgenraam, director at TokenMinds, a full-service crypto, and nft agency. In this podcast, we’re discussing any blockchain topic that is relevant for businesses and entrepreneurs. Today we’re going to talk about which channels to use for your nft discord server. In the podcast today I have Anchor with me who’s a veteran crypto and nft marketer for the international as well Asian market. So Anchor I give the word to you, please tell us a little bit more about the channels you recommend for discord servers of nft projects.
Anchor: Yeah thank you for sharing my knowledge with the audience. So normally you know for all this kind of like discord for all these discord setups, it’s very important we have a very nice clean, channel setup. For sure let’s give the people the first impression, okay this is very welcome, that also can show right, that dude from the team and all the mods and the admins are experienced on this. So, normally what we have is those like sure some like welcome channels so everybody like to join the welcome message, we can customize that for sure including some product information that tags the people who joined, that they already know something about the project and also for sure some announcement channel that we keep sharing some very important like updates of the events everything, but for sure we cannot really abuse this announcement because normally when we tag everyone better not too often, then people will not cherish that enough even though when we do some more important announcement they will not really check often.
So normally in the announcement channel is the most important news that we want to share and also some like a very basic like faq where we put all those frequently asked questions, maybe from the server or we prepare some to post there, as well as road map and sneak peeks where we post all those significant sneak peeks of nft, some nice ones actually to get some hype in the community, people will talk about and share their opinions and then it is also something about product info, it’s not really mandatory, because sometimes it’s also posting announcements or in the project links channel, but we can use some of a nice graphic to really make that really look really clean and a nice post about that, and also some other post channels like social media where we post all the links, and then where people can go directly to there and follow the Meta, Twitter, Instagram. The most commonly used discord for the nft projects, and for sure the most important part where the mods also are most active is the general chat. So well where all people actually normally talk inside about the projects and share their opinions and mods actually get some engagement and hide the chat. This is a very important part of the other channels’ setup and also some slow chat, this is also an option optional on channels where people can be chill and stay there to get some slow chat. For sure once the project you know gets some whitelist started they will also have a whitelist channel where only the whitelist roles can get access to talk, maybe they talk more about you know the submit their wallet address or you know about the minting, the white list minting or presale.
For sure there are also some other channels where the community the team keeps you know talking with connection with the members and the server members, like meeting the team or suggestions, or reports where the people can report the scams, and also open some tickets. There are some ticket channels where they can contact the team directly. Besides that there will also be some giveaway channels, I think this is a very common use for all the projects, so if they collab with any projects they can use the giveaway channel to post the giveaways, and also we are normally for the project will be set something like off-topic, you know zones, like for people to talk about some other topics besides you know upside like any topics about crypto and nft, so something like lifestyle,  mental health and sports, and music to get some measurement in the chat as well. This is very important because people always want to stay on the server right as a family, so sure they cannot always talk so much about the crypto project itself. So there’s a place where people can have a rest, that they can talk as a friend and also there’ll be a lot of like multiple you know language channels that are set up for the server. So here normally we will do something like German, for example, Indian, or Persian, depending on the request from the community normally people will say they want to open multiple languages, different language chat based on the requested amount normally we set up those multi-language channels as well besides those there’ll be some like voice channel, this is optional once we get more hype for the projects. We can consider like to do some like watch channels, no matter for like telling about the project organization, like any topic they want, so yeah, so above actually, I mentioned that other mainland general and common channels we normally suggest to set up once we start an nft discord server.
Rob: Thank you Anchor appreciate it for sharing very useful information, I hope the audience sees a lot of value in that. Next podcast we’re gonna talk about which bots to use for your server, and after that, we’re talking a little bit about the world’s permissions and also the application of the boost option, so a lot more coming about nft discord servers. If you have any questions don’t mind leaving that in the comment section see you guys soon thank you. Bye-bye.
Anchor: Bye.