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Smart Contract Services

TokenMinds offers Smart Contract Development services, the luxury of making Customized Smart Contract is within your grasp! With a wealth of experience in building advanced protocols and Virtual Machines, we have gained a deep understanding of smart contracts’ inter-dependencies and efficiency triggers, which helps us underpin your solution by educated tech know-how.

Timelock Development

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Audit

Security is critical in the development of blockchain. Our comprehensive smart contract audit service helps startups and enterprises to launch and maintain their Ethereum blockchain applications.

Allow execution delay after proposal approval and allow users to exit before execution in case they don't agree with the proposal

We help you to submit a proposal for the community to vote on. Including voting delay, proposal duration, etc

Smart Contract Development Packages

Basic ERC20Development


Premium ERC20 Development

$ 4,900

$ 6,500

$ 9,500

ERC-20/BEP-20 Token Creation

ERC-721/BEP-721 Token Creation

ERC-20/BEP-20 Token Creation

SmartContract on ETH/BSC Mainnet

SmartContract on ETH/BSC Mainnet

SmartContract on ETH/BSC Mainnet

Routes Apis for Minting Tokens

Routes Apis for Minting Tokens

Routes Apis for Minting Tokens

Vesting Function Integration

Full After-Deployment Support

Full After-Deployment Support

Full After-Deployment Support

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

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Smart contract development services

Are you looking for high-quality smart contract development solutions? If so, TokenMinds has you covered. The company offers Smart contract development services for private, public, and hybrid blockchains. With knowledge of digital contracts, we help you create solutions for your project.

What are the benefits of smart contract development for your business?

II. Sketch Smart contract development architecture

Once we’re through with defining your business logic, we create the right smart contract plan. And this exemplifies the logic. Also, it acts as a roadmap to follow in the development process.

III. Create the smart contract

This phase entails writing smart contracts code for the blockchain of your choice. Also, the programmers test the developed smartcontract to check whether it works well. We sketch and create customized agreements for various industries.

IV. Internal audit

A critical role of the smart contract solidity programmer is to audit the agreements. This ensures that they work as intended. Also, smart contract audit examine whether the agreements meet all the safety requirements.

V. Launching on the blockchain

When the testing of smart contract technology is complete, deployment comes next. Here, the programmer deploys it on the platforms on which it runs.

3. Smart contract audit

Programmers at TokenMinds conduct an in-depth audit of the programmed code. And this is before launching it on the smart contracts blockchain. This step helps to drop bugs and safety vulnerabilities. The goal is to ensure that the contracts are robust.

4. Solidity smart contracts optimization

Our developers present a sample of digital contracts to the customer. They optimize the agreement to cut the average gas fees and computation assets. We launch general enhancements, such as short-circuiting and fixed-size byte arrays.

5. Writing smart contracts for decentralized applications.

We create dApps with digital agreements that incorporate business logic. And this allows direct communication between parties involved in a transaction. TokenMinds ensures that the smart contracts blockchain attains business goals. This overcomes complicated operational difficulties.

6. Smart contract development for DEX

We create smart contracts that power decentralized exchanges with various blockchains. For example, EOS and Ethereum. The agreements enable businesses to protect confidential data of their customers.

7. Smart contracts blockchain for virtual wallets

Agreements enable the delivery of reliable and quick transactions. They remove intermediaries from transactions. The use of smart contracts enhances the security of our multi-signature storage apps.

8. NFT smart contract and Hyperledger agreement development

We create solidity smart contracts based on ERC721A and ERC20 smart contract. Our smart contract solidity is for various use cases. For example, NFT creation and development of stable coins. We also create digital agreements on Hyperledger for many sectors. Here are the primary services we offer in Ethereum smart contract development:

i. ERC20 smart contract creation

The initials ERC stand for Ethereum Request for Comment. ERC is a standard designed to enhance the Ethereum network. The ERC20 smart contract facilitates the transfer of ERC 20 coins.

ERC-20 is a popular standard for writing smart contracts on Eth decentralized ledger. The standard has a set of regulations that Ethereum-based coins must observe. You can rely on TokenMinds to develop and execute the best ERC20 smart contract.

ii. ERC721A development

The ERC721A amenable digital contracts are an excellent choice for businesses. They help such firms enhance their copyright protection. ERC721A is a standard that’s applicable in the development of NFT contracts.

Do you need an errorless NFT smart contract to take your project to the next level? Programmers at TokenMinds can help you create any NFT smart contract. We have experience in smart contract technology. So, you can rely on our engineers to deliver high quality NFT contracts.

iii. Smart contract technology for stable coins

Smart contract development technology automates and speeds up the process of issuing stablecoins.

iv. Application of solidity smart contracts in escrow development

Smart contract technology removes the third-parties from a transaction. You can incorporate the solidity smart contracts into various platforms. For example a peer-to-peer lending marketplace. With the smart contracts blockchain, you ensure that your transactions are safe.

Businesses that embrace Smart contract development have many benefits, including:

Automation: when parties in a transaction meet the preset rules, the contracts activate. Through this technology, you remove third parties from a transaction. Remember, intermediaries delay transaction execution and increase the cost of doing business.

Trust and openness: smart contracts remove third-parties from a transaction and enhance transparency. The recording happens on the blockchain ledger. So, the data you share is 100% reliable, as tampering is impossible.

Savings: Smart contract development saves both time and money. Once all parties meet the predetermined rules, transactions occur straight away. The fast execution of transactions saves both time and money.

Security: Blockchain power smart contracts. The technology connects the next blocks with the previous ones. Together with encryption technology, this attribute makes hacking impossible. If you change a specific block, you’ll disturb the whole chain.

Smart contract development services

TokenMinds offers enterprise-grade Smart contract development services. We focus on the following areas:

1. Smart contract architecture

TokenMinds focuses on high-quality smartcontract designs that meet the needs of different customers. At the creation stage, the engineers remove bugs and programming errors in the codes. We ensure that each Smart contract meets the standards of our customers.

2. Smart contract development

TokenMinds produces full-blown bespoke solidity smart contracts on various blockchain networks. For example private, public, and consortium. We ensure that writing smart contracts meets the varying needs of different industries. Our engineers follow the following adhere to the following smart contract development process:

i. Definition of business logic

Here the client informs us about particular requirements for their business. Based on their needs, we pick the best programming language for their smart contract.

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