Interview With Director of Communications, Adelina at World of Women | Tokenminds Podcast Episode 29

Video Transcript:

Fritzy: Welcome to the TokenMinds podcast. I am your host Fritzy the senior content manager here at TokenMinds, a creative engineering crypto and nft agency helping businesses all over the world with their blockchain and nft development crypto and nft marketing and token sales strategy in this podcast we will dive into blockchain and talk about relevant topics for this for businesses and founders together with me is TokenMinds Chief marketer Anchor Chan, and today our special guest is from World of Women, this nft community celebrating representation inclusivity and equal opportunities for all and we have here the directory of communications Miss Adelina. Matera Miss Adelina kindly introduce yourself to our audience.
Adelina: Thank you very much for inviting me today yes so my name is Adelina and I’m indeed the director of communications for World of Women I’ve been with the team for more than a year now I joined one week after the launch of our first collection world of women so it’s been since August 2021 already and I am quite excited about today and everything we’re going to talk about.
Fritzy: Well let’s just dive right into the first question so this is kind of like a standard question that we asked our co-founders that we invite here on our podcast Miss Adelina but could you share with our audience your story on how you personally got into nfts and cryptos in general?
Adelina: So it’s actually quite fun because before I joined the world of Women I did not know anything about web3 and nfts I knew the founders already because I worked with some of them before in a previous tech company and I heard a little bit about the world of women before because I saw them working on the project and everything but like I didn’t really know what it was so it was a little bit abstract to me I just knew that they were doing something and like I was a little curious but I wasn’t into the scene at all and then they were looking for someone to take care of their comms, community, communication in general, and they were like hey Adelina would you like to join us and I was like but I don’t know anything about web3 or nfts so I guess yes let’s do it and I love it because I think that my story is quite representative of the mission of the brand which wants to bring more women and inclusivity to the space so it’s the perfect example so I really like it.
Fritzy: All right that’s actually quite an interesting story because we have a lot of invites here who actually started out with you know cryptos and really like then going into nfts but for you actually started with the project itself and yeah so moving forward could you tell our audience more about your project world of women so for people who hasn’t heard of it yet?
Adelina: As I was saying the way I got into nfts is really representative of our values and it’s because the world of women is a brand. So first of all world of women is the brand that’s behind the blue jeep nft collections a world of women and the world of women galaxy and it is a mission-driven brand that aims to bring more diverse representation and celebrate art as well in the nft space. So we are at the intersection of art, activism entertainment, and regarding that, we do a lot of things in these different fields I can talk about in-depth any of these topics if there is any that interests you more particularly.
Fritzy: But for now can you share first of course you have a lot of things that are in store for the world of women and for this nft and furthest community but could you give us a general overview of what are the benefits for the nft holders or for the community who’s part of the world of women.
Adelina: There’s a lot of benefits they slightly vary between world of women and world of women galaxy holders but all in all, all of our holders have the full ownership of the underlying artwork and IP which means that they can use their Wows or their wow G’s for their businesses or whatever they intend to so we can see a lot of very interesting IP usage from that they have access to their words was 4K file which also helps for that intention we gave a lot of art drops because we work a lot with artists  and we are reworking this whole  artwork I mean art drop system when we launch world of woman galaxy all of the world of women holders got a free one for their wows we also gave capacitors recently  first season allowed for on-cyber virtual homes so lots of benefits like that but it’s not all it’s also like when you’re part of the wall ecosystem you have access to a network of people you’re part of a community, a community where there is also people like Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Longoria, Hudakatan, Sofia Vergara, and it’s also a community where you can connect you can meet people we are organizing events all around the world community-led events but also some of them which are ours our current hot topic is the world of women gala which will come December 1st, I’ll tell you more about it if you’re curious but  yeah just to get back to what I was saying you’re part of a network so it means that you also have benefits regarding that you have the power to shape the future of world of women through our dawa when we have like specific votes you have you have access to specific channels on our Discord but can give you discounts or free stuff depending on our different partnerships and yeah overall whatever we do partnerships wow holders we always try to find ways of making wow and wowG holders benefit from them, so it’s always in our mind can be like conference, ticket discounts or any other things like that.
Anchor: Okay, okay, thank you, Adelina. So yeah I think that is really a very impressive ride with all these kinds of utilities or benefits for the nft holders but we also know right because I also worked with some projects before like for the marketing I know that’s maintaining a community right it’s super hard especially when the project right like a made to write the bearish markets or like a lot of competitors and especially after the minting and like for the post minting how to actually keep the engagements out to keep also the high stable floor price and shortening volume that is really super important right. So any experience you want to share with us how do you maintain engagement with being in the community?
Adelina: So first thing is as I was saying I come from a tech background and like previous companies like when I would be like engaging with the community it would be always like double-edged sword there will be a lot of haters and like things like that and something like really astonished me with the world of women community it was like this difference in the community itself because everyone is so benevolent and kind that it’s wonderful it’s like a self-moderating community, so technically first of all like for the community we have a great mod and volunteers team but like engage, answer people’s questions, and help them, we still are onboarding new people so they’re also helping them out understand this entire ecosystem and everything so these are things that are not stopping I mean it’s not because it’s bear market but there is no interest at all into nfts and we are keeping building at the moment even if it’s bear market we keep working on things because we like to deliver in general as for maintaining the community engaged we like to show them a little bit what we’re working on by  my producing stuff currently as I was saying we’re all into for example the world of movement gala which is our most awaited event and connected to the world of woman gala we decided to launch the wow awards. So I’m just giving you right now like a specific example because examples are various but we have to go from a path so let’s take the wow awards path the wow rewards is a way for us to really celebrate our community because all community members can be nominated or nominate others and we have like different categories like web3 for good or like there are yeah we had like very different categories and like different people can run in each of these categories and so it’s a way of celebrating people that have been doing positive things for the community or the ecosystem and reward them so this is like one of many activation ideas that we can have for the community. Previously, for example, we had talked a lot about the world of women lore, and then we had the capacitors drop which as I was saying previously are giving access to on-site virtual homes so it was a bit more in the metaverse but it was like there was a lot of clues and things that the community had to resolve and so it created some interaction and interesting exchanges with the community, so this is, for example, another way of engaging the community and there are many others.
Anchor: Thank you, Adelina. So I can feel that it’s really right a very creative team that we are with always some new ideas to rise right the interest of the members. Thank you for sharing your experience. Next question actually were there any difficulties along the way and how did you overcome them during the whole project’s progress?
Adelina: So I would say the main difficulty was when the team was smaller the fact that we had so many things to do it was a little bit overwhelming but now we’re lucky to have recruited a lot of people so it’s quite helpful to have like all of these experts, infact can actually help us do everything that we want to achieve I would say it’s the main difficulty to be honest because we did not have like major fund or like a big fails or whatsoever it’s just yeah the fact that web3 space is a very fast-paced environment like when I look back since  last year and I look at everything that we’ve achieved so far I’m always quite impressed because I’m like how did we do so much in such a short time span and I find it sometimes stressful but it’s also very exciting because in a typical company in a web3 company you would never be able to achieve so many things so fast because there would be like million process things would take a lot of time and now we’re able to like yeah to achieve what we’ve planned and it’s thrilling.
Anchor: Okay thank you, Adelina. So actually we also hear some plans right in the future about the project like the world of women Gala. So for that, I can actually explain further and more details also what’re your other plans for the world of women in the future.
Adelina: So the wool Gala is something that we have planned for a while already, we promised this event for a while already because the community really likes to connect both online but also in real life like it gives a new dimension to relationships you know because we we’re here all the time talking on Discord, Twitter, Instagram everywhere but it’s not the same thing when you meet someone in real life, so this is why we’ve always dreamed of organizing a Gala, dressing fancy if the community would like it’s not that mandatory but it’s a good opportunity to bring out that nice dress and yeah so we really wanted to celebrate the community by organizing it so we’ve decided to do that in Miami this year on December 1st, we have planned many different activations so we’re quite excited about it, will be also a moment where we will talk a little bit about wow and as I was saying I really celebrate with the wow awards. Otherwise in general we don’t really like to promise things beforehand like give a date or like we like to like be really sure that’s like what we’re going to deliver is ready and then like plan on it, on the marketing plan and everything and then deliver, so yeah.
Fritzy: All right so just to recap, so the world of Gala, it’s that’s the name of the event at midnight right?
Adelina: World of women gala it’s a world gala.
Fritzy: So the world Gala would be held in Miami on December 1st and everyone who is part of the community would be invited that’s correct right?
Adelina: Or actually so we currently have a pinned tweet on our Twitter, they can go there or on our website world of women dot arts, and then I’m not sure about the URL but I will send it to you and there’s like I think it’s like splash school Gala with like all the recap and if there are still tickets by the time you’re listening to this recording then you can claim a ticket if you’re a WowG holder for yourself and your plus one it’s really great that what you’re doing out here.
Fritzy: So this while Gala is gonna be your first kind of like a physical world or like in the real world kind of events right because we have actually talked to a lot of different nft projects as well like they mentioned that there are going to be like real-world events and all that and then for the world of women this is going to be that kind of event for you.
Adelina: We surely organized other real-life events before we were also in Miami last year, I think it was like our first ad