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All-rounded Crypto Wallet Development Services

TokenMinds can help you with developing a mobile wallet to manage and exchange cryptocurrencies.

Our Crypto Wallet development services include integrating market overview display, setting up wallet functions, enabling exchange/buy tokens, creating/importing wallets, and supporting ERC-721 Token storage. 

Main Features of our Crypto Wallets

With a team of experienced Blockchain developers, we can develop customized crypto wallets that are highly secured and reliable.

Here are the main features of the crypto wallets that we develop:


Save the costs of creating your own crypto wallet. Work with established blockchain developers who excel at what they do.


We can develop non-custodial wallets that require no personal information and registration.

Security & Reliable

We deploy your wallet in the most secure and robust environments. Our team will ensure products remain secure by including authentication, trustworthy APIs, and continuous security updates.

Ongoing support

We provide ongoing support even after deployment, including daily support and weekly report, and KPI assessments.

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No need for multiple service providers, your needs from marketing to development to token sale strategy are all covered.

Leading Crypto/NFT agency with recognition from Hackernoon and Coingape, with a track record since 2017.

Helping you with battle-tested solutions with the most effective and economical results for your business.

Wallet Development Packages

Crypto Wallet Development (Android)

$ 9,800

Wallet Development on any EVM Chain

Customization of Design (Brand Style)

Wallet Creation & Import Function

Token Asset Overview

NFT Collection Overview

Full After-Deployment Support

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

*Play store platform fees excluded

What Crypto Wallet Development Services Do We Offer?

All-rounded Crypto Wallets Services

TokenMinds offers support from the beginning. We can provide you actionable advice before development. Throughout the development process, you can enjoy end-to-end transparency with weekly reports. To optimize your experiences, you'll receive our technical supports after deployments. Below are the Crypto Wallet Development Services that you can expect from us.

We can help you with the basic wallet portal design, including the market overview, wallet dashboard, exchange page, fiat on/off ramp page, setting pages, etc.

Account Management

API Integration

Mobile App UI Design

We give continuous client engagement during the development process provides feedback that can help deliver a solution that meets customer expectations

We support API integration and make sure you can start accepting cryptocurrency payments as soon as possible.

Wallet Management

Exchange and Buy

Your wallet will support all the core functions such as Crypto exchange, buy Crypto with fiat, multi-cryptocurrencies options, and more.

We use scalable technologies to accommodate the future needs of the crypto wallet.

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Crypto wallet development services

Are you looking for high-quality Wallet development services? If so, TokenMinds can help you. Our engineers have many years of experience and possess the right skills to provide a secure crypto storage application. We deliver safe wallet development services that protect the confidentiality and secure assets against unauthorized access or transactions. Before we provide our Wallet development, we ensure that we understand your operational requirements. This enables us to deliver effective and regulatory-compliant cryptocurrency wallet development services.

Our Wallet development solution features

TokenMinds offers various cryptocurrency wallet development solutions with the following features:

1. Security of your wallet development solution

Security is an essential aspect of our blockchain wallet development services. As an experienced cryptocurrency wallet development company, we understand why the safety of your assets is critical. Because of the high demand for digital currencies, wallet software has become a target of data breaches. To overcome this challenge, we enhance the security of our multicurrency crypto wallet solutions. For improved security, we incorporate the following features into our Wallet development solution:

  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA) or multi-factor Authentication (MFA): The two security features provide an additional security layer.
  • Use of reliable APIs: our developers incorporate reliable APIs into our Wallet development solution.
  • Ongoing security updates: We keep updating you on any security issues affecting your crypto.

2. Ongoing support

We offer continuous support daily once we deliver our cryptocurrency wallet development services. We also provide weekly reports and KPI evaluations.

3. Affordable blockchain wallet development services

Creating your own crypto wallet is expensive and time-consuming. So, you can save time and costs by hiring a blockchain wallet development company. There are multiple perks of working with a wallet development company.

4. Privacy

At TokenMinds, we create non-custodial crypto storage apps that need no private data and registration. The non-custodial wallet allows you to have singular management of your private keys. This helps manage your digital currencies and proves that the money is yours. Many custodial crypto storage apps are web-based.

5. QR scanner blockchain wallet development

This feature improves your crypto storage app's speed, efficiency, simplicity, and safety. When your wallet has this feature, it expedites speedy scanning of the address and the public keys. So, it enhances the speed of conducting your transactions instead of writing the characters manually.

6. Multiple digital currencies

The best NFT wallet development solution handles multiple currencies. Remember, many currencies keep emerging in the market, and their prices keep changing. So, the best thing is to have all your coins in the same wallet. TokenMinds understands this requirement and strives to develop ethereum wallet solutions that meet your needs.

7. Latest conversion rates

Each crypto wallet must have access to compute transaction costs in the ever-changing conversion prices. The main reason for this requirement is that the storage app allows users to make cash settlements between different modes. For instance, an inbuilt calculator can determine the exchange between digital currencies and fiat money. TokenMinds provides the latest conversion rates feature to enable you to perform flawless transactions.

8. Distributed ledger-based transactions

Blockchain wallet development happens on the decentralized ledger, a revolutionary technology. Your users exchange and receive cryptocurrencies through your wallet app. And this happens securely and promptly.

Your users can also track their transaction history and view their balances.

3. API integration

The acronym API stands for Application Programming Interface, a feature designed to simplify communication with a blockchain node or some other solution.

In Wallet development, an API is an essential feature to incorporate into your solution. The use of blockchain API enables you to harmonize your crypto storage app with the distributed ledger easily. Some of the APIs to consider include Factom, Bitcore, and Coinbase.

When using APIs, your developers can finish the necessary steps within a short period. This enhances speed when building apps.

4. Non-custodial Wallet development

TokenMinds offers non-custodial wallet development services that allow users to gain absolute control of their private keys and finances. The non-custodial wallet has different features, including a browser for dApps and an alternative to switch and stake crypto assets.

5. We develop ethereum wallet for your NFTs

We offer both custodial and non-custodial NFT wallet development solutions. This provides a secure storage app for keeping and transferring different NFTs.

We assure you of delivering an enterprise-grade secure solution to meet your storage needs.

6. Multicurrency crypto wallet creation

TokenMinds is a wallet development company with the capacity to create storage apps supporting multiple digital currencies. This allows users to trade and store many virtual assets within one platform.

7. Our blockchain wallet development company provides management services

We apply expandable institutional-grade technologies that accommodate the future requirements of a business. So, users can add features that enhance speed and security.

8. NFT wallet development solutions for smooth buying & selling

When it comes to non-fungible tokens, crypto wallets are critical. Our Wallet development services support all the primary functions, including crypto exchange, buying NFTs, and many more.

Solutions of our cryptocurrency wallet development company

TokenMinds provides high-quality wallet development solutions that meet your business's unique needs. From the time you approach us, we evaluate your idea and offer suggestions to improve it further. During the development phase, we update you with weekly work progression reports.

Once we deploy the multicurrency crypto wallet solution, we will keep offering you the technical support to ensure that your app is optimized. Here are the cryptocurrency wallet development solutions we offer:

1. Mobile app UI design

As an experienced blockchain wallet development company, we understand that many people these days use mobile devices. So, we can help you create a professional and attractive mobile app UI design. When developing the design, we incorporate various features, such as a market overview and wallet dashboard. We will create the latest and most attractive UI designs for night and day styles.

2. Account management

During the development stage, we keep engaging our clients and cherish their feedback. We're a customer-centric company that aims to deliver Wallet development solutions that surpass our clients' expectations.

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