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To provide the best level of quality, TokenMinds has in-house experts on all facets of a project’s needs such as community moderators, developers, and web3 marketing managers.

Polkadot Developer Packages

Smart Contract Package

$ 4,900

tokenminds iconERC-20/BEP-20 Token Creation
tokenminds iconSmartContract on ETH/BSC Mainnet
tokenminds iconRoutes Apis for Minting Tokens
tokenminds iconLocking Function Integration
tokenminds iconFull After-Deployment Support
tokenminds iconDaily Support & Weekly Reporting

NFT Smart Contract Package

$ 4,900

tokenminds iconSmart Contract Testnet Development
tokenminds iconSmart Contract Mainnet Development
tokenminds iconRoutes Apis for Minting NFTs
tokenminds iconFull After-Deployment Support
tokenminds iconDaily Support & Weekly Reporting

NFT Generative Art Solution Package

$ 14,900

tokenminds iconSmart Contract Testnet Development
tokenminds iconSmart Contract Mainnet Development
tokenminds iconPFP NFTs Minting Function Development
tokenminds iconBasic Generative Artwork Solution
tokenminds iconMetaMask Integration
tokenminds iconBasic Web Development
tokenminds iconFull After-Deployment Support
tokenminds iconDaily Support & Weekly Reporting

Blockchain Development Packages

Smart Contract Package

$ 4,900

tokenminds iconERC-20/BEP-20 Token Creation
tokenminds iconSmart Contract on ETH/BSC Mainnet
tokenminds iconRoutes APIs for Minting Tokens
tokenminds iconFull After-Deployment Support
tokenminds iconDaily Support & Weekly Reporting

Crypto Wallet Development (Android)

$ 9,800

tokenminds iconWallet Development on any EVM Chain
tokenminds iconCustomization of Design (Brand Style)
tokenminds iconWallet Creation & Import Function
tokenminds iconToken Asset Overview
tokenminds iconNFT Collection Overview
tokenminds iconFull After-Deployment Support
tokenminds iconDaily Support & Weekly Reporting

Basic DAO Development

$ 29,500

tokenminds icon4 Ethereum smart contract to manage the DAO for the governance, vault, timelock and token
tokenminds iconCustom front-end based on your brand’s design to interface with the community
tokenminds iconMetamask integration to interact with the DAO dApp
tokenminds iconFull After-Deployment Support

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Services Our Polkadot Developer Offer

Are you looking for the best Polkadot Developer Agency to help you build your blockchain solution? If so, then TokenMinds is your best bet. Developers at TokenMinds provide blockchain solutions that help your business leverage this innovative technology’s power. We provide multiple Polkadot Developer Services that have the capability of transforming your business operations. Our end-to-end Polkadot Developer solutions are designed to meet the needs of various customers, boost performance, and give your enterprises a competitive edge. Here are our primary Polkadot Developer solutions:

Project Consultation

Once you share your idea with our professionals, they help you identify the best solution for your business. As an experienced Polkadot Developer Company, We provide multiple consulting services.

dApp Development

TokenMinds understands how to utilize Polkadot’s substrate feature to build seamless dApps. Once we evaluate the needs of your project, we create an app that meets them.

dApp Testing

Testing of an application is one of the most crucial Polkadot Developer Services. Through the test, our developers can discover errors and bugs that can compromise your application.

Ongoing support

once the testing is complete, the dApp is ready for deployment. We provide post-launch services to our clients. The post-launch services help you to fix any problems you might encounter when interacting with the dApp.

What TokenMinds Can Develop on Polkadot

TokenMinds can help you develop various solutions on Polkadot, including:

An icon to represent Defi

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Platforms

Many blockchains operate like isolated cities as they lack interoperability. Lack of cross-communication limits the growth of the DeFi sector as many potential users don’t participate. Polkadot overcomes the challenge by allowing cross-network communication. TokenMinds can help you build DeFi platforms on Polkadot, enabling you to reach many potential investors across the blockchain industry.

An Icon to represent nft marketplace

Non-fungible Token (NFT) Marketplaces

An NFT marketplace platform created on Polkadot allows cross-chain communication with multiple blockchain networks. NFT projects can launch a fully interoperable marketplace on Polkadot. TokenMinds can help you meet your NFT marketplace development needs on Polkadot. You can rely on TokenMinds to help you in the entire process, from the development of an MVP to the final deployment.

An icon to represent on of our Polkadot developer service

Supply Chain Management Solutions

Due to its interoperability, Polkadot is the best network to build supply chain management solutions. Supply chain management Enterprises can leverage Polkadot’s critical features, like parachains, to build top-notch solutions that process many transactions. TokenMinds help businesses in supply chain management to build solutions on Polkadot.

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Identity Verification Systems

Identity is a crucial aspect of a thriving community. Polkadot offers a naming technique, Dot ID, that enables individuals to provide their personal data to their blockchain account. Registrars can ask participants to verify this information. TokenMinds can help businesses and governments to build identity management systems on Polkadot.

An icon that represent what our polkadot developers can do

Gaming Platforms

Currently, the framework for possessing in-game items is limited. Furthermore, action confirmation is poor and anachronistic. Polkadot overcomes these challenges by ensuring that tokens move flawlessly across various networks. As an experienced Polkadot Developer, TokenMinds helps projects to create robust gaming platforms on Polkadot. We create highly secure platforms and incorporate features that meet the needs of gamers and publishers.

53423226 0 a

Social Networking Applications

Decentralized social media enhance freedom of communication, conversation, and expression. Unlike centralized media that are platform-focused, decentralized social media are user-focused. You can build decentralized social networks on various blockchain networks. However, Polkadot is the best platform to create your social networking apps. TokenMinds understand the best techniques to use in developing your social networking apps.

Our Polkadot Development Stages

Creating a Spec Document

the first step entails developing a specs document that provides information on the project.

Design the Architecture

the design and structure of your Polkadot solution depend on the services you provide.

Design User Interface

 a user interface (UI) is a critical aspect of Polkadot solution development

Framework Development

we build an app-specific blockchain with the substrate framework and link it to Polkadot after deployment

Smart Contract Development

Our polkadot developer develop contracts that meet the unique needs of the business.


before deploying the smart contracts, we test them to ensure they function as anticipated.


Once your contracts are ready, our polkadot developers deploys them on the blockchain network.

Our Client Achievements

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tokenminds icon10.000+ Community Growth
tokenminds icon+1000% Twitter Followers
tokenminds icon+2500% SKILL Token Holders
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tokenminds icon3,000,000+ Website Visits From
the Promotions
tokenminds iconWebsite visits growth by 5X
tokenminds iconTelegram growth by 50X
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tokenminds icon5TH Volume of trading on Bitbyte
tokenminds iconTOP 7 Projects by ROI
tokenminds iconListing on Gate.io

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Big thank you to our PR partners @token_minds!👏 An amazing job utilizing digital & print media & top influencers Together, we are building a strong community.💪

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We wanted to thank @token_minds for their great work ! They helped us become a very fast growing project with their PR strategy and influencer marketing 🚀


Shout out to @token_minds for a great campaign! Reach out to them on TG > https://t.me/tokenminds They are absolute💎💎💎

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As a reputable Crypto & NFT Agency, the team at TokenMinds comprises experienced developers, designers, community managers, writers, consultants, and trainers. The company is committed to offering high-quality services that surpass customer expectations.

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