Shopify NFTs
Token Gating Integration

Shopify NFT Token Gating Integration

TokenMinds helps Shopify e-commerce owners to integrate Token Gating API for their NFTs.

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Shopify NFT
Token Gating Integration

Shopify NTF token gating integration is aimed at checking a user's wallet to validate that it contains required NFTs. The customer can the access the exclusive content and place orders from the store as normal - the perfect strategy for customer retention!

Fast Integration

Seamless integration to your e-commerce shop, so users can be prompted, give permission and view exclusive content without any obstacles.

Increase Customer Retention Rate
Make your customers feel exclusive when they have selected NFTs, allowing them to get exclusive promo and they'll stay loyal to your brand.

After-Sale Technical Support

Helping you with troubleshooting of technical issues post project for a limited time.

Shopify NFT Gateway Packages

Shopify NFT Gateway
Basic package

Shopify NFT Gateway
Pro Package

Shopify NFT Gateway
Premium Package

$ 499
$ 5,399
$ 8,399

Give NFT holders discount on site (EVM & Solana)

Give NFT holders discount on site (EVM & Solana)

Give NFT holders discount on site (EVM & Solana)

Access & discounts with existing NFT's

Access & discounts with existing NFT's

Access & discounts with existing NFT's

Shopify NFT Token Gating integration

Ethereum based custom ERC-721(A) smart contract

Ethereum based custom ERC-721(A) smart contract

Full After-Deployment Support

Shopify NFT Token Gating integration

Shopify NFT Token Gating integration

Discord community management package

Full After-Deployment Support

Full After-Deployment Support

Terms & Conditions:  Gas fee is excluded from the above pricing

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Shopify NFT Token Gating:
the New Revolution for a VIP e-commerce Experience

Shopify NFT token gating is the new revolution that seeks to change the way NFT-gated storefronts or e-commerce functions. Token holders can now use their preferred crypto wallet to experience a seamless shopping experience and even make online stores more interesting and exclusive.

Shopify acknowledges the fact that Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) have changed how the world views and values art. All creatives can have control over how they should manage and distribute their work. The same concept is now incorporated in online retailers via tokengating. Token holders just can access unique content or work with the ease of a Shopify Token Gating API.

It is inevitable that the future of commerce is changing despite the current shifting and the hurting of the crypto market. Shopify is a commerce giant that is known by people who love purchasing online. Token-gated commerce is the future that would allow different merchants to utilize the Shopify space.

Shopify NFT Token Gating Demystification

Shopify NFT token gating is an idea based on how NFTs work — a form of a cryptographic key, but developed in a way online customers can purchase and access unique and exclusive items. It is a good idea that can be incorporated into e-commerce sites, considering the shaking crypto markets and even NFTs to some extent.

In the context of a checkout plugin like Woocommerce, which in itself is a payment gateway can allow the use of a Visa or MasterCard. This means a few people who have a Visa or Mastercard can purchase specific goods. Shopify NFT token gating approach utilizes this concept because it can be used to remove distractions in the market and can help merchants simplify the payment process or attract new customers because the merchant can grant rights to certain exclusive content.

Merchants cannot shy from this advancement of Shopify NFT gating and in fact, they can double their profits leveraging it. Everybody has some sort of crypto or NFT wallet and would like to use them to purchase commodities with them. There are already some existing projects like Doodles that have partnered with Shopify to allow NFT holders to purchase exclusive merchandise.

Shopify NFT token gating will be very helpful in retaining customers. It is not easy to keep people together in a chain on the basis of inviting people, but token gating enhances this experience. Those who have NFT wallets can access exclusive items, content or promotion. In other words, customers who are also holders of certain NFTs will experience the treatment of a VIP in accessing and purchasing products from e-commerce stores.

In addition, the token gating experience is set in a way the customer has the choice to give the online store permission to view NFTs in their crypto wallet. It is the same way you input your MasterCard digits in a particular subscription plan, where a certain amount of money would be deducted monthly to have rights to specific content or services.

Shopify NFT Token Gating Benefits

Shopify NFT Token Gating offers many benefits to your online store, including the following:

- Incorporating discounts, and exclusive access to products on your Shopify store

- Enabling collaboration between brands that utilize the token gating API

- Encourages the growth of a merchant’s NFT community while increasing customer retention

- Merchants can make use of NFTs as a requirement for checkouts

Shopify NFT Token Gating Experience

With the Shopify NFT token gating integration, the experience on Shopify store can be described in two ways: Customer and merchant.

The Customer Experience

A customer can browse through your Shopify store, and select the product and checkouts. The same procedure can be applied when a customer adds a specific NFT to their cart. This means your customers can checkout with a credit card with a supported Shopify NFT token gating API. If the order has been confirmed, it means the customer has successfully purchased the NFT.

For the customer to claim the NFT, a link will be sent to his email account. Then, the customer has to connect the crypto wallet for a complete minting of the NFT. Also, the customer may create a wallet, if they do not have a crypto wallet, after which, the NFT is directed to their wallet.

The Merchant Experience

As a merchant, you can capture customers' credit card payments through your Shopify checkout forms by offering the option of cryptocurrency payments because you would have integrated it with Shopify NFT token gating. You can decide to create another page where the customer can claim an NFT, but still, maintain the store’s outlook or branding.


NFTs have created an interesting future of how to improve your e-commerce experience to attract or retain existing customers. It is great that Shopify works tirelessly to promote or support the growth of blockchain technology meaning it is possible to develop integrations that can support your e-commerce business.

Do not worry about the kind of blockchain you’re planning to use for the NFTs market because TokenMinds can help you with the integration. Contact our team to find out more.

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