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Become a Web3 Advisor with TokenMinds

Become a Web3 Advisor with TokenMinds

Become a Web3 Advisor

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Empower the Next Generation of Web3 Projects

Join our elite community of Web3 Advisors and take center stage in shaping the decentralized future. At TokenMinds, we're bridging the gap between innovative Web3 project founders and experienced mentors like you.

Become a Web3 Advisor

To qualify for this role,
you need:

Proven Web3 expertise.

Passion for knowledge-sharing and empowerment.

Passion for knowledge-sharing and empowerment

Excellent communication and skills.

Why Should You Become
a TokenMinds Advisor?

Why Should You Become a TokenMinds Advisor?

Expansive Reach


Be part of a network at the forefront of the Web3 movement, connecting with passionate founders across the globe.

Continuous Learning

While you teach, you also learn. Our platform offers many educational videos, ensuring you stay updated with the latest trends and innovations.

Flexible Engagements

Mentor according to your schedule. Our platform offers the flexibility to engage with founders at your own pace.

Rewarding Experience

Besides the intrinsic rewards of mentoring, enjoy exclusive perks, resources, and potential financial incentives as a TokenMinds advisor.

What We’re Looking For

We’re not just seeking experts; we’re searching for mentors with a genuine passion for community growth. Our best mentors often exhibit:

Proven Excellence

A track record with at least five years of hands-on Web3 experience.

Interpersonal Mastery

Friendly demeanor combined with impeccable interpersonal skills.

Abundance Mindset

A proactive approach to sharing knowledge and taking action.

Genuine Drive

A real desire to assist peers in their growth journey.

Community Spirit

It’s not all about financial gain. A majority of our mentors, over 70%, offer their time voluntarily, even though they have the option to charge.

Joining our mentorship platform is an opportunity to contribute to the community, accumulate goodwill, and enhance your brand.

Advisor Application


Sign Up


Fill out our simple application to showcase your expertise and experience.


Get Matched


We'll connect you with Web3 founders who are an excellent fit for your mentorship style and knowledge base.


Engage & Educate

Through our integrated platform, communicate directly with founders, guiding them through their unique challenges and watching them flourish.


Continuous Evolution

Benefit from peer feedback, access our vast educational content, and grow alongside the community you empower.

Web3 Advisor Mastery with TokenMinds

Explore the world of Web3 with TokenMinds. This video series offers a concise overview of decentralized platforms, blockchain technologies, and cryptocurrency fundamentals. Tailored for aspiring Web3 advisors, delve into essential insights and sharpen your expertise for the next-gen web landscape. Join us and pave your path in the Web3 advisory realm.

Are You Ready to Drive Decentralized Success?

The Web3 revolution is unfolding, and your expertise is the key. Embark on a rewarding journey, and together, let's cultivate a new wave of groundbreaking Web3 projects.

Become a Web3 Advisor


What are the requirements to work for TokenMinds as a Web3 Advisor?

What is the procedure for becoming a TokenMinds advisor?

Become a Web3 Advisor with TokenMinds

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Get FREE Web3 Advisory For Your Project Here!

  • Get FREE Web3 Advisory For Your Project Here!


  • Get FREE Web3 Advisory For Your Project Here!