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Bounty Marketing Packages

Bounty Campaign Package

$ 5,800

Bitcointalk Signature Campaign

Social Media Campaign

Media Campaign (Personal Blog & YouTube)

Telegram w/ Telegram Referral Campaign

Influencer Outreach Campaign

Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

* Bounty token award is not included, the amount will be based on the discussion with the project team, and 5% will be allocated as a service fee.

Bounty Campaigns Marketing Services

Bitcointalk signature Campaign

Active Bitcointalk forum members will use your project's signature or banner in each thread wherein they participate. Thus, increasing your project awareness.

Media Campaign

We'll reach out to renowned Youtubers and bloggers, invite them to produce content about your project to get high-quality backlinks, and drive traffic.

Social Media Campaign

With a focus to increase follows of your social media channels, we invite users to engage in your posts.

Telegram/Discord Referral Campaign

Using airdrops - giving people free tokens or referral codes, to increase the following of your channels instantly.

Guerilla Marketing Campaign

We'll reward users that are posting organic, high-quality content about your project on social media channels.

Influencer Campaign

We'll help you to recruit Crypto Influencers and get your messages distributed worldwide.

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Bounty Campaign Marketing Services 

Maximize Crypto Marketing Campaigns Results

Crypto Bounty Campaigns

Each channel should have its sub-campaign with rules and a fixed stake. We also recommend allocating bounty tokens following the popularity of each campaign. Twitter and Telegram bounty campaigns usually see participation in great numbers, and thus, the stake allocated towards these campaigns should be higher.

As a leading crypto marketing firm, TokenMinds can help you create and implement a comprehensive ICO bounty campaign and expand the network of your supporters.

Crypto bounty campaigns focus on generating awareness about your project. These campaigns help you get maximum people to participate in the token sale. It is because bounty participants are authentic influencers who sincerely believe in the project. Some of these crypto bounty campaigns include:

Social media campaigns (Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, etc.)

Content marketing campaign (blog posts, PR, newsletters, infographics, etc.)

Translation campaign (whitepaper and website translation campaigns)

Signature campaign (reputed members on the forum like Bitcointalk use your brand/logo in their signature for promotion).

Post ICO bounty: You can carry out this type of bounty campaign after completing the ICO. It involves activities such as bugs fixing campaigns, review campaigns, and community management.

Crypto bounty campaigns also require having a bounty manager who will be in charge of coordination and communication with participants. The bounty manager is also responsible for the final distribution of tokens. 

Our experienced bounty managers can help streamline the crypto bounty management process to ensure success. We can also help with the following tasks:

• Listing the bounty on relevant forums

• Announcing the campaign on social media

• Engaging with community

• Working with influencers

• Answering bounty-related questions

If you already know why crypto bounty campaigns matter but need professional help, contact TokenMinds. We’ve managed several successful crypto bounty campaigns and generated more than $70million in funding for our clients in the past five years.

Launch high-quality bounty campaigns to build a loyal support base and reach a large pool of investors.

TokenMinds excels in the creation and campaign management for cryptocurrency and ICO bounty programs. We can help build your communities and spread awareness to expand the reach of your campaigns. 

What is a Bounty Campaign?

A bounty campaign is a crypto marketing strategy under which potential contributors (bounty hunters) perform promotional activities on behalf of a company in return for a percentage of the project’s tokens. So, it involves creating small tasks for bounty hunters to perform and paying tokens as rewards.

The purpose of a crypto bounty is to:

• Create awareness among a targeted audience 

• Build a strong community of advocates for your project 

• Cut costs on paid advertising for ICO

Bounty campaigns are efficient and have truly become one of the default tools used to promote blockchain projects. Rather than spend a fortune on crypto marketing, projects can set aside a tiny portion of their tokens as rewards for their bounty program. 

Twitter Bounty Campaign

Twitter is the to-go platform for promoting crypto bounty campaigns. Notably, Twitter has a large number of users. It also drives traffic to other crypto community channels.

Cryptocurrency projects, especially the emerging ones, can vastly benefit from virality and exposure on Twitter.

A Twitter bounty campaign typically involves a participant promote the project on their Twitter account. Bounty rewards are then offered depending on how much engagement the participant might offer or how far a post might reach. 

Bounty Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Our Bounty Guerrilla Marketing Strategy centers on creating advertising messages that captivate audiences’ attention like no other. It is a vibrant and unconventional crypto marketing strategy that is usually low-cost and high-impact. Our guerrilla tactics for bounty campaigns can help immensely with brand awareness and reaching specific target audiences.

Within a short period, we will enable you to accomplish results. It may somehow take you several months to achieve the same results if implementing the traditional marketing techniques.

If you’re looking to reach users in earlier stages of the project, it’s more cost-effective to use a bounty guerrilla marketing strategy. You can use human banner ads showcasing your domain (or logo) participating in various Crypto groups across Telegram, for example, to spread awareness. 

Bitcointalk Signature Bounty

Signature campaigns are when you sponsor members’ posts on Bitcointalk so they can publish posts on the forum with your sponsored signature. You, therefore, launch a code-embedded signature, and participants who post the signature stand in line to gain rewards from the project.

For example, you can create a signature bounty campaign wherein you encourage the community to upload your signature and avatar and write a series of constructive posts a week. In return, members receive the bounty tokens.

Bitcointalk signature bounty marketers are thus, members of Bitcointalk that projects can leverage to promote their token sales. To help you reach out to this community for signature bounty programs, get in touch with our crypto marketing experts. We have an extensive network of active Bitcointalk users which we harness to help spread the word about your token sale.

ICO Bounty Campaign

Of particular importance is the ICO bounty campaign. ICO programs are a great way to spread platform awareness while saving money. It allows the team to devote precious capital to software development and implementation.

A good ICO bounty campaign includes all possible channels of reaching out to crypto-audiences. These include social media platforms like Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, Bitcointalk, and Twitter. It also entails self-publishing platforms like Medium and crypto PR channels. Translation campaigns are beneficial in promoting your white paper and website to non-English speaking crypto-audience.

A good ICO bounty campaign includes all possible channels of reaching out to crypto-audiences. These include social media platforms like Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, Bitcointalk, and Twitter. It also entails self-publishing platforms like Medium and crypto PR channels. Translation campaigns are beneficial in promoting your white paper and website to non-English speaking crypto-audience.

Bounty Campaigns for Crypto Projects

Managing a bounty campaign requires time and effort. You need to have a regular track of the activity of all the bounty campaign participants. It allows you to ensure the tokens are distributed to the right people. At TokenMinds, we help our clients realize a successful token offering. As part of that journey, we develop individual strategies for our clients’ bounty campaigns. We have managed the bounty campaigns of numerous successful ICOs, and we can do the same for you.

If you’d like to speak directly to a strategist about the benefits of a crypto bounty campaign, feel free to contact us today!

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TokenMinds has helped projects raise millions through Bounty Campaigns Marketing.

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